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I was Prostituted to Pedophile Orgies at Parliament House (Fiona Barnett Story)

Source: https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2021/03/23/i-was-prostituted-to-pedophile-orgies-at-parliament-house/

I was Prostituted to Pedophile Orgies at Parliament House

Posted on 2021, March, 23 by cathy fox blog on Child Abuse

Fiona’s latest blog post on the sex allegations in Parliament House, which are remarkably similar to what she revealed years ago, with the only difference being that children were also involved.

Her post is on this link http://fionabarnett.org/2021/03/23/i-was-prostituted-to-pedophile-orgies-at-parliament-house/

I also copy the blog here, in case it is taken down.


What can I say?

Remember when ABC’s Media Watch slandered and mocked me on national television for telling a press conference I was prostituted to pedophile orgies at Parliament House?

The mainstream media recently reported on the rape culture within Parliament House. And today the media report that ‘staffers procured male prostitutes for Coalition MPs.’

If MPs are hiring adult prostitutes and having sex with them inside Parliament House, is it still too difficult to believe that MPs were having sex with child prostitutes inside Parliament House?

Now do I sound so crazy?

I will be vindicated.

Fiona Barnett Candy Girl Documentary Part 1 of 2 / Satanic RituaAbuse [1] Hook Tube [1a]

Fiona Barnett Candy Girl Documentary Part 2 of 2 / Satanic Ritual Abuse [2] Hooktube [2a]

cathyfoxblog addition for more clarification

Australia wakes up to this news. THIS is minor compared to what they were REALLY doing in Parliament House. Read “Rent Boys” as trafficked children.

Ten News and the Age Newspaper are reporting that Coalition staffers were hiring “rent boys” for coalition MPs at Parliament House.

Routine sex on tables, MP’s desks, sharing videos of sex acts, genitals, etc.

In other words there is a dedicated “sex room.”

It appears the sex culture of that Parliament House is out of control under the Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Further reports say a federal Liberal staffer took a video of himself masturbating over the desk of a female MP in her office in Parliament House, before sharing the video with other staffers.

Ten News reported a group of Coalition government staffers exchanged pictures and videos among themselves of their antics in Parliament House, which included signing sex workers into the building.

The video, stills of which were shown in a pixelated form on Ten News on Monday night, reportedly shows a man masturbating over the desk of an unnamed female MP.

Ten News also reported that sex workers had been brought into Parliament House to visit MPs.

The Coalition government has been facing a series of allegations about sexual assault and harassment of women, with former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins sparking the conversation when she went public about her alleged rape by a colleague in Parliament House. ACT Policing is now investigating the rape, which allegedly occurred after-hours in the office of Defence Minister Linda Reynolds just weeks before the 2019 federal election.

Attorney-General Christian Porter is also on mental health leave after vehemently denying claims he raped a 16-year-old girl when he was 17, at a debating competition in Sydney.

Tens of thousands of people marched in cities across the country on March 15 to express their anger about the treatment of women in politics and general society, and to demand change. More than 5000 people turned up to the March 4 Justice event outside Parliament House.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has appointed former sex discrimination commissioner Kate Jenkins to run an investigation into the workplace culture at Parliament House and responses to sexual harassment and assault.

Source -Ten News, The Age and Twitter


[1] You Tube Fiona Barnett Candy Girl Documentary Part 1 of 2 / Satanic RituaAbuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q3yH9EIPfs&feature=emb_logo

[1a] Fiona Barnett Candy Girl Documentary Part 1 of 2 / Satanic RituaAbuse https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=1Q3yH9EIPfs&feature=emb_logo


[2] Youtube Fiona Barnett Candy Girl Documentary Part 2 of 2 / Satanic Ritual Abuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soZpqrCji5c&t=3s

[2a] Hooktube Fiona Barnett Candy Girl Documentary Part 2 of 2 / Satanic Ritual Abuse https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=soZpqrCji5c&t=3s



Whilst covering that post, I have included Fiona’s last couple of posts, just copypasted roughly here in case they disappear, but of course check her excellent blog https://fionabarnett.org/

Appendix 1

Did you know that Australia’s two intelligence agencies, ASIS and ASIO, signed up to the Child Abuse Royal Commission Redress Scheme? This constitutes an admission that these government organisations sexually abused children in their care. So, do not underestimate the lengths the Australian government will go to coverup the sex crimes committed by Australian politicians.

For a comprehensive understanding of what is happening behind the scenes, read EYES WIDE OPEN which has been downloaded an estimated million times via numerous host locations. For your free read/copy, click on one of the following links:

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