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Marcus Rogers is Getting Out of Control, Brazen New Video: “The City Of Chicago Has Been Put On Notice. The Kingdom Of God Is Here.”

LOL. That was funny as F. This guy Marcus is going hard in the paint with his Christian deception ruse and is about as vain and high strung as any personality I’ve ever encountered. I have a feeling that Marcus unfortunately is going to end up collecting a lot of souls for the serpent. He’s straight blowing up and has been featured heavily by the algorithm on YT. Tamara was very right to have warned us about Marcus, though plenty warned about her too. Especially since she’s likely just scooping up the souls who might have transitioned from listening to Marcus to listening to her and her gray magick-saturated content while on the YouTube roller coaster of esoteric and spiritually-themed emotions.

There is a reason Marcus is so over the top and cartoonish in his demeanor and always brings this exaggerated, gospel-inspired, almost theocratic intensity to his videos. Its all a goof. As if he’s doing a skit for Chappelle’s Show. Mocking his followers and having a grand ol time watching the music videos afterwards and joking around with his Satanist buddies about how stupid people are. I think it’s funny too, but for different reasons.

Marcus does put together some catchy artwork. I’ll give him that. His album cover was studio quality work. He is a talented and persuasive guy, I can see why he was chosen to gather up souls for his master.

The City Of Chicago Has Been Put On Notice. The Kingdom Of God Is Here. (VIDEO)

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