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Exploring the Firmament – UAP CHANNEL

Exploring the Firmament | UAP Channel | Oct 8, 2021




I’m Douglas a.k.a. UAP, (Underrated Actual Physicist / Uniting Awesome People). I’m a content creator and musician. I have another YouTube Channel, “UAP Channel”

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What does “U.A.P.” stand for? Originally this channel was just to chronicle and/or debunk Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UFOs/UAPs) as well as other “conspiracy theories”… LOL, after delightfully failing to do that I became known as “UAP”, “Underrated Actual Physicist” Here to debunk myths of Complicity Theorists. What I find validates the Good News that comes from above and the heart. We’re re-discovering uncommon knowledge of the Ancients by this method; OBSERVABLE REPEATABLE REPRODUCIBLE when the CUI BONO answer is “the greater good” -and yes, that’s revolutionary. About WHAT? Any subject that is fascinating, extraordinary, uncommonly known but very useful, and true, I demand answers about official stuff I don’t want misrepresented by popular science, first by researching it myself, then by spewing forth my own wild conjecture, and finally seeing how myends up being correct more often than I expect. HOW? Research. Great voiceovers of the best things I could find or think about each day. Live streams. Application of our universal logic, selectively using my exceptionally expensive education to find my way back from the wrong track, ditching assumptions, the propaganda,… and considering what is left. The truth! Courage to choose what’s right despite cognitive dissonance …and the wisdom to know the difference. WHY? To stop being a sucker! Stockholm syndrome isn’t a lifestyle choice good enough for me. Sharing the Truth in a novel, fun, practical way… resulting in comedy- just by examining the veracity of official facts, it’s natural and funny funtime fun! Hilarious comedy. WHERE? Here on Earth. YouTube.

►If you have video or photos you want me to see, do send it to and I’ll check it out! +Sources: Materials used are chosen sources for reporting the best in research to question the narratives of consensus.

I often reject the premise! Music self-composed and performed by UAP (©️ UAP) may be listed or found at ►Music: download UAP’s original music free with donation or find me on Spotify, iTunes, and elsewhere. Titles used are either under licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…), or by Fair Use for ongoing research. Music, revenue-shared, or copyrighted works included by fair use (including content used by licensed sharing agreements in accordance with YouTube policy), or used by permission may be listed below Wanna seriously support this work? Help me make content consistently? I’ll respond quickly on or Contact me at or even UAP P.O. Box 2904 Toledo, OH 43606

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