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COVID-19 Does Not Exist (2021) – A Deep Dive into the Madness called Covid | A Murad Documentary.

The fraud that is being committed using these PCR-testing kits was something that it’s own damn inventor(Dr. Kary Mullis) predicted before his untimely death not long before the Scamdemic broke out. He even mentions Dr. Anthony Fauci by name.

This isn’t that hard people. All the information you’d ever need to make an educated determination about what’s really going on here is all easily accessible and readily available for anyone who gives a fuck about the truth. If you want to continue to loligag in retard land and treat Covaids as the bona-fide public health threat that it ISN’T, I can’t stop you. But I will call you out as the society-ruining low-life that you are and will be doing everything I can to make your life that much more uncomfortable so long as you are going to peddle this hoax and allow our world to be wrecked by bureaucrats and Karens.

Irrefutable Scientific Proof – Covid-19 Does NOT Exist! | PRINCIPIA SCIENTIFIC

Source: https://rumble.com/vk9pps-covid-19-does-not-exist-documentary.html

COVID-19 Does Not Exist (2021) – A Deep Dive into the Madness called Covid | A Murad Documentary (VIDEO)

The First Documentary ever which disproves the very existence of COVID-19.

Documentary by Murad (An Arab)

00m55s Segment 1 – History “HIS story”
24m50s Segment 2 – Swine flu. Attack of the pigs
58m05s Segment 3 – A plot twist!
1h11m05s Segment 4 – COVID-19: A virus that wasn’t
1h36m30s Segment 5 – A testing pandemic
2h32m15s Segment 6 – Masks: A silent killer
2h42m20s Segment 7 – UK’s first ‘midazolam’ wave
2h52m55s Segment 8 – The case of Italy
3h16m15s Segment 9 – The case of New York
3h29m24s Segment 10 – COVID deaths never happened
4h17m50s Segment 11 – A mannequin war!
4h30m50s Segment 12 – Empty hospitals
4h38m45s Segment 13 – What’s really happening is a misunderstanding
4h42m10s Segment 14 – REAL science vs pseudo science
4h50m55s Segment 15 – Viruses or exosomes?
4h56m30s Segment 16 – Mainstream maniacs are losing?
4h58m50s Segment 17 – What to do? A manifesto
5h15m10s Segment 18 – So, what is the next hoax?


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