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Alternarive Earth History Timeline based on Saturnian Cosmology


Earth History Timeline based on Saturnian Cosmology

Earth was Saturn's Moon
Earth was a moon of Saturn

Questioning the ‘official’ timeline of Earth’s history is not a new phenomenon. From the 16th century historian critics like Jean Hardouin, Robert Baldauf, Edwin Johnson), Wilhelm Kammeyer, and Heribert Illig have accused church chronologists of the Holy Roman Empire such as Joseph Scaliger of conspiring to obfuscate historical records before the 13th century C.E. In modern times, state-sponsored historians like Anatoly Fomenko have used statistical analysis of published records from the original Bible to the New York Times to demonstrate that our chronologically history is in need of revision. His team made such conclusions as: Jesus was born in The Crimea on December 25th, 1152 A.D. and was crucified on Joshua’s Hill in Constantinople/Istanbul. The Trojan War and the Crusades were the same historical event. Genghis Khan and the Mongols were actually Russians. The lands west of the 13 colonies that now constitute the American West and Middle West were a far eastern part of “Siberian-American Empire” prior to its disintegration in 1775. A comparison of conflicting records reveal periods of hundreds or thousands of years stretched or squashed, as well as periods that may have never existed. In reality, Earth’s recorded history may be less than 4 thousand years in length.


The objective of this timeline is to compile an alternate history of Earth based on Saturnian Cosmology as an accessible sequence of events from the first memory to modern day. As world societies begin to agree on a single, inclusive, ‘true’ history of the Earth, a final set of dates will be reached along with a final calendar. As that happens, I plan on making corrections to this timeline, but until that happens, I’m hoping this project helps others navigate the dissonance of consensus, and be able to visualize the creation of our world and solar system.

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The length of a Year changes throughout Antiquity

The whole idea of even suggesting that the length of the year could have changed in the past, comes from the solidly established changes seen in the 8th century B.C.E., when worldwide calendars of 360 days were superseded by calendars of 365 days plus one quarter day. Earlier changes in the calendar are noted from Egyptian sources (during the Hyksos period), and in Exodus, and this would suggest that the orbit of Earth had changed incrementally a number of times. Earlier yet we have the “mythological” records of Yao (in China) and Marduk (in Babylon) who both established the calendar after 2349 B.C.E.. The Chilam Balam makes the same claim. – Jno Cook

Timeline synchronization

As a result of the deliberate destruction and obfuscation of indigenous cultural worldwide by the Holy Roman Empire, we have an array of conflicting dates of common events. Some examples of different dates of ‘creation‘ are:

5969 B.C. - Antiochian by Theophilus
5872 B.C. - "dating of the seventy interpreters"
5508 B.C. - Byzantine dating a.k.a. "The Constantinople version"
5493 B.C. - Alexandrian, the Annian era, (also 5472 or 5624)
5515 B.C. - by Theophilus (also 5507)
5500 B.C. - by Hippolytus and Sextus Julius Africanus
5199 B.C. - by Eusebius of Caesarea
4700 B.C. - Samarian
4004 B.C. - Hebraic dating by Usher
3761 B.C. - Judaic
3491 B.C. - by Hieronymus

This project’s starting point was the reconstructed timeline of events by Jno Cook’s starting with a creation date of 4077 B.C which is based on the Quiche Maya. His book Recovering the Lost World appears to be an attempt to reassert the pro-establishment Uniformitarian theory of a 4.5 billion year old Earth, which was then followed by a relatively minor 6 thousand year pre-history based on Saturnian Cosmology. Nevertheless, his reconstruction of events provides a treasure trove of indigenous records which allowed me to re-interpret Earth’s Origin Story in the words of our ancestors who were alive when it all happened.

Saturn Polar Configuration Z-Pinch Vortex

Sumerian Tablets - Cosmic Mountain and Wheel of Heaven

The cosmic mountain celebrated around the world, seen as a pillar of fire and light rising along the world axis; as a radiant city or temple of heaven, as the prototype for any sacred space on earth.

4077 B.C.E. – Saturn joins the Sun’s orbit and lights up

“An oft-repeated occurrence in the traditions of the world ages is the advent of a new sun in the sky at the beginning of every age. The word ‘Sun’ is substituted for the word ‘Age’ in the cosmogonical traditions of many peoples all over the world.” – Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision

Before any recorded age began, Saturn was a stable L-Type Brown Dwarf System floating through our galaxy as a positively charged anode in a neutral galactic environment. As it enters our positively charged Sun’s orbit, Saturn would become connected to the Sun’s environment as a negatively charged cathode and ‘light up’. Saturn’s system drew energy from the Sun into itself as a super-capacitor would until it became ‘full’, at which point the Saturn system exploded creating the gas planets Jupiter, Venus, Uranus and Neptune. Adrian Bonnington writes:

The violent flaring of Saturn into a polar sun brought mankind into its fabled Golden Age. A translucent stairway now reached all the way to heaven, a pillar of Auroral light that was the Earth’s Axis Mundi — and with it came death and destruction. The extreme earthquake activity and climatic changes brought about by Saturn’s sudden increase in radiated energy would also have resulted in the intensification of the invisible electrical plasma currents spanning the distance between the two bodies (called Birkeland currents today and largely responsible for the aurora borealis). As a result, there would have been the sudden manifestation of auroral activity at the Earth’s poles, unseen before Saturn’s flare-up, followed by electrical arcing displays into space towards the new polar

The length of a year was 225 days

In this time Saturn was called Kronos, the Timeless God, or the God before time began. Before clocks and calendars, the positions of the planets and stars were the only way to tell time. Saturn’s system was now orbiting our Sun, and with this apparent motion time began. As the spin of the Earth did not change significantly from antiquity until modern times, so we can regard on the length of a ‘day’ on Earth as a constant. In this time the length of a year of orbit around the Sun was 225 days. This orbit was 40% faster than our current orbit of 365.25 days. The changes of the length in the year occur periodically and suddenly in history as the Earth jumps from one orbit to another, eventually reaching it’s individual orbit around the Sun. With each jump, the Earth became part of a smaller configuration and drew in less energy from the Sun. This results in a slower orbit.

Nine Planets or Realms of the Yggdrasil

Saturn’s Collinear Planetary Configuration – The Tree of Life

Until the moment of ‘creation‘, Earth had been hiding like a seedling safely inside Saturn’s nurturing “brown dwarf” system. Then, suddenly and lastingly, there is a catalystic light source that causes life to spring into action. Genesis 1:3: And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Birkeland currents course through the planets and force them into a new collinear configuration, connecting each planet from north to south pole, like an array of batteries. Here is a minimalist video depicting part of the collinear configuration. In “The Saturn Myth” David Talbott describes:

Accounts of Saturn’s appearance suggest that the planet hung ominously close to the earth. In early ritual and astronomy Saturn appears as the primeval sun, described as a figure of terrifying splendour. Today, Saturn appears as a bare speck of light following the same visual path as the solar orb. But during the legendary Golden Age, Saturn stood in the north. Legends from every continent depict the primeval sun as an immense, fiery globe at the north celestial pole – the visual pivot of the heavens. Unlike the rising and setting solar orb, the primeval sun remained fixed in one place.

Absu layer around Earth

The Absu layers surrounded the Planets

Visible on the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth was “the Absu“, also called “The Abyss” in the Christian Bible. This ‘seal’ represented multiple outer layers of Saturn’s plasma sheath and appeared to humans as obscuring equatorial rings of a cosmic ‘sea’ in the southern sky. Jno Cook describes it:

“I had no trouble identifying the Sumerian Absu, the Egyptian Duat, and the Maya House of Nine Bushes as a set of rings seen in the southern night sky. The rings were almost universally, throughout the world, understood to be an ocean standing up from the south horizon. By the Talbott / Thornhill model, Earth would have existed within the glow level plasma discharge (the coronal envelope) of Saturn before the intersection with the Solar System, and within the memory of mankind. The stars and other planets might not have been visible, and perhaps not even Saturn would have been seen — just the ‘waters above’.”

Saturnian Configuration: North Hemisphere

Northern Hemisphere Configuration

From anywhere on the northern hemisphere of the Earth, one could look northwards and see in order: Mars, Venus, then the gas giant Saturn. Behind Saturn was the gas giant Jupiter, which was not yet visible. Behind Jupiter, at a 26.7 degree angle, was our Sun. All together, they form an unmistakable Star and crescent in the sky worshiped throughout the Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires, and throughout Islam today. This deity was known in Egypt as Osiris the “Triform God”, and as “The Trinity” in Babylonian and Abrahamic religion. This crescent was slowly rotating causing a separation between night and day: Genesis 1:4: And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

In Norse mythology, each heim (‘house’) in the configuration was named so: Muspelheim (Realm of Fire / Mercury), Alfheim (Bright realm of Elves / Venus), Midgard (Middle Land / Earth), Jotunheim (Realm of Frost Giants / Mars), Asgard (Realm of the Aesir / Jupiter), Vanaheim (Realm of the Vanir / Saturn), Svartalfheim (Dark realm of Dwarves / Uranus). Niflheim (Realm of Myst / Neptune), Helheim (Realm of the Dead / Underworld / Pluto), The Norse also had a name for the Birkeland currents that bridged between worlds: The Bifröst.

Sometimes locations were personified; Mars was Fenrir/Fenris the Wolf and appeared as a spherical planet, while Venus was the Midgard Dragon / Serpent / Doomsday Comet and appeared stretched out in may shapes and colors, none of which resembled a planet. It is during this time that Mars makes eight ‘descents’ to Earth creating the appearance of Osiris, the Triform God.

Saturnian Configuration: South Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere Configuration

In 2003, Anthony L. Peratt described ancient testimony of 3 intense “plasmoids” in the southern region of the world. The 3 “plasmoids” were the planets Mercury, Neptune, and Uranus forming the lower end of the conjunction. While authors like Jno Cook suggest the 3 southern plasmoids of “Peratt’s Column” lit up between 10,900 and 8347 B.C.E., a more likely explanation would be that they lit up after Saturn was connected to our Sun in 4077 B.C.E., and not before. Snorre’s Edda states:

Still there was before a world to the south which was called Muspelheim. It is light and hot, and so bright and dazzling that no stranger, who is not a native there, can stand it.

This means darker-skinned humans who could ‘stand the heat’ came from high-energy realms like Mars, Mercury, or the southern end of the Earth. The fiery apparition of the Squatter Man figure in the south was recorded many times by many civilizations as the Phoenix, Burning Man or Wicker Man, and the myth of Quetzalcoatl.

Atlantis and the Tree of Knowledge

The planets in the northern configuration create a spectacular Tree of Life display which appear directly above the continent of Atlantis, and it’s three major cities Og and Aryan, and the ‘Emerald City’ of Poseida. The city of Aryan was the largest and most populated city. The city of Poseida was the capital of Atlantis and exist at the very center of the continent appearing as a massive pyramid or ziggurat built out of synthetic emeralds. This construction allow for maximized conductivity of the cosmic currents of energy streaming into it from the planetary configuration. The rulers of this city considered themselves the ‘upper class’ of the human race, and jealously guarded all of their inventions and knowledge until the city itself became known as the Tree of Knowledge. After the fall of Atlantis, the upper-class citizenry of Poseida escape preserving their knowledge (and class-system) in the secret places of the world. This was the beginning of the so-called Deep State.Golden Age: Hieronimums Bosch

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch depicting the beginning, middle, and end of the Golden Age

The Golden Age

This period of stable collinear configuration is remembered throughout the civilizations of the Earth as the Golden Age. The Hindu Brahma, Yama, Vishnu, and Manu describe the age of the Brilliant Yima. To the Chinese, it was the reign of Yellow Emperor” Huang-ti, founder of Taoism. In Northern Europe, Peace of Frodi. In the Christian Bible, this 930 year period was the Garden of Eden. In The Myth of the Golden Age 1997, David Talbott describes Eden:

“The world was quite other than what it is today: the trees were forever in fruit; the animals lived in perfect harmony, and the little Agouti played fearlessly with the beard of the Jaguar.”

As each planet was connected in-series, their axial tilt would stay synchronized even as the entire system Orbited the Sun, but after the planets left the configuration, each would connect to the Sun’s environment in parallel and their axial tilts would be fixed indefinitely. This is the reason Earth, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune have matching axial tilts within 3 degrees. By the end of this period, each planet in the configuration had become a “fully charged” capacitor, unable to accept more charge or grow larger in size. The configuration violently came to an end, and the age of cataclysm began.

Golden Age: Jacob's Ladder

Ladder / Stairway / Mountain of Heaven

Annis Pepion Scott describes the Cosmic Mountain:

Might the flowing hair of Venus, or the “fiery dragon” (as that planet is depicted in many ancient myths and drawings) actually have been the glowing ions of twisting Birkeland currents (or “stringy things” as mainstream astronomers call them)? Pictographs showing ladder formations and tales of a “Ladder to Heaven” or Jacob’s Ladder might well be based on sightings of Birkeland currents and plasma instabilities such as those Peratt has seen in his plasma laboratories. It is interesting to note how often a sphere (planet?) is included in pictures of the Chinese dragon.


The hollow planet Mars was much larger than it is today, containing several more outer shells of decreasing density. Each shell is supported by opposing magnetospheres. During inter-planetary encounters, the outer shell of Priori-Mars collapsed, and the inner shell would exit the planet’s outer surface leaving a long streaking cone shape behind it. The inner shell would then approach Earth, sometimes causing cataclysm, before retreating and returning completely to it’s spherical shape repeating until Priori-Mars finally loses it’s outer shell in 686 B.C.E.. This cosmic mountain would be remembered as the Yggdrasil: The Tree of Life, The Tower of Babel, Ladder or Stairway to Heaven, and many other myths. The cone shape would appear in famous artifacts such as the Egyptian White Crown, the Persian Crown of Mithra.

Quantum Entanglement

During the Golden Age, there was an over-abundance of high-amplitude, low-voltage energy flowing through each planet in the configuration which Norse refers to as “The Bifröst”. As the planets in this configuration did not spin, each North and South pole acted as a strong quantum entanglement between planets. Building pyramidal structures upon these locations enabled humans to travel instantaneously through the Bifröst. This may sound outlandish, however the Egyptian had a symbol for the “Boat of Ra”, which transported Ra between each planet, and it looks a lot like a modern day depiction of a “wormhole”: Egyptian Worm-HoleGolden Age Ends

“Death on the Pale Horse,” painted by the American artist Benjamin West in 1796 depicting a literal interpretation of the events of The Apocalypse.

3147 B.C.E. – The Golden Age Ends Violently.

When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. —Revelation 6:7–8

Each planet had been absorbing matter and energy from the Sun growing in size throughout the Golden Age period. This period finally comes to an end when the planets become too large and begin to oscillate violently into a new non-linear orbit. Within a very short time, all 9 planets (including Earth) break from the configuration and exit the outer layers of Saturn’s protective plasma sheath. The planets, having left Saturn’s collinear configuration, violently compete with each other for a place in a new orbit. They form an in-parallel circular non-linear configuration that together orbits the Sun for the next 1655 years.Y The Maya calendar starts on 3114 B.C.E. with each year (orbit around the Sun) recorded as 240 days long. Humanity encounters a new unfamiliar influence – death – as it enters a period of extended darkness, famine, pestilence, and confusion.

The length of a year increases by an additional 15 rotations per year to 240 days total.

Golden Age Ends in a Great Deluge

The Great Deluge

As Earth and the other planets pass through this Absu sheath, the plasma cools into sodium-salt water becoming heavy and crashing into the planet surface recorded as the first great deluge by each civilization. Earth receives its salty oceans from Saturn, which is why the Atlantic ocean is also called Sea of Kronos. In modern times, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration cannot legitimately answer the question: “Why is the ocean salty, but rivers flowing into it are not?”.

Many great deluges have taken place during the nine thousand years since Athens and Atlantis were preeminent. Destruction by fire and other catastrophes was also common. In these floods, water rose from below, destroying city dwellers but not mountain people. The floods, especially the third great flood before Deucalion, washed away most of Athens’ fertile soil. –Plato’s Critias 111-112

When the Sun Age came, there had passed 400 years. Then came 200 years, then 76. Then all mankind was lost and drowned and turned to fishes. The water and the sky drew near each other. In a single day all was lost, and Four Flower consumed all that there was of our flesh. The very mountains were swallowed up in the flood, and the waters remained, lying tranquil during fifty and two springs. — Aztec Codex Chimalpopoca

Offering to Molech (Saturn)

Humanity was then cast out of the Garden of Eden

From humanity’s perspective, they couldn’t contemplate why their creator (planet Saturn) had tossed them out of its Garden (the collinear configuration) changing their world for the worse. They search for answers to simple questions: Why don’t the trees produce fruit anymore? Why can’t women have babies anymore? Why are the animals eating each other? Finding no simple answers, the Atlantean Deep State offers their fellow survivors on Earth a rather ominous explanation: The creator (Saturn) was punishing its creation (humanity) for our choice to seek forbidden knowledge. This lie functions to coalesce some humans under the influence of the Deep State. Humans were then ordered to erect graven images of the “Bull of Heaven” and sacrifice the weakest of the brood to it, in order to convince the fictional deity Moloch to restore the “Golden Age”. The Human Sacrifice became a central policy of the Deep State as families were ordered to conscript their children into war, re-educate them, or sell them into slavery.

However, no amount of human sacrifice or idol worship would stop what was coming next. Detatched from the collinear configuration, each planet became subject to the influences of the Brown Dwarf Saturn. From Earth, humans watch as the other planets violently flip polarity and fall into the gaping mouth of Saturn. Roman Mythology describes the Titan Cronus, seeing his rule threatened by his own children, begins to devour each until Jupiter (Zeus) intervenes.

3067 B.C.E. – The Planets are at war.

Cosmic Thunderbolt

With each violent inter-planetary action, the Brown Dwarf Saturn continues to lose it’s influence over the other planets. Jupiter hurtles violent plasma discharges seen from Earth which strike Saturn. This exchange was the Cosmic Thunderbolt which brought the planets into electrical balance within a new nonlinear configuration. Jupiter’s assault upon Saturn forces the latter to once again shift polarity and eject all consumed planets. This ends Saturn’s influence and begins the reign of Jupiter. Saturn begins a journey into its final orbit in the outer solar system. The new nonlinear “Round Table” configuration dominated by “King” Jupiter kept the planets (knights) close together in a circular mini-orbit which altogether orbits the Sun. This new configuration would be remembered in the Arthurian Legend of Camelot along with the period of peace that followed.

The recently discharged Absu layers of Saturn still surround the non-linear configuration. The planets within endure violent cataclysm as they vie for a position within the configuration. Icelandic Epos present the battle of Mars and Venus as a fight between the wolf Fenris and the serpent Midgard. Mars again appeares as a hard sphere, but Venus appeares as a comet with long disheveled hair. Scandinavians recall the Ouroboros or Weltumspanner, as it “Stretched-a-round-the-Earth” and ate its own tail. Mars competes with Earth’s orbit and is seen visiting Earth as Horus 10 times over the next 300 years.

2860 B.C.E. – All planets enter a stable non-linear orbit.

Jupiter’s benevolent reign was a model of the ‘Good King’ that inspired the religions of many human nations for ages to come. Festivals around the world celebrate the death, resurrection, and intervention of Jupiter: “All Saints Day” and “All Souls Day”, Halloween, and “Day of the Dead” in Mexico. In Greek legend, Zeus (Jupiter) punishes Prometheus (Mars) after he provides Earth with the gift of Fire. This “punishment” was Mars was being hit by Jupiter’s thunderbolts once per orbit, causing the “liver scar” of Valles Marineris. To the founders of Mosaic law, Jupiter was the Monotheistic God upon Mount Sinai who delivered 613 commandments. The greek story of Prometheus would later be re-written as the “Son of a Monotheistic God” Jesus Christ, or the “New Moses”.

Planet Narnia

C.S. Lewis’s “The Chronicles of Narnia” featured an evil witch (Venus) who is intervened upon by a resurrected Lion (Jupiter). Each Narnia book secretly represented a planet. Jupiter: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Mars: Prince Caspian. Sol: The Voyage of the “Dawn Treader“. Luna (our Moon): The Silver Chair. Mercury: The Horse and his Boy. Venus: The Magician’s Nephew. Saturn: The Last Battle.

Resolving the electric imbalances between the planets, Jupiter became King of the planets in Roman Pantheon and reigned over a 511-year period of stability. King Jupiter sat upon the Cosmic Mountain, also remembered by different populations as Mount Olympus, Mount Parnassus, Mount Sinai, and others. This appearance of a ‘cosmic mountain’ was actually Jupiter’s south pole plasma outpouring extended out into a massive coma tail. Once per orbit, Jupiter would eclipse the Sun, and the King would wear the Sun’s Corona as a Crown. Pre-Galfridian Arthurian legend describes King Arthur (Jupiter) orbiting a ’round table’ along with the greatest knight of all – Lancelot (Mars), and the lesser knights. Together, the Knights of the Round Table defended Briton from fire-monsters (The Sun), as well as dragons and witches (Venus). During this period, the nonlinear orbit between planets grew larger and more unstable resulting in the inevitable Breaking of the Round Table.

Pyramids are Star Gates

Pyramids are Portals

During this time, it was again possible for humans to exploit powerful natural Birkeland Currents coursing between the planets in Jupiter’s orbit. Humans on each planet uncover natural electromagnetic ley lines and built Pyramids upon those locations. With the help of human giants, civilizations build all pyramids in Egypt, Mesopotamia, England, China, and in South America Andes in less than 200 years. This “Artificial Bifröst” quantum entanglement facility made it once again possible for humans to travel between the planets. All pyramids are man-made quantum tunnels built at locations of concentrated cosmic energy (entanglements) between planets.

2349 B.C.E., September 8 – Jupiter disappears and Venus attacks Earth

The last Absu layer surrounding the remaining planets becomes stressed as the nonlinear orbit becomes too wide to support it. The configuration becomes unstable once again. Jupiter’s coma-tail throne diminishes causing the gas giant to pass through the Absu layer and disappear. The Sun turns red and vanishes. Absent the influence of Jupiter, and with the Absu (heavens) sealed shut, Mars and Venus go to war. Gas planet Venus appears disheveled as she “laments” at the death of the King Jupiter. She becomes The Dragon and lashes out at Earth and Mars with her plasma tendrils. The violent exchange between Earth and Venus parts the sea forcing open the aerial Absu layer and turning the sea red, which bled across the sky for three days until only one Absu ring remained. This was the most terrifying moment in human history. In Recovering the Lost World Jno Cook writes:

Sodom and Gomorrah suffered their initial destruction in the collapse of buildings at this time (which were rebuilt). Some regions of Earth would have been absolutely devastated, as Claude Schaeffer has pointed out. But it was the ‘blood’ seen in the ‘ocean [in the sky]’ which would have convinced the rest of the world that indeed millions of people had died.

As the Absu collapsed, the Earth was inundated with a Second Flood of epic proportions. The Christian Bible remembers this event as Noah’s Ark, but the real subtext for this event was the wholesale slaughter of humanity. All civilizations across Earth recall this destructive contact with the Raging Goddess, Witch (with broom), Dragon, or Comet. Venus was associated with Hathor, Sekhmet, and Anath in Egypt, Tiamat in Mesopotamian, Kali in Hinduism. In the epic poem Beowulf, Grendel (Venus) has his arm torn off “at the shoulder” symbolizing the severing of the plasma connection between Venus and Saturn.

The cataclysmic contact with Venus ends as “Messiah” Jupiter re-appears through the fading Absu. Jupiter, apparently risen from the dead after 2.5 days, once again appears upon it’s coma-tail mountain (or throne). This “resurrection” seemed to have the affect of calming the destructive rage of Venus, and She returns to spherical form. Earth’s orbit around Jupiter changes slightly resulting in a 260 day year and Earth manages to capture The Moon, which becomes visible for the first time. With the Absu significantly reduced, stars were also visible in the southern hemisphere for the first time.

The length of a year increases by 20 rotations to 260 days.

2193 B.C.E. – Earth leaves last Absu layer and Jupiter consumes Venus again

This new period of stability lasts another 156 years and ends abruptly when the nonlinear configuration loses its last Absu layer. Exposed to the Sun’s electromagnetic field, each planet forms its own magnetosphere. Seasons begin on Earth for the first time. The formations of deserts during this period force the populations of Western Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and North Africa to migrate. The Egyptian and Akkadian kingdoms collapse. The Earth is still in the nonlinear orbit with Jupiter, and the year extends to 273 days. It would be another 200 years before Egypt re-populates beginning the Middle Kingdom period. As Venus becomes exposed to the Sun’s field, it retreats into the safety of Jupiter’s magnetosphere, and becomes once again consumed by the gas giant.

The length of a year increases by 13 rotations to 273 days.

At the same time, northern populations of the Earth experienced an ice-age lasting well over 200 years. In Egyptian Myth and Catastrophism Robert Ackerman explains:

It is of interest that mythologies of countries where the fiery-dragon (proto-Venus) cannot be correlated with heat or drought, such as the Norse, preserve it as a representative of winter. This can be explained in the catastrophism scenario by the fact that during the Vedic Period, Proto-Venus, still sporting its comet-like tail, came closest to the Earth at the time of the release of priori-Mars from geosynchronous orbit. On those occasions the mantle of the Earth would return to its normal rotation about the North Pole, at which position the Norse lands would be much father from the equator than when priori-Mars orbited the Earth.

Juper as Mount Sinai

2167 B.C.E. – Jupiter catches on fire

Within 25 years, Gas-Giant Jupiter, still appearing on it’s coma-tail mountain, and having recently consumed Venus, becomes fully exposed to the Sun’s field and catches on fire for 20 straight years. Humans world-wide remembered this epic spectacle as The Burning Bush (Mosaic) or Chilam Balam (Mayan) and many others, even the Grateful Dead song Fire On The Mountain. The Old Testament story of Moses redacts the planet saviour Jupiter (Zeus) into a mythical human prophet “Mo-Zeus” i.e. Moses who represents a ‘Universal Creator and Saviour God‘. Under the changing influence of the gas giant, the Earth itself undergoes further cataclysm. In Hebrew and Egyptian tradition, the Burning Bush was a sign that God (Jupiter) was unhappy with His creation (Humanity). The Earth groaned, the ground vibrated, and a trumpeting sound was heard and felt by every creature on the planet up to 613 times. Humans interpreted each exultation as a new Commandment spoken directly by God. This became the basis of the 10 Commandments of the Mosaic Covenant.

Binding of Isaac

This event symbolizes the end of King Jupiter reign as well as a changing of the ‘rules’. To most humans, Jupiter’s epic display meant once again that the powers that be did not represent any gods. The Deep State reacts to this new reality by creating the Abrahamic Covenant replacing their direct rulership with indirect religious mind-control. In Genesis 22, the Bible story of the Binding of Isaac describes the new rules of the Covenant. Abraham was originally called Abram which has the word ‘Ram’ in it. In this Old Testament narrative, God orders Abram to sacrifice his son Isaac as a test of loyalty. Abram complies and goes through with the sacrifice until he is stopped by emissaries of the age of Aries (the Ram). These emissaries inform Abram that he may slaughter a ram instead of his child, and he then does so under this new covenant. Going forward, subjects would be ordered to sacrifice animals to show their loyalty to the Deep State and to it’s invisible god.

1936 B.C.E. – Sodom and Gomorrah completely destroyed by Mars.

With Jupiter’s influence in decline and Venus absent, the nonlinear configuration continues to widen and destabilize. The periodic cataclysmic encounters between Earth and Mars increase in duration and intensity. Eventually an alignment between the planets Mars, Earth, and Mercury causes the complete destruction of the five cities of the plain named in Genesis 14:2: Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim and Zoar. Flaming sulfur from Mars fell to Earth as a miles-wide column of electric discharge decimated the plain.

Mars destroys Sodom and Gomorrah

“Yes, as in Sodom and Gomorrah from the Bible, Torah and Quran – the cities of sin supposedly destroyed with brimstone and fire sent from God.”

The 1611 KJV Bible would later redact this famous natural cataclysm into a story of human sin and divine retribution with homosexuality as the scapegoat justifying the retribution. Nevertheless, some aspects of the story are true. Instant fossilization can occur during periods of interplanetary discharge.

Under conditions of powerful electrical discharge one element (such as carbon) might be transmuted into another (such as silicon). Low temperature electrical transmutation has been observed in the lab, though it has been kept fairly quiet and out of public view. As for the stratigraphic layers in which fossils are found, might it be possible that these were laid down more quickly, in a kind of electrical sputtering effect used in modern nanotechnology applications? –

1492 B.C.E. – The “Passover” of Comet Venus and Exodus from the Pyramidal Empire

Exodus from the Pyramidal Empire

In the last 675 years, gas-giant Jupiter has been directly exposed to the Sun’s field drawing energy into it and growing larger. This eventually results in Jupiter flipping polarity and ejecting the consumed gas planet Venus. On April 19, 1492 B.C. Jupiter unexpectedly expels Venus as a massive Comet that passes over Earth’s sky and heads towards the Sun. The passage of Venus in close proximity to the earth results in further plagues. Seeing the approach of this “angel of death“, the terrified population makes ram sacrifices and splashes the blood on the sides of their houses. Jno Cook describes the event:

“Venus again made an electric contact with Earth, causing a crushing repulsive blow in the east Central Pacific. The Pacific islands were wiped clean of any trace of humans, except for the petroglyphs carved on every island thousands of years earlier. Coastal South America and Central America were inundated with water, leaving sea-water traces in lakes high up in the Andes, and possibly causing a sudden rise in the coastal range of the Andes by thousands of feet. The blow was followed by an electric arc traveling through the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and part of India — following a path of increasingly higher latitude into the Mediterranean as the Earth’s axis angled back toward the Sun. The event is recalled in mythology as the attack of the monster Typhon who is struck down by Zeus. The major result of the contact was a 30 percent increase in the orbit of the Earth — the year went from 273 days to 360 days.'”

The length of a year jumps by 92 rotations to 365 days

Based on the increase in the number of days (+92) in a year, we can ascertain that Earth has finally left Jupiter’s orbit and is on an independent orbit around the Sun. The newly independent inner planets begin to form final electro-magnetic fields. Full exposure to the Sun causes the Earth to become covered in a obscuring clouds and a plague of darkness lasting 20 years. In Worlds in Collision, Immanuel Velikovsky describes other plagues like frogs and locusts:

“When Venus sprang out of Jupiter as a comet and flew very close to the earth, it became entangled in the embrace of the earth. The internal heat developed by the earth and the scorching gases of the comet were in themselves sufficient to make the vermin of the earth propagate at a very feverish rate. Some of the plagues, like the plague of the frogs (“the land brought forth frogs”) or of the locusts, must be ascribed to such causes. Anyone who has experienced a khamsin (sirocco), an electrically charged wind blowing from the desert, knows how, during the few days that the wind blows, the ground around the villages begins to teem with vermin.”

Pyramids around the world

With the departure of the planets from the nonlinear orbit dominated by Jupiter, the pyramids would no longer function as quantum gateways. The Pyramidal Empire loses the ability to communicate between locations and simulate deities within the pyramidal chambers. People quickly lose faith in stone idols deities as the idols fall permanently silent. This event perpetually proved that the Deep State did not speak for any gods, visible or invisible. All systems of control rapidly fall apart and the Pyramidal Empire finally comes to an end. Without servants, the many hundreds of massive pyramids across the Earth became uninhabitable and are abandoned. Those humans who traveled to and from other planets like Mars would become stranded in those locations. Stranded on Mars, the human break-away society turned its focus towards survival and away from systemic control of Earth. It would be many hundreds of years before Martian influence would be felt on Earth again.

The significance of the Exodus Event is not the moving of a population, but the ‘exodus’ from a slave empire into freedom. For loyal subjects of the Pyramidal Empire, this event was similar to the fall of Atlantis; the Deep State would once again have an exodus from its position of direct ruler-ship as it re-branded itself and buried ‘deep’ within the various power structures of society, as well as hidden places of the Earth and other planets. The visible creator god “Ra” would become invisible, and be renamed “Amun-Ra“, meaning “the hidden one”, “invisible”, and “mysterious of form”. Amun-Ra would then be elevated from creator of the Solar System into Creator of the Universe; the “Lord of All”. Faith in the existence of this newly refashioned invisible creator god would become the fundamental test of loyalty for all subjects of the Deep State, but such a faith would otherwise become scarce until modern times. The freed slave populations everywhere remained where they lived enjoying a lasting period of peace as they developed indigenous ceremonies to maintain the memory of the divine intervention that freed them from bondage. To this day, many non-jewish populations especially in Africa remember and celebrate the ‘Passover’ of Comet Venus.

1442 B.C.E. – The sun stands still for Joshua

Venus as the Chinese Dragon / Comet

For another 50 years, the planet Venus appears as a Comet in Earth’s sky, until it too becomes ‘fully charged’ by the Sun’s energy, causing a violent flip in its polarity. This state transition which functions similarly to atomic electron transition would force Venus into a nose-dive towards its final orbit around the Sun. During this transition, the Earth is subject to an incredibly strong tilt in the Sun’s magnetic current flow, which passes from pole to pole through the planet. This temporary tilt resulted in the appearance of the Sun reversing it’s motion in the sky, as recorded in Joshua 10-13. In Worlds in Collision Velikovsky explains how this might work:

The physical effects of retardation or reversal of the earth in its diurnal rotation are differently evaluated by various scientists. Some express the opinion that a total destruction of the earth and volatilization of its entire mass would follow such slowing down or stasis. They concede, however, that destruction of such dimensions would not occur if the earth continued to rotate and only its axis were tilted out of its position. This could be caused by the earth’s passing through a strong magnetic field at an angle to the earth’s magnetic axis. A rotating steel top, when tilted by a magnet, continues to rotate. Theoretically, the terrestrial axis could be tilted for a certain length of time, and at any angle, and also in such a fashion that it would lie in the plane of the ecliptic. In that case, one of the two hemispheres —the northern or the southern—would remain in prolonged day, the other, in prolonged night.

In the Biblical Narrative, Moses (Gas-Giant Jupiter) had a successor named Joshua (Planet Venus). With the “Death” of Moses, Joshua leads the fictional Israelites to Palestine. Joshua needs a decisive victory over the fictional 5 kings of Makkedah. To accomplish this, Joshua speaks to an invisible “LORD” and requests his intervention in battle. Joshua 10 of the KJV Bible states:

The day that the LORD gave the Amorites over to the Israelites, Joshua spoke to the LORD in the presence of Israel: “O sun, stand still over Gibeon, O moon, over the Valley of Aijalon.” And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day. There has been no day like it before or since, when the LORD listened to the voice of a man, because the LORD fought for Israel”

The Sun’s proxmity to Venus calms the dragon’s rage as the gas planet transforms back into spherical shape. The orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter are now becoming stable around the Sun. The memory of planet Venus as the Dragon or Comet fades into myth. As expected, this story of natural cataclysm is then redacted into an epic fiction of divine intervention in order to serve the purposes of the Deep State. However, to normal folk this event symbolizes something else entirely; the end of cataclysm. The Pantheon of Gods are taking their leave to be replaced by the one “Lord”, our Sun. As they became no longer visible, humanity would forget the planets and polytheism would go into decline. A great confusion would begin over the nature of Gods. Velikovsky states:

With Macrobius in the fourth Christian century, there begins a tendency to see in many gods of Egyptian and Greek antiquity the personification of the sun. Macrobius compared Osiris to the sun, and Isis to the moon, disregarding the opinion of earlier authors. He also interpreted Jupiter as the sun. As the role the planets played in the history of the world retreated ever further into oblivion, the interpretation of nature myths as referring to the sun or the moon became more and more widespread.

806 to 687 B.C.E. – Mars, Earth and Mercury finalize orbits.

Cathedrals are Cathodes

Although the orbits of Earth and Mars were apparently stable, the magnetospheres of each planet would occasionally overlap the orbits. As planets came into proximity, large-scale electric discharge would occur between them increasing the orbital gap and further altering their orbital periods. With each encounter, calendars would have to be adjusted to accommodate for the change in the length of a year. Over the next 119 years, Earth would experience 9 encounters with Mars resulting in planet-wide lightning storms. During these deadly storms, the Earth’s surface acted as a cathode absorbing a constant stream of energy from the anodal surface of Mars. Electric current flowed through Earth making caves unreliable sanctuaries. This prompted humans to learn how to harness electricity in a bid to survive the storms.

Contemplating the nature of electromagnetic induction, humans built the first cathedrals and minarets. This hollow spire design routed electric current around the structure preventing heat to build into electrostatic discharge thus protecting its inhabitants. All cathederals originally provided sanctuary from interplanetary lightning storms. The rapid onset of technological invention provided by Mars would be remembered in the myth of Prometheus. Ackerman describes the Greek myth:

Prometheus as Mars

Prometheus [was punished] for thwarting the initial effort of Zeus to introduce Pandora into the world and for his role in instructing mortals in the use of fire, thereby aiding in the development of civilization, which the gods generally discouraged. Prometheus was bound to a rock in the Caucasus Mountains with unbreakable chains, where a vulture tore at his flesh all day, with no rest, no sleep and no respite.

In the Greek narrative, Prometheus (Mars) thwarted Zeus’s plan by forcing humans to invent technology too early. Pandora’s Box is metaphor for the Deep State plan to rule earth through evil, or more specifically through the strategic release of suppressed technology, usury practice, religious mind control, greed, envy, hatred, pain, disease, hunger, poverty, war, and death. The electric encounters with Mars quickly teach humans how to harness electricity, as well as generate their own. In the 7th century B.C.E., humanity enjoys a lasting period of free energy, ideal health, and zero Deep State influence as magnificent cities blossom across the planet. The conflict between Mars and Jupiter showed yet again that the Deep State did not represent their influence. The plan to rule humanity through evil would have to be stashed back in Pandora’s Box to be released at a later date.

Humanity knew this gift had come at a cost. With each encounter, the outer shell of Priori-Mars collapsed making the inner shell temporarily visible. The lightning scars streaking across the surface of the inner shell of Mars lead humans to believe Prometheus is being punished for his gift to humanity. Nine times they watch as his ‘flesh’ was torn apart and sown back together only to be torn apart again later. On February 27 747 B.C.E., Mars bumps Earth’s magnetosphere and once again alters the Earth’s orbital duration. Calendar keepers introduce a leap year (every 4 years) to account for the new 6 hour offset.

The length of a year jumps by 1/4th of a rotation to 365.25 days

686 B.C.E., March 23 – Priori-Mars loses it’s outer shell – Iron Age Begins

On the 9th close encounter with Earth, Priori-Mars finally grows unstable enough to lose it’s outer shell forever. The centuries of inter-planetary electric discharged had converted the light elements in the outer shell into heavy iron, and now the shell was too heavy to retain. Ackerman explains the break-up:

Priori-Mars always orbited over Mt. Kailas in the Transhimalayas, known in the Vedas as Indra’s home on Earth. Its release was influenced by the tidal force of proto-Venus, when the latter’s inferior conjunctions corresponded to its aphelions. At these times the solid core of priori-Mars exited the planet and swooped into a lower orbit around the Earth while the outer shell drifted away. The two recombined as they left the vicinity of the Earth and reformed during the fifteen years that it orbited the Sun. After the hundredth encounter, the outer shell of priori-Mars failed to recombine with its solid core and slid out to its current orbit, forming the low density planet we now call Mars.

The iron shell of Mars permanently comes apart forming the asteroid belt and scattering star metal across the Earth’s surface. This event kick-starts the Iron Age as humanity receives one more parting gift of metallurgy from Prometheus before Mars vanishes forever into it’s final orbit – appearing as a red speck in the night sky. On June 15 685 B.C.E., absent of the extended magnetosphere of Priori-Mars, Mercury (known as Phaethon) and Venus both catch on fire. On July 9th, Jupiter catches on fire. 5 days later on July 14th, Jupiter releases a plasmoid bolt which travels for 11 days and strikes the Sun on the 25th. This event was remembered throughout Mesoamerica as the Death of Quetzalcoatl. The planets were striking their final electromagnetic balance and fixing their orbits that we know today.

684 to 670 B.C.E., Solar System becomes stable

By 670 B.C.E., the Earth’s orbit becomes circular and the period of creation that formed the planets of our Solar System comes to an end. The length of year would no longer undergo significant changes as Earth’s orbital period would remain constant in the future. This allowed for the formation of the first fixed lunisolar calendar.

The Calendar Problem

The most obvious problem to solve in the ‘fixed’ calendar is how to count the number of years ‘since creation‘. As the length of the year changed many times, date ranges that span events during creation are inherently inconstant. Therefore, the solution to this problem is to assign a label to each date indicating whether the year occurred Before the Common Era (B.C.E.), or afterwards in the Common Era (C.E.). Eventually, the Deep State would redact all indigenous calendars replacing natural history with religious fiction, re-assigning the labels: B.C. (Before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini – Year of our Lord).

Fomenko's New Chronology - The Phantom Time Theory

The Blip – 7th Century B.C.E. to 10th Century C.E. Never Occurred

The roughly 1700 year period alleged to have existed between end of cataclysm date of 684 B.C.E. and the beginning human history in the 10th century C.E. is a complete fabrication by the Holy Roman Empire. This conspiracy theory is known as the Phantom Time Hypothesis. From Wikipedia:

The Phantom Time Hypothesis is a conspiracy by the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III, Pope Sylvester II, and possibly the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII, to fabricate the Anno Domini dating system retrospectively, in order to place them at the special year of AD 1000, and to rewrite history to legitimize Otto’s claim to the Holy Roman Empire. Arguments include: The scarcity of archaeological evidence that can be reliably dated to the period AD 614–911, the perceived inadequacies of radiometric and dendrochronological methods of dating this period, and the over-reliance of medieval historians on written sources.

As a result of the success of the Anno Domini Calendar conspiracy, humans today (including catastrophist authors like Immanuel Velikovsky and Jno Cook) believe the events of creation ended over 2700 years ago. In reality, creation ended just over 1000 years ago.

C.E. 1000 – Human History Begins

The red rings of the Absu begin to fade revealing a clear sky. The old Gods have departed to become planetary specks in the night sky, replaced by the “one true God”, our Sun. The Covenant of the Rainbow would become a common phenomenon signifying the promise of no more creation:

Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man his blood will be shed; for in His own image God has made mankind. But as for you, be fruitful and multiply; spread out across the earth and multiply upon it.” – Genesis 9:6-7

With the knowledge provided by Prometheus, humanity would spread out across the Earth, multiplying upon it.

Solar Monotheism

Human would begin to debate the meaning of this new post-creation period. Solar deity worship took center stage in all world religions including in Africa, Greece, Armenia, Arabia, Aztec mythology, Baltic mythology, Buddhism, Celtic, Chinese mythology, Christianity, Greece, Hinduism and Indian mythology, Incan and Indonesian mythology, and Yazidism. However, the proclamation of the Sun as the greatest God violated the Central Tenet of the Deep State religion. Deuteronomy 6:14-16 warns:

Do not follow other gods, the gods of the peoples around you. For the LORD your God, who is among you, is a jealous God. Otherwise the anger of the LORD your God will be kindled against you, and He will wipe you off the face of the earth. Do not test the LORD your God as you tested Him at Massah.

The Holy Roman Empire Emerges

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which I will attempt to research and summarize in my own words. 

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C.E. Before the 11th Century

There is no information in surviving written sources about any events prior to the XI century. There was no writing at that time. It appeared only in the X-XI cc. According to Scaliger’s history writing originated in ancient antiquity allegedly well before “the beginning of A.D.” In reality THE WRITTEN HISTORY of mankind first emerges from the gloom only in the X-XI cc. All surviving ancient documents, including those attributed to “deep antiquity”, in reality describe the events of the XI-XVII cc. Many of them were forcibly consigned to the distant past by the erroneous chronology of Scaliger-Petavius.

Contemporary textbooks tell us in a lot of detail about people’s lives in the epoch allegedly earlier than the X century. Let us remember some ‘ancient’ cultures. The legendary ‘Sumerians’. The ‘most ancient’ civilizations of Mesopotamia and America. The powerful pharaohs of Egypt. The Trojan Kingdom and the notorious Trojan war of the allegedly XIII century B.C., lyricized by the blind poet Homer. The enlightened ‘ancient’ China. The mighty Etruscans. The great ‘Ancient’ Greek civilization. Even more ‘Ancient’ Rome which evolved from the Etruscan civilization. ‘Ancient’ Carthage and its wars with the mighty Rome. Mysterious ‘ancient’ India with its treasures. The mighty Early and Mediaeval Arab Caliphates. The ‘earliest’ Biblical kingdoms of Israel and Judaea. The ‘ancient’ Assyria, Syria and Persia. The Mediaeval European feudal lords in their mighty gloomy castles. All of this, they tell us, existed before the X century A.D. It is not true. All of this did exist, BUT IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT EPOCH, AND MOREOVER OFTEN IN A DIFFERENT LOCATION. More specifically, after the X century A.D. I.e. in the last millennium. In other words, the dates of all the events of the ‘classical antiquity’ should be corrected, moved upwards to their true places in the interval between the X and the XVII cc.

C.E. 11th Century – Egyptian Empire moves to Constantinople / Istanbul i.e. Troy

In the XI century the Kingdom’s metropolis moved to the Bosporus, where in a strategically advantageous location – the narrowest part of the Bosporus – emerged a city of Yoros (Jerusalem), aka Czar-Grad (City of the Czar – translator’s note), aka – Troy, approximately 30 kilometres north of modern Istanbul. It is here that the imposing ruins of this city and a fortress called Yoros survive to this day. Later, in the XIII-XIV cc, the Kingdom’s capital moved slightly south, where a new city emerged under the same name of Jerusalem. Over the course of time it was called Constantinople, and later – Istanbul. The name of Jerusalem was floating and at different times was applied to different cities.

in the epoch of the XI-XVI cc., in African Egypt an imperial cemetery was founded for the czars-khans of Romea, and later of the Great (‘Mongol’) Russian-Horde Empire. The deceased czars-khans of the Great Empire and other important high ranking people were brought here. They were buried in luxurious tombs, sometimes with a large amount of gold and jewels. Prior to a long transportation their bodies were embalmed to prevent decomposition during the journey. See an image from the ‘ancient’- Egyptian ‘Book of the Dead’, fig.2. It is possible that depicted here is ferrying of the dead across ‘River Styx’, i.e. Mediterranean Sea. ‘Ancient’ Greek myths tell us about Charon, the ferryman of the dead, who carried the deceased on his boat across the River Styx into the Kingdom of the Underworld, that is, as we understand it now, – to the Nile Valley, Egypt. The name Charon probably originated from the Russian word CHORNIU, CHORONIT (which means ‘to bury’ – translator’s note) The extent of the burial construction in Egypt itself shows that the Nile’s estuary became a part of the gigantic and powerful empire, which established its royal cemetery here. Oblivious to this scientists were compelled to paint a fantastic picture of ‘ancient’ Egyptians whose main if not exclusive occupation was purportedly the burial of their LOCAL pharaohs. This being true the volume of valuables (gold, etc.) which was buried here was supposedly only amounted to a fraction of the state treasury.

Egyptian sand was ideal for burial.

C.E. 1152, December 25th – Historical Jesus is born in Crimea

In the mid XII century, in the year 1152, Jesus Christ is born. In secular Byzantine history he is known as Emperor Andronicus and St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called. In Russian history he was portrayed as the Great Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky. To be more specific, Andrey Bogolyubsky is a chronicular counterpart of Andronicus-Christ during his stay in Vladimir-Suzdal Rus’ of the XII century, where he spent most of his life. In fact the Star of Bethlehem blazed in the middle of the XII century. At present it’s incorrectly dated to the middle of the XI century. This gives us an absolute astronomical dating of Christ’s Life.

C.E. 1185 – Historical Jesus is crucified in Istanbul on Joshua’s Hill overlooking the Bosphorus

In 1185, the Jewish Passover lined up with the date of the first day of the vernal full moon.

We are referring to a famous Circular Denderah zodiac or, as it is also called, Osiris Zodiac, fig.6. This Zodiac gives us the date of the Passover – the morning of the 20th March 1185, and perfectly corresponds with the date of crucifixion of Jesus Christ in year 1185. The date of the Circular Zodiac corresponds well with the dating of the Star of Bethlehem, which appeared approximately around year 1150, as it allows for Christ’s age to be approximately 33 years. In fact ‘Osiris Zodiac’ means ‘Zodiac of Christ’, as, according to our research, the ‘ancient’-Egyptian god Osiris represented Jesus Christ.

The Trojan War Begins with the death of Jesus

In 1185 on the Beykoz mountain near Yoros the Emperor Andronicus-Christ was crucified. The outraged provinces, led by the Russia-Horde, started a war the goal of which was vengeance and ‘the liberation of the Holy Sepulchre’, i.e. capture of Czar-Grad = Jerusalem, the Empire’s capital. This was the Trojan War also reflected in various documents under the names of: the Tarquinian War in ‘ancient’ Rome (allegedly in the VI century BC), the Gothic War in Italy (allegedly of the VI century), the Nika revolt in Czar-Grad (allegedly of the VI century), etc.

Our reconstruction corresponds well to the essence of the Crusades, which primarily and officially, were RELIGIOUSLY MOTIVATED ACTIONS – TO AVENGE THE OFFENCE GIVEN TO THE RELIGION. In other words – revenge for insulting the Mother of God – for the execution of her Son Jesus Christ. Then the Trojan myth acquires a natural explanation – it tells us about an important religious Cross bearing war.

C.E. 1196 – First Crusade ‘to rescue the Holy Sepulchre‘


C.E. 1204 – Capture of Czar-Grad (First Jerusalem)

captured in 1204 during the Crusade which today is erroneously called the Fourth. The city was ransacked and burnt by the Horde-Cossacks crusaders and their allies. They are the same ‘ancient’ Achaeans-Greeks described by Homer in ‘The Iliad’. The Achaeans were led by ‘ancient’ Achilles, aka Russian-Horde prince Svyatoslav. Those responsible for Andronicus-Christ’s crucifixion were captured by the Hordians and were brutally executed. The fall of Czar-Grad was reflected in many chronicles as the fall of ‘ancient’ Troy allegedly in the XIII century BC; also as the seizure of the biblical Jerusalem by the Roman army allegedly in the I century; and as the seizure of ‘most ancient’ Babylon, etc.

As a result of the decline of the old regime and the capture of Czar-Grad by the Horde-Crusaders in 1204, Russia-Horde, which used to be one of the provinces of the Romaic Empire, comes to the fore. It takes an active part in the Trojan War. After the collapse of Romea the representatives of the Royal dynasty flee to the provinces. Some of them didn’t want to accept the loss of supreme power and began their battle for world domination. According to the Romaic kings’ beliefs, which were based on firmly rooted religious principles, the right to possess the world belonged to their Royal family. And not only the lands already known, but also all of those yet to be discovered. This right they regarded as the sacred ancient legacy belonging to them, which under some temporary circumstances happened to be unlawfully taken away from them. Therefore it was imperative to retrieve it.”

C.E. 1261 – The fall of Czar-Grad

The Trojan War was essentially represented in a series of bloody battles. And as such it was described by ‘ancient’ Homer who lived in the epoch of the XV-XVI cc. Today in place of ‘ancient’ Czar-Grad = Troy there survive the ruins of the Yoros fortress on the Bosphorus, where the strait enters the Black Sea, 35 kilometres from Istanbul.

C.E. 1345 – Crash of European Financial System redacted as the Black Plague

They had a massive financial collapse before the plague because they had used unsecured loans (receipt money) like today. More than half the population after died by famine and thus disease. They probably had to cut trade-routes to not have it spread, burn food etc. It wasn’t so that the trades had crashed themselves due to the fake money banks lent

Plague occurs in Volga River basin and spreads through Eastern and Central Europe eventually reaching Constantinople the main trade link between Europe and Asia.

C.E. 1347: Black plague reaches Italy

C.E 1412-31

Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc), the ‘The Maid of Orléans’ (circa 1412-31), is a folk heroine of France. She was born into a peasant family. During the Hundred Years’ War 1337-1453, she led the French people against the English invaders and in 1429 she freed Orleans from the siege. In 1430 she was captured by the Burgundians, who in exchange for money handed her over to the English, who in their turn declared Joan of Arc a witch and put her on ecclesiastical court trial. For charges of “insubordination and heterodoxy” she was burnt at the stake in Rouen. In 1920 she was canonized by the Catholic church.

C.E. 15-(early)16th Century – Tartars Occupy Occitania

After a process of struggle for control of Egypt, a balance is established between East and West under a strategy of dynastic ties, which share the world and a religious project of peace.

The nomadic ‘Hebrew’ people are re-branded and leave Egypt to Europe and North Africa.

In this era, the Tatars occupy the West, and use defeated tribes. In the case of Occitania they come from the west of the Black Sea and transfer the Roman language there, which will give rise to Romance or Provençal, the root of Catalan. Then this language will become the source of other languages, and of Latin. Latin is not a dead language, it is a universalized designed language, as is Esperanto.

Officially, Occitania is the meeting point between the Arab and Christian expansions in the West, where the Jewish people or community appear in a confused way, coming without an allied military and priestly arm associated with an empire or nation. This beginning is understood between the eight and nine centuries after Christ. Unofficially, there are established powers from the East, and with them the community of the Jewish people, from Egypt, which benefits from a pact or alliance that includes religious tolerance and allows economic development and the rise of science (the Ark with the Tables of the Law). They are the Exiliarchs of Babylon. In accordance with this reconstruction, the Exiliarchs settle in Narbonne, guided by Musa Ibn Nusair (Musa means Moses,and he was the general leader of the armies of Egypt) to establish the order of the Seal of Solomon and the law of God (the Ark), which they must venerate and protect from other cults or devotions. Inspired by this mission, the Jews adopt their identity from it. The equivalences are multiple, and it is even at this time that the Provencal Mary Magdalene is situated in those lands, assimilating her to another pact: a marriage that represents an alliance for the glory of real Christianity. The alliance existed, was led by Moses and represented the birth of the people of Israel, in Occitania. And this marriage, (probably) was proposed by the exiliarch princes of Babylon, Jews, as Magdalena was a princess of imperial blood. For this reason, Catalan Judaism is closely linked to royal power. In this way, with the arrival of the Jews, who bring with them the Ark, a new balance is established and powers are created in Avignon. Jewish communities settle with pre-Catalans from Provence to Tortosa, from where they expand to other latitudes. The Order of the Temple of Solomon is born, which rules from Tartary, Greece and Georgia to the West, all of Europe, with its feet in Anatolia and Jerusalem. Earlier, from India and Tibet a priestly school was built for the peoples of the entire known world, with which the Gnostic tradition of the awareness of divinity was born, under the figures of the Buddha and the original Christ, who they find in Egypt their equivalent in the Horus born of the risen Osiris. As a result, Catharism appears in the same western lands. Like the Buddhist monks, the Cathars are dedicated to preaching peace and the path of the light of the supreme conscience, just as the first monasteries appear around them. And after this great symbolic fusion, the House of Solomon is installed in Ethiopia, where he appears with the power of Prester John, who guards the Ark of the Covenant. The Prester represents the power of the Great Khan allied with the Keraites (the root of the Jewish people) and the original imperial powers, in their spiritual vocation, after five great warrior khans, all of them family of Genghis Khan and (two of them) united with the tribe of the Keraites, whose graves are honored in the Jordan Valley, as has been written in the Biblical Book of Ezekiel. After five great warrior khans, all of them the family of Genghis Khan, their graves are honored in the Jordan Valley, as it has been written in the Biblical Book of Ezekiel.after five great warrior khans, all of them the family of Genghis Khan and (two of them) united with the tribe of the Keraites, whose graves are honored in the Jordan Valley, as it has been written in the Biblical Book of Ezekiel.

C.E. 16th Century – Great progress in the idealization of God’s Authority

With the passage of time, an inevitable religious dispersion takes place that ends up fighting to impose the icons that arise with it, in a pulse that has remained until today. They all honor the same God, but they have lost their unity through the symbolic capital that they have designed, unconsciously, in the holy books and in their iconic varieties. In the case of Judaism, after having written and glorified the facts of the past with the Torah, under the Solomonic ideal of the Tables of the Law, numerous books are written that begin to be debated and with them the Mishnah, the Talmud and the Haggadah appear, while the Bible, the Kabbalah, the Sefirot (or the emanations of God) and the Zohar are being devised, among other main works, at the same time as the oral tradition is collected and the Jewish liturgy, the Nusach, appears, in which it honors by addressing (through singing) God. This production is especially fertile in Occitania and in Egypt and Crimea. It is a process of transition towards the political and judicial constitution of the European states, with their councils and their documentary resources. The proper parliamentary and administrative institutions do not yet exist, and there is a ceremonial cult with ancestral roots that worship God. The Jewish community is the right arm of the rulers, and lives in the main areas of the cities.

Third. Moses ben Maimon, known as Maimonides, in the official twelfth century (to be understood 370 years later), spreads Aristotelian and ethical thought from Egypt and conflicts with the more mystical Western Rabbinical Judaism. With him the disputes begin, and the messianic idea, with the advent of the Messiah.

C.E. 1633 – Disputes against Jews begin

The famous Disputes of Barcelona take place, between the Jew Mosé ben Nahmán, known as Nahmánides, and Ramon de Penyafort.

C.E. 1661 –

Dalmau de Rocabertí, knight and monk of the Order of the Temple of Solomon, loses control of Saint John of Acre.

C.E. 1662 to 1679 – Rise of the religious dispute

The work of Ramon Llull stands out. His project Rex Bellator (warrior king) designs the unification of the military orders for the reconquest of the Holy Land, and is the beginning of the idea of (re)colonizing the world again, this time in the name of a Messiah. The project contemplates the idea of crowning the King of Aragon as the new emperor.

Ramon Llull creates a huge philosophical, theological, alchemical and scientific work, written in Catalan, Arabic and Latin, which becomes the highest point of reference for the official Middle Ages. He is dedicated to Christian proselytizing, especially between Jews and Muslims, in a stage of intense inter-religious debate throughout the Mediterranean basin, which is why he travels through the royal and priestly courts of Europe and the Middle East. It creates a system to convert, through reasoning, all the believers of God around Christian doctrine, convinced that reason is unique and universal, and Christianity is its best version. Her position is that of an intellectual struggle, but at the same time she is also warrior. As Ramon Llull (1988, p. 174) indicates, the office of cleric is equated to that of a knight. Llull (1988, p. 173,216) expresses it with these words: > Offici de cavayler és matenir e deffendre la sancta fe cathòlica, per la qual Déu lo Pare tremès son Fil pendre carn en la verge gloriosa nostra dona sancta Maria, e per la fe a honrar e a montiplicar sofrí en est món molts trebayls e moltes ontes e greu mort. (…) A cavayler se cové que sie amador de bé comú, cor per comunitat de gens fo eleta cavaylaria, e bé comú és major e pus necessari que bé special. (3)

The authority that is defended is, then, that of God, as a symbol of a power that protects the powers in heaven and earth and promotes the common good. The orders of chivalry, aimed at the protection of the faith, accumulate assets, authority and power and, with them, the armies in Europe are reordered in the name of faith in God. It is the germ of colonization and, later, of the manipulation of history, without which it is impossible to leave the maximum authority of Jesus written. But, in turn, it is the challenge that has been written in the book of Revelation, the Apocalypse. The Rex Bellator, or “Warrior King,” is the knight who, in the name of the angel of Jesus, will re-found Jerusalem. Llull died the official year of 1313, that is to say the alternative years 1423, 1498 and 1683, so that the company of Christopher Columbus came to live. For this reason, it is documented that Llull travels in a ship (returning from Tunisia) with a sailor named Colom (that is, probably the discoverer Columbus) (Ulloa, 1927). (4) Contextualized Llull and Colom, the sequence of reconstructed events continues.

C.E. 1666 to 1675 – Byzantine and Catalan alliance

for the control of the Eastern Roman Empire, where the Almogavars devastate Greece under the warrior spirit of Saint George. In 1674, Admiral Roger de Flor was appointed Caesar of the Greek Empire, officially by Andronicus II Palaeologist (Christ according to X-185 timeline), making a historical parable (merging events from different historical times). In 1676 Empress Constance of Greece hands over the powers of the empire to the King of Aragon.

C.E. 1651 to 1672 – Fall of the Avignon powers

and construction of the papal project in Rome, along with a great offensive to make Jesus the Messiah of the House of David, with the idea of creating a new temple of peace and prosperity to replace that of Solomon.

C.E. 1673 to 1679 – Disputes against Jews end lasting 46 years

The Tortosa Dispute is organized, between the local rabbis and Jewish converts, in which they are invited to accept the arrival of the Messiah. As a consequence, the dismantling of the Jewish authority begins, and a forced conversion of the Jews begins, as documented in the years 1415, 1416 and 1417 officers in Castelló d’Empúries. In the same official year 1417 (alternative 1492 and 1677) the Colonna papacy began, and “75 years later”, in 1492 (also in 1677), the forced conversion of the Jews into the kingdoms of Spain took place, along with the signing of the Capitulations of Santa Fe in Barcelona by Christopher Columbus, before Juan de Coloma (the king’s official secretary). Finally, in the year 1679 the Acts of Santa Fe in Mallorca were decreed, with which a strong Jewish persecution begins in the Balearic islands.

C.E. 1670 – Messianic Jewish begins

the convert Hieronymus de Santa Fe (called in Hebrew Yehoshúa ben Yosef ibn Vives ha-Lorquí) writes Habraeomastix, where he announces to the Jews the arrival of the Messiah, and invites them to accept Christianity. At this moment the Hieronymites and the official icon of Saint Jerome from the 4th century appear, who writes the Bible in Latin and ends up putting dates to the Biblical texts.

With the Hieronymites work and the Holy Inquisition, the end of the Cathar and Bogomil gnostic model is consummated, and the idea is to improve the icon of Jesus by assimilating it to the Buddha, at the same time that a new Christian Bible is conceived and Jewish stigmatization begins with them. Buddha and Jesus have similar biographies, because they are the fruit of a common project, and it is desired to unite them. For this reason, Jesuits are initially well received in China and Japan, while there is an awareness of being a common project associated with the glory of the same lineage. The Jesuits are the logical evolution of the Hieronymites work.

C.E. 1677 to 1682 – The Order of the Temple of Solomon is dismantled

after its appropriation by the King of France and Navarre, and the colonial enterprise is devised from Italy, in the name of a Holy Roman Empire (twinned), which competes with French aspirations. In its place, the Order of Saint John (in 1312 = 1497 = 1682) is created, in which the Prester John is camouflaged under the character of the Baptist, who blesses Christ as the Messiah. The Jews are called to accept Christianity, and many of them move to Rome, thus coordinating the transition to this new scenario with the leadership of a reinforced pope, who comes to assume the global powers of Prester John.

C.E. 1679 to 1684 – Treaty of Tordesillas

the Pope divides the world between Spain and Portugal. For this reason, in 1664, the peace between Castile and Portugal (Treaty of Alcazobas) and the distribution of ocean powers was agreed, and then, in 1668, the division between Spain and Portugal was agreed. with the Lisbon Treaty (with the intermediation of England). Later, in the official year 1314 (alternative years 1499 and 1684), the orders of Christ and Santa María de Montesa, both Templars, were created in Portugal and Valencia (Sans i Travé, 2007), with which they aspired to lead Christian colonization. They represent the first army of Portugal and “Las Españas” that is heading towards the great task of reoccupying the world, under the baton of a Valencian Pope (Borja), who actually represents Byzantine powers (as described below).(7) Then, relative control of Greece is taken:

C.E. 1681 to 1689 – The almogavars conquer Athens and Neopatria

Western Jews settle in these lands, especially in Thessaloniki. For this reason, in Greece (and in Bulgaria) everyone still remembers the cruelty of the Catalans, because it is recent. In accordance with this reconstruction, it coincides with the arrival of the powers of the Borja in Gandía. In the official year of 1483 (in the alternative 1668), Rodrigo Borja acquired the title of Duke of Gandía, who transferred it to his son Pedro (7) . Naples has been occupied before, defeating the Anjou, and an Italian-Catalan-French military dispute begins. The alliance between East and West is definitively broken, and the Temple of Solomon is in crisis. The colonizing war begins and a great dispute for its leadership throughout Europe.

C.E. 1677 to 1715 – Great fight in the heart of Western Europe

to occupy the leadership lost by the Order of the Temple of Solomon. At the end of this stage, cracks appear in the Christian project, under the name of Protestantism, and the speculative and imperialist character of the Pope and all the new associated imagery are denounced. In this reconstruction, the year 1677 (official year of 1307) takes place the intervention of the Order of the Temple of Solomon by the King of France and Navarre, and the year 1678 (official year of 1493) the first voyage of Christopher Columbus to America. That is, the first voyage of Columbus is an invention, and the first real one is the second officer, from 1493, whose mission is to take possession of the headquarters of this order in the Caribbean, as detailed in the section “The mutation of Spain”. The funds for this second expedition (which is the first) come from Jewish converts.

C.E. 1718 to 1725 – Society of Jesus is created

(that is, between the treaties of London –of 1718- and of Vienna –of 1725- in which Europe agrees conquers half the world). The Society of Jesus is devised, and the bases of a definitive calendar that improves the one devised by the Hieronymites. It is a great project associated with intense continental diplomatic management, which the official historiography has wanted to untie, sending it 185 years to the past and associating it with the mystical inspiration of a founder, Ignacio de Loyola, while looking at the Catalan mountain of Montserrat from Manresa.


Summing up, according to this basic reconstruction, the Catalan affinity with the Jewish one is better understood, and the hostile vision of the Holy Inquisition, Castilian and Bourbon. But other issues of greater significance are understood. After the Barcelona Dispute, the Order of Saint Jerome was created, whose mission is to write the Bible in Latin, and with it the historical character of Jesus is built. Then (not before), Ramon Llull conceived the Rex Bellator project, with the Catalan, Italian and Roman authority, which ends up rebuilding the Order of the Temple of Solomon in the form of the Order of Saint John the Baptist, with which the European colonizer project begins. This project is preceded by the culmination of an intense theological debate, in which Kabbalists and philosophers of different traditions compete, without being their intention, to transcend God and his authority over all men of faith, adding knowledge in its maximum rational, scientific and intellectual dimension. Then, behind this philosophical peak, another scenario is created, in which science, theology, and philosophy bifurcate, as recognized by official history, throughout the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. But in reality, everything is much more intense.

After almost half a century of inter-religious (and military) disputes, an agreement is reached. The Society of Jesus is conceived and the macro-project to reconstruct world history, to finish enthroning the glory of Jesus, of Rome and (as a colophon) of Europe. And this company replaces the work of Saint Jerome, and endows it with the missionary vocation of Ramon Llull, through a great story that has just given it meaning. For this reason, and not for any other, Christopher Columbus (officially) informs the Catholic Monarchs of the colonizing project in the Guadalupe monastery of the Order of Saint Jerome (of Extremadura), in the official year of 1486 (alternative year 1671), and (officially) of the “discovery” in a monastery of this order (in the Valley of Belen de Badalona, next to Barcelona), that is, in Sant Jeroni de la Murtra, the official year of 1493 (alternative year 1678).

With which, as a final reflection, there are many reasons to suspect that the Society of Jesus, the Spanish Holy Inquisition and the Order of Saint Jerome are behind the comprehensive recomposition of the sacred text. That is, the Bible, in its current chronological map.

C.E. 1700 – Last sprinkling of Absu dust.

C.E. 1840 – Ecliptic pathway of the Absu last seen.

C.E. 1880 – Tchaikovsky releases 1812 Overture

Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky to commemorate the successful Russian defense against Napoleon’s invading Grande Armée in 1812.

MudFlood Event Redacted Dates: 
    1801 Hualalai eruption
    1808-12-4 volcanic winter
    1812 New Madrid Earthquakes
    1815 Tambora eruption 7VEI 92.000 victims locally
    1883 Krakatau 6VEI
    1888 Great Blizzard
    1908 Tunguska electric explosion
    1917 Halifax Explosion
    1938 Unknown light phenomenon covers Europe

What was it that stirred so many people in so many lands? One report described it as “two magnificent arcs rising in the east and west, from which radiated pulsating beams like search lights in dark red, greenish blue and purple…a shimmering curtain of fire.” Another said it was a “huge blood-red beam of light…emblazoned on the sky.” In Switzerland and Austria, it was seen as a “glow, bathing snow-clad mountains…a beautiful sight.” A “most brilliant display,” something “rarely seen in Southern or Western Europe: and of exceptional amplitude…such as has not been seen in Western Europe since 1709,” were typical comments in the press. In September of 1938, Dr. Carl Stoermer of the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics in Oslo, Norway, published an article in a scientific journal indicating that the incident of January 25 was of unaccountable origin and mysterious in nature. He wrote that throughout the exhibition there was a noise “similar to the sound of burning grass and brush” in contrast to the silence of an aurora borealis. blue-ish green glow, pale and pretty, covered the sky from the north-east to the north-west. Gradually, the sky above lit up and formed an irregular, red vault. A sort of crimson cloud formed at the north-east and moved towards the north-west as if pushed by a mysterious breath of wind. It moved back, undulated, expanded, faded, rekindled, while huge jets, whose colour changed from blood-red to orange-red to yellow, soared towards the zenith.

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