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Maricopa County Security Removes TGP’s Conradson From Backroom Presser: “This Is A Private Meeting” – Only Vetted, Bootlickers Allowed Inside (VIDEO)

When they do stuff like this, they might as well be spelling out exactly how plan on continuing to cheat. In this case, by doing nothing more than hiding what they are up to by physically blocking anyone on the other side of the aisle from attending certain meetings and performing basic oversight. Oversight that they know would expose exactly what it is they’ve been up to and the different ways they plan to continue to subvert any kind of accountability for the brazen fraud that was committed to get Manchurian Joe BiDAN into the White House.

If you ever try to bring up any of the infinite numbers of examples of voter fraud carried out in favor of Biden that must of us know took place to a libtard, they will usually bring up the Capitol Building Insurrection or something to do with the right being racist white supremacists and will refuse to acknowledge or address any of the basic raw evidence you may present. It’s getting tiresome.

The left is one of the least persuasive persuasions there is. Why did so many young people fall for it? Or were they mostly blackmailed into adopting these cringy, emotionally damaged personalities due to the overwhelming pressure of the cancel culture and more importantly, the unspeakable social horror and trauma that their peers might be willing to put them through if they ever dissented from the militant ANTIFA retardation that IS “Liberalism”. I think we are starting to see that many of these kids were strong-armed into adapting certain opinions on social issues by overzealous, granola-breathed yuppie public school teachers who have no idea what’s really going on society. They spew virtue signal infested rhetoric on controversial topics all for the sake of “seeming” right, not actually “being” right, even if that stance could be interpreted by many as being fucking insane. Like the psychotic “trans rights” people who say that they shouldn’t even teach the distinction between genders IN MEDICAL SCHOOLS. Those are the types of people they task in defending lefty narratives like “we didn’t cheat to get Joe Biden elected“.

Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/maricopa-county-spin-doctors-remove-conradson-backroom-presser-feeding-narrative-private-meeting-dont-work-legitimate-news-organization/

Maricopa County Security Removes TGP’s Conradson From Backroom Presser: “This Is A Private Meeting” – Only Vetted, Bootlickers Allowed Inside (VIDEO)

 — 18.09.2021 14:30 The Gateway Pundit

County Employees Spoon-Feed Narratives After Removing Conradson From Presser

Yesterday, The Arizona Senate forced Maricopa County to show their hand and cooperate with the Senate audit investigation.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors held a special meeting yesterday regarding lawful senate subpoenas, to announce the decision that has been made.

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The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson attempted to gain access to the special presser for special media, where he was informed that he was not allowed inside.  The officials then added that Jordan was “not a real journalist”.

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Journalists that criticize Maricopa County are not legitimate.

All of the rest of the bootlickers were allowed in.

The presser was held behind closed doors.

After being allowed inside of the building for almost half an hour, Conradson was confronted by somebody who did not want Conradson there, because he is not a spoon-fed narrative writer.

When asking for a press credential, the unnamed County employee said that the meeting was “private”.

Employee: Jordan, you’re more than welcome to leave and watch on YouTube, just like everybody else.

Conradson: I’m with the media. what do you mean?

Employee: You’re not invited to this. This is a private meeting.

Conradson: Only invited media?

Employee: Correct.

Conradson: Only vetted, handpicked media?

Employee: Correct.

Conradson: So I can’t exercise my first amendment?

Employee: I know you’re recording me.

Conradson: Yeah, I am recording you and I’m just asking…

Employee: Are you going to leave? This is a private meeting.

Conradson: I understand that but they are elected officials and I am a reporter. I’m trying to report the news and get the truth.

Employee: No, you’re not and you don’t work for a legitimate news organization so I’m going to ask you to leave one more time.

Legitimate news means that they can trust you to cover for them.

The employee then refused to give his name to Conradson.

Why is Maricopa County so against transparency?

They were serving the narrative on a golden platter and Conradson was denied a seat at the table.

Conradson told his story live on The Pete Santilli Show after leaving the building.

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