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Peru ~ Ancient Qollmay, Megaliths & The Place Of The Gods? | Definitive flood & ash covered petrified domes | Lord Ramas Unstoppable Compound Bow From Ancient Times

One more ancient Peru video before I move on. At 11,272 feet, ancient Qollmay has unique stonework, some megalithic type built into a doorway of a sacred cavern. Not a lot written on the place, but some things really stand out.

Peru is filled with the remains of these Old World super structures. The rebuilt Incan ruins are neat, but the massive structure that was there first is what most intrigues me. You can very clearly see the imprint of what was once a massive building or piece of infrastructure of some kind.

Below are some more of the archaeologically themed videos I had been accumulating recently.

Definitive flood & ash covered petrified domes(WISE UP)

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