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Terra-Firma: The Tops of Melted Buildings. | More Mudflood Research.

I’ve been trying to focus less on the Scamdemic and more on topics like this which is why I started this blog in the first place. Not to get roped into defending humanity from an unprecedented attack from the parasites.

This channel “Spartan Red” has some good Mudflood research content that I figured I’d share. This guy has a TON of videos. My arm got tired adding all his videos to the following playlist and I had to stop at 112 videos, but he has WAY more than the 112 videos below.

He also pointed me to the Facebook group “Melted Red Brick University” which unfortunately since been banned by Facebook, but I did find another group “Mountains are melted brick buildings” which has a lot of pictures that I’d never seen before. The evidence becomes more and more convincing the more you look into it.

I wanted to point out that the picture on the left which is featured heavily by Mudflood/Tartarian themed channels is actually NOT a real photograph but rather a piece of artwork from a collage done by Fernando Martin Godoy. I am not trying to criticize anyone. I merely don’t want to let things like this discredit this particular research community. There is plenty of legitimate evidence and this photo can still be referenced as a theoretical example of the kind of thing we are talking about.

Someone needs to get their hands on one of those electrical “arc” reactors and induce it into meltdown and see what the effects are on samples of red brick. We need to see if the brick blows out, expands and becomes discolored, creating the seemingly natural looking stones we see that make up the earth’s crust. Stones that the X-factor event is suspected to have created.

This kind of experiment would allow us to determine if the crux of the theory holds scientific merit. The implications would be staggering and would mean that the only naturally occurring soil on this planet is the organic compost build-up from plant matter. Everything else, INCLUDING molten volcanic material, is all the byproduct of human activity from the past.

It’s a big paridigm shift and difficult jump for many to make. Even more so than the Flat Earth jump in some regards. But this is what the evidence seems to be slowly revealing. The truth is likely even more insane than that.

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