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NASA Fanboy Gets OWNED. Destroying the Imaginary International Space Station. | SciManDan & His Loyal Followers Get Butt Hurt When Blue Origin “Space Footage” is Exposed as FAKE.

I had to publish a copy to my backup blog just so I could share the link with “Jake the Asshole” in the comments section of the relevant video since YouTube blocks my domain.

Jake the Asshole might be my new favorite channel. When I saw that he was engaged in a battle with SciManDan and his contingency of braindead followers(Creaky Blinder & McToon), I couldn’t resist getting involved. I too have had my own dealings with the SciManDan community.

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The imaginary International Space Station is easily debunked using simple logic. My basic comedy bits destroy the fake station beyond repair. The government needs to take a hint and bring down the pitiful mess which is the ISS. DONATE & SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL DIRECTLY HERE:

With the depressing Covidiotic state of affairs we find ourselves toiling in these days, it takes a lot to uplift me to the point where I will actually laugh out loud in response to something funny. But this was one of those cases. This guy is f’ing funny. (VIDEO ABOVE)

The ongoing beef that Jake the Asshole has recently been engaged in with this ensemble of Globetards is one of the more entertaining things I’ve seen in a while.

To summarize, Jake recently criticized some recent footage that claimed to show passengers in a weightless cabin in outer space while traveling on the “Blue Origin” space Dildo rocket ship, built by our favorite neighborhood billionaire Jeff “I look like an Alien” Bezos.

Initially it was YouTuber “SciManDan” who went on the offensive and tried to make Jake look bad for calling the footage out as being clearly fake. But Dan quickly fled the scene and some low-life named “McToon” assumed command of the feckless operation to defend this laughable footage and it only got more entertaining from there.

Jake pointed out some very obvious issues with the supposed footage of the passengers “floating around in a weightless environment”. The fallacies in logic and inconsistencies that were astutely pointed out by Jake were more than reasonable in nature, but as expected, instead of providing a reasonable response to reasonable questions, the indoctrinated NASA fanboys took exception to his valid critique and tried to go on the attack. I stress “tried“, because in the end, things didn’t work out too well for them. I don’t know how these guys are not overwhelmed with humiliation and shame by this point. McToon here tried to provide some separate ISS footage that he intended to use as his smoking gun proof that these guys were really in outer space. Unfortunately for McToon, Jake was able to identify a harness anomaly on the astro-NOTs shirt all but a few seconds into the footage. LMFAO. Nice try Toon. It didn’t even make it 1% through the clip before we spotted fakery! Haaa….

These little dweebs seem to have come to specialize in the full time job of defending what is an endless stream of laughable and clownish footage provided by both the ISS space station and from the most recent missions in question that took place on board the privately funded space crafts commissioned by Bezos and Branson.

Here’s how you can experience zero gravity without going to space | Everyone from the Inspiration4 crew to Richard Branson has taken a trip on a Zero-G plane to prep for weightlessness in space. Come along with CNN’s Rachel Crane to see what it’s like.

So what’s the problem with this footage? Well, why is it that the Blue Dildo space craft that Bezos claimed was going up into “outer space”, for some reason was only able to record the crew swimming around in a “weightless environment”, in what were small 5 second segments that were then sloppily spliced together and fed to viewers at home as “proof” that they were really traveling above our planet and traversing through the endless vacuum of “outer space”, creating the weightless environment depicted on the screen.

It really is incredible the kind of crap they try to pass off as legitimate footage(LEFT: one of the more embarrassing examples). You think they would have learned how to more convincingly fake space by this point, but it looked like they were beginners at it all over again. Can Bezos not afford a better graphics card?

The augmented virtual layers of video that made up their live feed kept glitching out during the broadcast and you could clearly see that the passengers were superimposed on top of a green screen. Any trained videoographer could see with the naked eye that this footage was being edited on the fly and was NOT organic.

Just look at these gems!

I found the demeanor of this toolbag NASA(Not A Space Agency) fanboy to be almost as shocking as the wildly embarrassing fake space footage itself.

I’m not sure what kind of routine this guy is trying to emulate, but he comes off as a mix between “The Mythbusters” and a “Jackoffasaurus”(I can rip off South Park too, just better).

He reminded me of the shockingly “un-charming” metrosexual chemistry teacher you had in High School who used cackle and gossip in the corner with the fat girls before class about last night’s episode of “The Bachelorette” and how we are all doomed from Global Warming, before proceeding to shoot a sour faced glare at the popular kids to signal the commencement of class. Reminding you how much you know he still loathes the kids like you over how he was bullied by them in school as a kid.

To listen to this guy attempt to drop cringy “in your mom’s basement” jokes while piggybacking off some cancer fundraising stuffed animal bit from the Bezos “live space footage” was almost too embarrassing to continue watching(Jake’s reaction to the cancer quip was hysterical). I mean, seriously… when he said “[sic]that doesn’t seem like a cause(Cancer research) that Jake would even support“, my collar bone suffered a hairline fracture from the Cringe that ensued. The “douchebagery” of a comment like that is almost hard to measure. It’s off-the-charts lame and indicative of a severe lack of socialization and the possible after-effects of some kind of childhood trauma which has left him as a dissociated super-loser of epic proportions. I find it hard to explain such off-putting personality traits any other way. Some kind of neurological damage must have occurred at some crucial point in this individuals cognitive development to have left him in such a disheveled and feckless state. Seemingly complacent to humiliating criticisms and unwilling to face any kind of controversy that might take them out of their comfort zone and force them to grow as a person. Admiting when one is wrong is one of the most redeemable personality traits one develops over time as they live and learn. The apparent inability to develop this particular trait seems to be a prevailing characteristic amongst Globetard personalities.

This guy epitomizes what I have come to know as a community of useless NASA Fanboy “anti-Flat Earther” assclowns who act as the Gatekeepers to this assinine scientific paridigm and don’t care how badly space is faked on TV. There job is to defend the Heliocentric model to the death without any regard for common sense. They have been given orders to immediately jump out in front of any criticism & quickly move to attempt[poorly] to autodebunk the arguments against their precious globe earth(or the existence of outer space). Its hard to watch, but they don’t plan on relenting anytime soon, so all we can do is make sure we continue to embarass them as they do it.

Listen, it’s not like we are a bunch of meanies out here looking to slander these heroic NASA “space travelers” because of some insidious agenda stemming from our own personal or professional reasons. We are simply average citizens with two working fucking eyeballs and are able to clearly see and identify the fakery that’s being pulled on the world and have had enough. Why should I be expected to sit idly by and allow them to disrespect me by playing along with this childish game of deception? Watching them coerce the masses into being forced to openly take the position that we think that space is real, all because we are told we are “supposed to” by some pretentious Sun-worshipping jester like Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Fuck that.

SPACE IS NOT REAL & NASA actually stands for Not A Space Agency. Anyone who tries to defend this criminal syndicate of professional liars deserves every bit of humiliation that comes along with defending the indefensible. And UN-lucikily for space junkies like McToonbag here, there happens to be some very talented professional “humiliators” out there like “Jake the Asshole” here, and it was absolutely delightful to watch him skewer you turds into a blackened crisp of Globetardation. He did so in oh-so spectacular fashion.

Be careful who you fuck with. There was a reason that SciManDan walked away from Jake in the beginning. He knew he was outmatched. Why this guy decided to take him on is beyond me, but I should be thanking him for inspiring such wonderful and entertaining content that is both funny AND scientifically informative!

SciManDan enjoys thy luxury of having a charming British(Scottish?) accent and it allows him to get away with spewing blatant lies, so long as he does so eloquently. I am specifically referring to his line about the “Blue Origin” space footage being “2 minutes in length”, much longer than the 30 seconds of weightlessness you get from a parabolic dive, and therefore “could not have been faked”. What Dan fails to tell you is that this 2 minute clip he is referring to, actually consists of dozens of 5 second clips spliced and piled on top of each other in a sloppily pieced together compilation of what was obviously select pieces footage taken during the intermittent weightlessness provided by the parabolic diving maneuvers being carried out by the pilot. Sewn together to give a very unconvincing depiction of what they want you to believe is a continuously weightless cabin from being out in “outer space”. It was almost as if he hadn’t even checked the footage for himself to make sure he wasn’t going to look like a jackass for making that claim.

I feel badly for Dan in some regards and I don’t think he’s as much of a raging loser like his friend McToon here and even hold out some hope that he might come around one day. I saw a while back that he had attempted to put out a kind of Olive Branch’esque video(ABOVE) where he talked about Tartaria and the Mudflood in response to a Jon Levi video. It was very disappointing to watch.

I think that the problem with Dan is that he does not want to get demonetized and knows that he has to stick to the mainstream prevailing scientific theories in order to avoid that fate and does not want to risk losing what must be a very profitable channel by now. Dan doesn’t seem to have the same level of malice and off-putting demeanor inherit to his personality like his friend McDouche McToon here, so I am reserving hope that one day Dan wakes up and leaves the dark side. I don’t understand why it’s so important to cling onto what is clearly an inaccurate and fallacy-laden scientific paridigm in the Heliocentric theory. WHY? Why is this lie SO important to SO many that this lie lives on? There cannot be THAT many Jesuits?

I kind of want to take back some of the semi-nice things I just said about Dan after seeing his latest rundown of videos. I don’t think he deserves the benefit of the doubt any longer. He seems to be knowingly complicit in this scam. It’s as if he’s been contracted to autodebunk any and all alternative scientific theories at any and all costs. Not just “Flat Earth”. All costs including his reputation and soul apparently. Despicable.

Check out my “Fake Academia” category for more on these fallacy-laden prevailing scientific paridigms.

Go ahead and watch his videos for yourself and you tell me what side you are on. If you want to side with the Jesuit & Masonic weirdos who have been badly faking space since the Apollo missions, you do you. Just expect to be humiliated by people like Jake and myself from time to time.

Dan just cannot understand why one would reject such compelling footage from such respectable people. Lol.

Personally I think its a BIG Stretch to Say That NASA Was Truely Capable of the Moon Missions. ANIMATION OF MISSION & Gus Grissom(R.I.P.)

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