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Melted & Ruined Mega Structures. The Imprint of a Vast Ancient Urban Sprawl Covers the Surface of Our Planet.

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Sites like this need to be looked at much more thoroughly and to me, clearly look like ruined buildings and not just geological formations that the Inca built on top of.

The ancient archaeologically themed YouTube channels that I’m subscribed to have been churning out some really cool stuff lately and have featured sites that I’ve never even known existed. I made a playlist below of this recent batch of videos.

By now, it should be abundantly clear as to what we are looking at when surveying these ruined ancient sites that show these same telltale characteristics. Evidence of having been built on the foundation of a much much older and very technologically advanced global super civilization that most archaeologists will refuse to even acknowledge as having existed.

As you would expect, these sites were built on top of by later cultures that recycled much of the original megalithic material to build their own temples. It should also be noted that many archaeologists have butchered the reconstruction efforts of certain sites(especially in Mexico) and in many cases don’t resemble anything close to what the original structure may have looked like. Yet few realize just how many sites have been rebuilt like this by archeologists and in no way are a true and accurate representation of its original design and historical context. But underneath these abominable modern and semi-modern renovations you will usually find evidence of the spectacular remains of melted megalithic era buildings, or at least the imprint of them.

Vintage Photos Of Tiwanaku/Puma Punku Show Cataclysmic Damage And Lost Ancient High Technology

Some sites go much much deeper than mainstream archeologists will openly admit and at sites like Puma Punku for example, any further digging has been strictly prohibited despite ground penetrating radar scans having revealed the presence of vast chambers and hard-to-explain massive ruins still buried beneath the expanse of the vast Teoteocan/Puma Punku archaeological site in the Lake Titicaca region of Bolivia. Even the lake itself is filled with pre-deluge ruins that are very hard to explain. The underground passages beneath Puma Punku allegedly run all the way north to Cusco and south into Chile, spanning thousands of kilometers. This labyrinth of tunnels is known as the “Chinkana”. Watch the documentary “True Legends: The Unholy See” for more information on the “Chinkana”, a native word that means “the place where one gets lost”. I believe this tunnel system is the buried remains of a dense ancient urban sprawl that has long ago been buried.

One possible explanations for these “rock cut” surfaces could be that they are simply the leftover hardened imprint of something else. Many of the “rock cut” surfaces that we see in Cusco for example, may in fact be the extremely ancient and now hardened and petrified imprint[originally in mud] of some other structure or object that had been pressed up against the mudflow and has long since decayed and withered away, leaving only this imprint that we assume was cut out manually and used for some obscure ceremonial purpose by the Inca, who mainstream archeologists will brazenly claim were the ones that built all these structures. The Inca were clearly just “inheritors” like the rest of us.

There is an Incan legend that there was once an ancient order of “gods” who had built a megalithic temple beneath a lake that once existed where Cusco is today. The story goes that this temple exploded during some kind of destructive event and the massive chunks of this temple were strewn about the landscape. The legend is backed up by the fact that you can find GIANT pieces of this once huge structure scattered across a vast region, exactly as you would expect to see if the legend were true. These giant fragments can be found on the outskirts of the city and not just within the vicinity of Saksaywamman at the “Qenqo” and “Little Qenqo” sites nearby.

Browse megalithic sites in Peru: HERE

Sometimes these ancient Old World buildings are disguised as the backdrop of a supposedly “geological” formation of mountainous rock. These formations are often also erroneously labeled as “rock cut”, especially if the facade still shows evidence of fabrication and they are unable to get away with labeling the formation as “geological”.

Pinterest: Tartarian & Mudflood Examples

One of the most glaring examples of an erroneously labeled “rock cut” ancient site is in India at the famous Kailasa Temple, Ellora cave complexes. These “temples” were clearly once buildings that were engulfed in a cataclysmic flow of mud or molten rock material from above that has since hardened and petrified and is now fused to the original structure. You can clearly see the delineation in the material when looking closely.

The entire surface of our realm is literally ALL artificial. The entirety of the earth’s crust seems to be nothing more than layers of the ruined crumbled remains of a vast Old World infrastructure that was built at some point in the remote past . Skillfully engineered and utilizing mostly red brick and some kind of high quality concrete building material that we now incorrectly identify as sand or rock. I know it seems bonkers to assert that something like the entire Andes mountain chain for example, was all once a mass of giant artificially constructed infrastructure that is now mostly unrecognizable. But…..that is what the evidence seems to be indicating. It’s a working theory. The truth truth is probably even more unbelievable. If you look at a satellite image of the coastline of Peru you can see what looks like a band of crumbled brick along the coastline. If true, the scale of this infrastructure would be hard for us to even fathom.

Peru is one of the few places left that still contains very apparent traces of this vast ancient infrastructure that still remains in remote unspoiled regions of country. A country filled with sites that archeologists haven’t had the chance to destroy yet, you just need to know what to look for. The U.K. is another great place to look for evidence of the “artificiality” of our planets surface.

Paul Cook has exposed the shocking reality that the entire coastline of the U.K. is not natural at all and was actually built from ancient concrete blocks that have since fused together from a combination of calcification and the effects of an ancient cataclysm which seems to have cooked this Old World infrastructure of concrete and red brick into a mixed up slurry of fused rock and ash. This high heat event caused some of the material to expand and blow out, turning what were once deep red bricks into gray blobs of stone and other seemingly “natural” looking formations. In other cases it looks like the buildings literally liquefied and ran like water until quickly hardening again. It is surprising that anything survived at all when you look at some of the damage you can find on the surfaces of many of these megalithic sites. Especially in Egypt and Peru. Brien Foerster talks about this high heat event a lot. But as you can see, something really bad happened.

Paul has also seems to have discovered that most quarries were never actual quarries at all but rather the remains of Old World infrastructure that the controllers wanted to hide. He has found photographic evidence of ancient ruins that once stood smack in the center of these “quarries” and has identified the same distinct partially-fused-together block work on the walls of these quarries. The same kind of block work that ALSO makse-up the bulk of the sheer vertical coastline that surrounds the U.K.. It’s undeniable. There shouldn’t be any geologist out there who can say with a straight face that these are natural formations. But I’m sure there will be plenty who will. Shillery is disgusting.

Our realm used to resemble “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”.

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