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The Alt. News Cointelpro Sources Are Suddenly Claiming a New Round of “Mass Arrests” Are Happening

It’s liberating to know not to fall for any of this rhetoric anymore. If they want to stage themselves rounding up Robotoids and made-up characters, let them have it it. Just don’t let it move you in any meaningful way. That’s what they want. For you to be emotionally invested in their scripted drama and to buy into their lie that they are now, finally executing all these sealed indictments that the Q child trafficking cult has been promising for years now. Gimme a break. If Trump really was who he claims to be then he would have accepted the offer from the military to overturn the stolen election AND wouldn’t be peddling vaccines on the American people.

Trump is not here to stiffle the aspirations of the New World Order. He’s here to help usher-in the New World Order. Biden IS Trump.

Benjamin Fulford has been a compromised Chinese asset for a while now, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s been around the block in the alternative media world and is definitely worth listening to, so long as you understand who he is and who controls him nowadays. Unfortunately, lying is not neccessary to make the U.S. and it’s leaders look bad and he calls out the glaring ineptitude and some of the seemingly inexplicable decisions that were made by Trump leading up to the inauguration of BiDAN.

I would say that Trump is a con-artist, but I don’t even think he’s an actual person anymore. He’s just a character. Here to play the “Role of a Lifetime”.

DONALD J. TRUMP: The Role of a Lifetime (VIDEO)

Below are some of the headlines from “Beforeitsnews”, who have always seemed willing to post just about anything from any source, so long as the headline was attention-grabbing. They don’t hide the reality that they are pretty much an unapologetic link aggregator with no filter whatsoever and don’t exactly have any human opinions. But they are a good one-stop shop if you want a glimpse into what Anons are thinking/expecting at the moment. I learned to stop listening to the likes of Charlie Ward, Juan O’Savin, Gene Decode, Simon Parkes and the rest of those New Age and Q knuckleheads like David Rodriguez and Kerry Cassidy a LONG-ASS time ago. The failed predictions are too numerous to count by this point.

Trump Called Emergency at GITMO – Military Broadcasting With CNN & Fox! – Must Video

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Lara Logan — ‘Biden Is Preparing for an Attack on U.S. Soil’

VIDEO: Again Mass Arrest is Happening at PENTAGON! Military Called TRUMP!

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