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Disclosure Library | UGETube

I’ve been playing around with this neat RSS feed generator that helps you turn just about any channel, feed or website into a standard RSS feed link and .xml file too(if you choose) and you can then use that link to add into your RSS aggregator. I’ve recently embedded a new widget at the bottom of the site(Mobile mode), or on the right-hand panel(Desktop mode).

This site also let’s you generate a pretty awesome looking widget(below) for these same RSS feeds that you’ve generated. The free version let’s you save up to 10 feeds, but you can generate as many links as you want, you just need to delete a feed once you reach 10 so you can keep generating new ones. The URL’s will still work even after you remove them from you feed list, don’t worry.

This post was essentially to test out this widget and see if the html was any good, and it appears to be. This channel “Disclosure Library” has a lot of good stuff, but also a lot of New Age and Q crap, so you got to spit out the bones when sifting through his/her video collection.

You see how I was able to generate an RSS feed out of this UGETube channel? This tool is very useful and has made my new Super RSS Feed Aggregator very handy.

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