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Essential Mudflood Resources

I came across this list of sources for Mudflood/Tartarian related channels. We really should stop calling it “Tartarian”, but I guess it’s as good a name as any.

The featured image I used for this post is a shot of Old World Sydney with a huge obelisk in the background. Autodidactic has a good video on it.

Essential Mudflood Resources ||

Mud Flood in the 19th Century? (Wildheretic Forum)

New Chronology Resource Collection

Wise Up Youtube Channel

Newearth Youtube Channel

Conspiracy-R-US Youtube Channel

A. Fomenko, History: Fiction or Science? Audiobook

Mud flood series with Philipp Druzhinin

Nik Research

Buildings, brought by soil

Antediluvian city, or why the first floors in the earth?

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