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Despite Horrifying State Violence, Brave Australians Continue to Resist COVID Police State — Nwo Report

Source: https://nworeport.me/2021/09/26/despite-horrifying-state-violence-brave-australians-continue-to-resist-covid-police-state/

Despite Horrifying State Violence, Brave Australians Continue to Resist COVID Police State

Date: September 26, 2021Author: Nwo Report0

Source: Matt Agorist

Unless you’ve been under a rock, or you only get your information from mainstream media — who is all but completely ignoring it — you’ve likely seen the utterly disturbing police state measures being rolled out in Australia in the ostensible reaction to the pandemic. Though the pandemic has largely spared the country when comparing them to other places, the tyranny being rolled out is unprecedented.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Australian government has been increasingly restricting freedom until people were essentially locked in their homes and told not to talk to one another.

Military helicopters patrolled neighborhoods, ordering those who simply wanted to get a breath of fresh air, to get back inside. Jackboots on horses patrolled the streets as folks who attempted to organize protests were visited by police and snatched up in the night.

The Australian government’s boot had been placed on the necks of its people and showed no signs of letting up. But a people can only be pushed so far before they eventually become so desperate that their fight-or-flight instinct kicks in — and three weeks ago, thousands of folks decided to start fighting.

Though protests were deemed unlawful, thousands of Aussies took to the streets to tell the tyrants that they weren’t going to take it anymore. It got violent quickly.

Last weekend, thousands of protesters who were being blocked by police from demonstrating decided enough was enough and they decided to resist with violence.

This was a victory — albeit a temporary one — in which brave men and women told the state that they aren’t going to take it anymore. But the Australian government had no plans for backing down, so they brought out the big guns, literally.

Multiple video have surfaced since last weekend showing Australian militarized police in tactical gear, opening fire on unarmed citizens for simply being outside.

One of the most disturbing videos captured the scene at the Shrine of Remembrance protest on Tuesday, during which hundreds of militarized police opened fire on completely peaceful protesters who simply wanted their voices to be heard.

In one instance, an Australian citizen asked a cop why he was going along with such tyranny, to which the cop responded, “I’m just doing my job.” As TFTP has pointed out on multiple occasions, hundreds of millions of people have been killed in the last century alone — by people just doing their jobs.

The violence continued throughout the week as people simply trying to buy groceries were fired on by jackboot thugs with less than lethal rounds. Others were beaten into submission and sucker punched by coward cops seething with authority.

Despite facing all these state-sanctioned atrocities, the people of Australia — at least the ones who value freedom — remain resilient. They continue to take to the streets in spite of facing horrifying violence from police. Bravo.

Australians are at a crossroads now but to understand how they got to this point, we have to look back at their history.

In 1996, Australia launched a massive anti-gun propaganda campaign after a single deranged lunatic murdered 35 people in a heinous act of violence. The tragedy took place in the city of Port Author and following the crime, and in the wake of national agony, then Prime Minister John Howard moved to take back all the gun rights Australians had since the country’s founding. The government took at least 650,000 guns, or about one-fifth of all guns in the country; higher estimates put the numbers at 1 million and one-third.

Since then, only criminals and government in Australia have had guns. Looking at the current situation — the massively violent covid police state — the impetus behind the disarming of the population seems incredibly ironic given the fact that the deadliest mass shooting in the country’s history was actually carried out by the government. 

Prior to Port Arthur, the worst mass shooting in recent history for Australians was the Coniston massacre. At the Coniston massacre, the government sanctioned the wholesale slaughter of Indigenous Australians. More than 170 men, women, and children were gunned down in a state-approved act of mass murder. Just like the current violence is sanctioned by the state, this massacre in Coniston was entirely legal.

Since they were disarmed, most Australians have been defenseless against the 260,000 illegal guns that are currently on the streets. And now, they are defenseless against the jackboot thugs trampling their human rights in the name of defeating a pandemic.

So, while this resistance to tyranny is inspiring, if and when the government decides to enact deadly force against the citizens — which may not be that far away — without the ability to fight fire with fire, the Aussies are but fish in a bucket to their rulers. The only way out of this one is changing the mind of the enforcers.

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