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College Football, The NFL & Just About ALL Professional Sports Are RIGGED


The Defensive Back flops HARD on this play. My roommate from back in the day in Hoboken was a degenerate gambler, especially with football(both NCAA & NFL) and he would always be heard screaming and swearing at the Defensive Backs in particular. Now it seems to make sense since that position would have the most control over the scoreboard and he would have to sit there and watch in horror as they would throw games left and right. Lol. Not realizing that he had been betting on a completely rigged sporting event this whole time.

To watch a professional player flop like that is embarrassing. I’m not sure how you explain what you are looking at here when going over film with your coach after the game.

What do you tell him when he asks you what the fuck you were doing flopping to the ground, untouched, clearly on purpose, allowing the player you were covering to waltz-in for an uncontested score?

If you are a Division I. college football player, at THAT level, a first string Defensive Back at one of the top programs in the nation, maybe THE top program on the planet at Florida(between Florida & Alabama), it should take a lot to knock you on your ass out on that field. Watching that again on replay and seeing how nothing at all hits him to account for him falling to the ground like that, is beyond cringeworthy. That was pathetic.

You could argue that it was just this particular player who was on the take. Some outcast player who was paid handsomely by some heavy-handed gamblers to give them a free touchdown at an opportune moment in the game. But that’s not what’s happening here. The entire game, from start to finish, appears to be strictly controlled and completely predetermined. The NFL was the first to show signs of having been completely compromised and no longer and authentic athletic competition and it now looks like the NCAA has followed suit and transmutated into this scripted abomination that we now see. I don’t think it was always like this. Not to this extent. But in 2021, ALL games have been relegated to nothing more than a Broadway stage production starring a cast of whiney post-modernized virtue-signaling Robotoids.

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Larry Johnson knows what’s up. I did a post on the rigged nature of the NFL a while back and it hit quite a few nerves.

Some of my friends even got all but hurt about it. Trying to tell me that Tom Brady had been privy to some obscure rule that no one else knew about to explain why he kept getting new playclocks in the below footage.

I would argue that John Harborough left the NFL because of how hard the refs screwed him. Colin Kaepernick ironically should have a Superbowl win under his whiney belt if the refs hadn’t robbed him.

Clear indisputable evidence the NFL intentionally modifies the outcome of games. Complete FRAUD!


There are even book series and websites dedicated to this subject. | Facebook Group: The Fix is In

Zack Hubbard has been screaming his head off about the rigged nature of pro sports for a while now. He’s easily the most banned person in YouTube history.
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