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I’m always citing these cards for various reasons(Tamara usually is the one who hones in on these) and will surely continue to as the scenes & scenarios depicted on the cards faithfully come to fruition one after another, year after year. It foreshadows our reality. Simple as that. Much like the scripts and storylines in the Simpsons, they are using this TV show and card game as a tool to show those of us willing to pay attention, what’s really going and what to expect. They still have to follow Natural Law and tell us that they are doing and placing to do.

All these high profile people that you see are nothing but actors playing their role and reading their lines on the production set known as “the world stage” and this Illuminati Card Game gives us some very cleverly detailed and unique insight(or in some cases hindsight) into what the plans of the EL-ite are and what horrors we might expect to be bestowed upon us in the near future.

This “Great Reset” scenario doesn’t seem like it can possibly lead to anything other than a great catastrophic event for man kind. Whether this event will continue to be a “man-made-only” crisis(the Covaids hoax) or actually involves some kind of cyclical and predictable(not to non EL-ites) natural disaster, like a solar flare or a pole shift that would lay waste to most of the habitable surface of the earth. We see evidence ALL over the world of some kind of catastrophic “high heat” event having swept across the surface of the planet, leaving buildings charred and melted.


The line “Nothing can stop what’s coming” by Q might mean something quite a bit different than what Anons think it does. Like I’ve said before, Q goes to great lengths to deceive and in most cases(this one included) is technically not lying when they make these cryptic remarks. It’s their way of trying to follow Natural Law and coming out and telling us the truth, while showing us what they are really up to behind the scenes and most importantly, what they might be hiding from us.

This all must culminate to a crescendo at some point, no?

Source: https://www.theshockingtruth.tv/conspiracies/the-illuminati-card-game/

The Illuminati Card Game EXCLUSIVE 

Enter the Illuminati. And conspiracy.

 by Darren SolmanOctober 11, 2021

The Illuminati Card Game

Are you a fan of fortune cookies? You know, when you go out to a usually Asian restaurant and there is a small cookie that you crack open to read your fortune? Usually a vague message, these cookies provide a bit of harmless fun to end your evening on. But what if, by some immense coincidence, your fortune cookie’s predictions were to come true?

Predictions via tarot cards, crystal balls and even palmistry have been a mainstay throughout human history, with many people amazed at the accuracy of the results of these prophetic tools. Of course, through the centuries, predictors or soothsayers have long been hunted and demonised by many religious groups, out of fear that the devil is working through them to undo God’s plan. In the 20th Century, we have moved beyond the killing of supposed witches, yet many people still believe that there are people who are able to accurately predict the future. Or more worryingly, are actually carrying out certain events and are thus controlling the series world events.

Enter the Illuminati. And conspiracy.

For years the idea of the Illuminati has been the focal point for the majority of conspiracy theorists, who believe a shady group consisting of the world’s elite are orchestrating a plot to usher in a New World Order. Crackpot theories suggest the society was behind the 9/11 terror atrocities in New York and Washington – and that they were even actively involved in the starting of both the first and second world wars.

But that’s ridiculous, I hear you say. The 9/11 terrorist attacks were based on terrorism and religious extremism. As for the world wars, well, the first occurred because of a disagreement between the rulers of Europe and the second was due to Nazism.  Excluding the World Wars, as there are few people remaining in 2020 who were alive during these times, there have been some indicators that, indeed, 9/11 was orchestrated by a powerful and secret organisation.

Let’s rewind the clock to 1994. A new game has been created, called, The Game of Conspiracy. Created by a man called Steve Jackson and adapted from the 1975 book The Illuminatus!, this game was designed as a tongue and cheek take on modern day conspiracies that were mentioned in this book, creating a game in which multiple secret societies compete against each other. Sounds harmless enough, right? Well, perhaps not.  A few days after the game came into the works, the CIA raided Jacksons office, with many people puzzled as to why this action occurred. To this day, the CIA has not provided an answer for this. Why conduct a raid on a game creator? So, let’s take a look at the game to see if we can figure it out.

The Illuminati game consists of more than 100 cards, with cartoon artwork split across goal, group and special event cards. But it’s the game’s themes and possible prophecies that have spooked both players and conspiracy theorists. It has predicted many world events such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the death of Princess Diana, Japan’s mega earthquake along with many others. On one card named “Pentagon”, it shows the US defence headquarters burning as if there was an explosion.

More intriguing is that ‘The Game of Conspiracy’ was created in the mid-nineties – years before many of the events had taken place. Coincidence? Unlikely. How does one coincidently predict that the World Trade Centre would be destroyed, or that one of the most well-loved monarchs of the 20th Century would be killed in a car crash? Conspiracy theorists believe the game was actually designed, launched and financed by a secret society which is plotting the global agenda. Before we discuss how this is possible, let’s take a look at some of the more interesting cards included in the deck.

The 9/11 Card

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So, this card is not actually called the 9/11 card; it is called the ‘Terrorist Nuke’ card and the artwork depicts two sky-scraper like buildings, with the building on the right appearing to fall, with an explosion in the mid-section of the building. Anyone who saw the news reports on 9/11 will undoubtedly remember the first tower collapsing from the plane collision in the middle. While many have argued that the buildings in the artwork do not resemble the twin towers, it is an undoubtedly eerie drawing, especially as it was drawn in 1994.

The ’Terrorist Nuke’ card seems to have foreseen the attack on the World Trade Centre that occurred on September 11, 2001 which led to the death of almost three thousand people after an attack by al-Qaeda on the United States of America. However, that’s the story that the government wants you to believe.

The graphics on the ‘Terrorist Nuke’ Card seems to have foreseen the attacks. It shows what seem to be two large towers standing side by side with an explosion in the middle of the two buildings. One of the buildings seems to be listing to the side, like it is about to collapse. This is very similar to the way it happened on the Twin Towers’ explosion in 9/11.

This was not the only card depicting images from the 9/11 terrorist attack. Another card called the ‘Pentagon’ shows the US defense Headquarters on fire. In the terrorist attack, the Pentagon was also targeted and suffered serious damage after a commercial plane crashed into the side of the building.

John Grigni who had been working as an illustrator on the Illuminati card game said the ‘Terrorist Nuke’ card was actually done in a concern relating to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Terrorism had been on the rise at the time of developing the game and there were concerns about nuclear annihilation. He however, acknowledged the similarities between the game illustration done in 1994 and the actual event in 2001.

The Pentagon

This card is called the Pentagon and features the infamous building burning. Another victim of the 9/11 attacks, a section of the Pentagon was burned to the ground, with very little effort by surrounding fire-fighters to put it out. Local bases should have been called to extinguish the flames from the collision of Flight 77, but were not. Also, when the fire was attended to by ‘civilian’ firefighters, they used the wrong extinguishing fluid on the fire, prompting it to burn for over 60 hours.

Was it a plane that hit the Pentagon? They would tell you it was a commercial airliner, yet CCTV footage that was released from the Pentagon had revealed the building was not hit by a plane. The only thing it did record is an object the size of a missile. In short; the truth about what happened on 9/11 is very different from the governments propaganda story. Interested in discovering the truth about 9/11? 

World War 3

OK, so this hasn’t actually happened yet, but, given the predictive power of the other cards in the deck, it seems a bit foolish to discount it. Featuring an image of what appears to be a nuclear blast, this card possibly points towards the start of World War 3 being related to nuclear weapons. Obviously we seriously hope this event and any others like it; will never occur.

Hardly surprising; but almost every developed country in the world has a nuclear weapons programme, with the good old USA leading the rank with the size of the nuclear arsenal. Also, given recent tensions between the USA and countries like North Korea over nuclear weapons, it seems that, indeed, World War 3, regardless of the trigger, may involve a nuclear war.

Combined Disasters

So, while it is easy to assume that there is indeed a secret organisation like the Illuminati planning events like 9/11, the Pentagon fire and the death of monarchy, what about instances which humans have deemed uncontrollable? Natural disasters, for example.

Let’s explore one particular card from the 1995 deck, ‘Combined Disaster.’ This card features a myriad of distressing images, such as a clock tower falling from an earthquake,  a tidal wave and a group of people at the front of the card, appearing very sombre.

I hear you say, how on earth can an organisation plan a tidal wave? Or an earthquake?  After all, tidal waves are usually the result of tectonic shifts under the ocean; tectonic shifts lead to earthquakes, which in turn leads to a tidal wave- it is basic geology. Also, these events happen all over the world, so it is hard to state with any certainty where these disasters are going to take place.

However, on the Combined Disaster card, the clock tower that is falling is very distinctive; while shaded to appear black, it has a steeple coming out from the top and the shape of the overall building is very square. Now, comparing this image to the Wako clock tower, in Ginza, Tokyo, this image is very visually similar.

On March the 11th, 2011, Japan suffered from a set of disasters; two of which were typically deemed outside the control of humans. The clincher? The time that the earthquake struck Japan, 2.47 pm, matches the time displayed on the clock in the Combined Disaster Card. Indeed, when comparing this card to a photograph taken of the Wako clock tower at 2.47pm on the 11th of March, there is an uncanny resemblance. Japan also suffered from a tidal wave that same day. Coincidence? A pretty specific one, don’t you think? Remember, these cards were released in the 1990’s, and this combined disaster happened in 2011.

Princess Diana

One of the most tragic events of modern times was the car crash that killed beloved monarch, Princess Diana. The ‘Princess Di’ card features a clear image of the princess and is part of the ‘Personality’ deck. She is drawn wearing the ‘Princess Crown’, which she was a gift to her from Queen Elizabeth II. This is important to remember for later.

Renowned for her charity work and free spirited way, Princess Diana was undoubtedly loved by the people but despised by many members of the British monarchy. So, it seemed that she was doomed to either vanish or die. Now, in the same sub-deck of cards, there is a card known as the ‘Prince Charles’ card, featuring him holding a very regal looking crown. Of course, he is a prince, why shouldn’t he be holding a crown? Well, the crown he is holding is the ‘Saint Edmund Crown,’ a crown that all monarchs wear when they are crowned King or Queen of England. Indeed, at the time of the card print (and to this day in 2020), the only crown that Prince Charles has been given by Queen Elizabeth II, is the ‘Coronet of The Prince of Wales;’

So, it seems that the Illuminati cards have pointed out something very important here; Prince Charles will, when Queen Elizabeth II dies, wear the Saint Edmund Crown when he is crowned. Nothing unusual there. But, his wife at the time of the cards print, Princess Diana, is shown wearing the ‘Princess Crown.’ Could it be that she was never meant to become Queen Diana? Was her ‘accidental’ death orchestrated by a secret world order? 

The BP Oil Spill

Another modern day tragedy was the BP Oil Spill that occurred off of the Gulf of Mexico. And, you guessed it, in the Illuminati card game, in the disaster deck, there is a card called ‘Oil Spill’, featuring the horrific image of a sea bird dripping in oil. The oil spill began on the 20th of April, 2010 and has been deemed as the largest marine based oil spill in the history of petroleum products. A drilling rig, known as the Deepwater Horizon, was suspected to have burst, causing the oil to rise through the sea water from underground. Understandably, this spill had a devastating effect on the environment. Why would anyone want to do this? 

Many people have theorised that the real reason this spill occurred was to allow the Illuminati to raise taxes and to tighten natural resources. Indeed, when BP were approached by ecological scientists to attempt to identify the source of the damage to the ‘Deepwater Horizon’ rig, they were denied access to this area. So it appears that this tragic accident, like the death of Princess Diana and the Japanese earthquake/tsunami was not actually an accident; all of these were predicted in 1994.

Donald Trump – ‘Enough is Enough’

Did the card game predict Donald Trump’s rise to power? Oddly, an image surrounding what seems like a likeness to Donald Trump, seems to depict a virus. Did the game predict Covid-19 to be unleashed on the world during Donald Trump’s term as president? It’s also important to note that Dr. Anthony Fauci had also predicted a virus outbreak during the years when Trump was actually the president.

The card seems to hold an image similar to an angry-looking Trump taken in 2011. It reads “At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you…have a nice day.” Many have taken this to mean that the person on the card had been targeted for assassination. Considering how volatile Donald Trump was before, during and even after his tenure, he ruffled a lot of feathers and insulted many of his opponents making the possibility of an assassination more plausible.

An attempt had already been made on Mr. Trump’s life in Las Vegas during a campaign rally in Las Vegas by twenty-year old Michael Sandford who was accused of trying to grab a police officer’s gun to shoot Mr. Trump.

Conspiracy theorists believe the game was launched by a secret society plotting global domination and a new world order. The Illuminati have, for years, been accused as such an organization. It is a plot card. The Illuminati Card game plot cards are blue and is discarded immediately after use. The player follows the instructions on the card which override the rules on the rule book except the Meta-rules.

The Enough is Enough card which seems to depict Trump surrounded by something that looks like a virus, coupled with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s prediction of a pandemic in a video in 2017. Conspiracy theorists have taken this as a confirmation that the organization, Illuminati had always been behind everything, including the pandemic. In Fauci’s own words, “there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases.” He went on to say that “There will be a surprise outbreak.” You can view the shocking video here.


This card has been described as a handy card when its token is given to a government group the player controls. It allows for a great deal of flexibility which extends to both government groups and corporate groups.

It has been described as the fake moon landing card by Illuminati Card Game enthusiasts. According to the card, the player can take action on any group they control as long as the group has no token. The card player had control of both government and space.

Conspiracy theorists would claim that the art on the card, which depicts an astronaut who seems to have landed on the moon, yet has somehow been able to set up a backdrop and stage lights and is being recorded by a camera would seem to suggest that the mission to space may have been all for show. It would also suggest that the New World Order planned by the illuminati would extend into occupying space.

The NASA card is a Group card which has a power level of two, which means it may not easily gain control of other groups and a resistance level of four, which is its ability to avoid being dominated by other groups. It has an alignment to Government, which means it can be controlled by or controls an arm of government. It represents the leadership. The space attribute means the NASA card can be affected by other cards with the space attribute and vice versa.

The NASA card gives a great deal of flexibility as it is able to give its Government group useful tokens. Government groups include the Supreme Court, Post Office, Bank of England, EPA, Big Prawned New York among others, which are also groups. Its power also extends to Corporate groups such as Phone Company, Liquor Company and Ford Motor Company.

Flat Earth

“People laugh, but the Flat Earthers know something.” Another interesting one. The card is a group card that depicts the image of the earth as flat, not the sphere which we have become accustomed to. The words on the card seem to show the ridicule that flat earth theorists face but that they ‘know something’. If the roll of the dice is equal to or less than the number of places the player controls, they are led to a gold strike. The theorists seem to claim that there is something valuable which is the reason why they face ridicule.

This card has both the weird and conservative alignment, which means that it can be described as peculiar, offbeat, not like the neighbors as well as being mad at the liberals. It has a power level of one and a resistance level of two. This means that it has little or no power to dominate any other group and little resistance, which means that the player is easily dominated by others.

Conspiracy Theorists

This card depicts the concept of the conspiracy theorists who attribute the ultimate cause of an event or chain of events (usually political, social or historical events), or the concealment of such causes from public knowledge, to a secret and often deceptive plot by a powerful secret group, who seem to control everything.

The player with the Conspiracy Theorists card has zero power action tokens which can be used to buy a plot of land which can be significant. They can power plots that require an action from a certain Group, such as the Savings & Loan Scam group. The Conspiracy Theorist card can power a Jake Day on Hollywood, Gordo Remora or State Lotteries. The card holder can aid with the Conspiracy Theorists in an attack that you don’t want to succeed, and still draw a Plot without usefully aiding the attack.

The Conspiracy Theorists card is a Group card which has a power level of zero, which means it cannot gain control of other groups and a resistance level of six, which is its ability to avoid being dominated by other groups. Its high resistance level makes it harder to take over the conspiracy theorists group and easier to defend.

Even though the card description states that the Conspiracy Theorists are “powerless and much mocked”, it also states that they are prized by the Illuminati as their ravings may contain useful ideas. The Conspiracy Theorists card is part of the Weird alignment which is described in the game Objects as peculiar, offbeat and not like the neighbor. Its opposite alignment is Straight.

Weather Satellite

The Weather Satellite card is a resource card and it says “Real weather satellites don’t just report the weather – they change it“. Resource cards represent Illuminated secrets, hidden knowledge, magic artifacts, ultra-tech devices and other tools of world domination. Resource cards are purple, with the same back design as Groups. They are drawn from your Groups deck.

They can be played only as an automatic takeover. Resources have no alignments or Control Arrows, and don’t go into your Power Structure. They are placed beside it. There is no normal way to attack an enemy Resource, but some Plot cards and special abilities can affect them.

All Resources belong directly to your Illuminati or main group unless they are linked to another group. The Weather Satellite card has the word Action at the bottom, to show that they get Action tokens. Weather Satellites aren’t unique; you can have more than one. Rain of Frogs, (another Disaster card) becomes a general-purpose Disaster when you have two Weather Satellites to pump it up with. It is a gadget resource, giving its player ultra-tech devices for weather manipulation.

The card has something that looks like a satellite on it, with umbrellas and rain falling. Conspiracy theorists have claimed that certain secret organizations; such as HAARP, have the ability to affect the weather, giving credence to the global warming phenomenon going on in the earth. With the card, you can increase or decrease the power of any Hurricane, Tidal wave or Tornado. You can also increase or decrease the power of any attack or Destroy against any place group except space groups. A satellite has two action tokens.Conclusion

How did the creator of the card game predict many future world events? Many of these predictions are so accurate that it gives reason to suggest the secret societies know a lot more than we do. The card game which was developed more than twenty years ago seems to accurately predict events that occurred years after the card game was developed. There are many other Illuminati cards where they have shown to predict other world events, such as the rise of gay activists, pandemics and even world depopulation.

Or, is it simply that the world is repeating itself? Is it that we are living in a Matrix type universe, in which something that has already happened, and has happened many times over? Is every part of our day to day lives preplanned and the Illuminati have access to a source of power which allows for these eerily accurate prophecies?

Could this be why these cards are able to predict the future, or are they simply being given information from the Devil that people in these occultist groups all seem to worship? Is the Devil responsible for feeding these groups part of God’s plan and are they using this knowledge to control the world? It seems very odd that a book written in the 1970’s could predict events that would occur nearly half a century later with the addition of a card game that was also created years in advance of the projected events happening.

The game was developed in 1983 by Steve Jackson as a spin-off of the trilogy Illuminatus written in 1975 by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. It was released in 1995 even though the game’s developer explained that the game was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek parody of conspiracy theories, many have taken the cards and their seemingly apparent omniscient predictions serious.

The game’s developer, Steve Jackson is a fan of the Illuminatus Trilogy and had conceived of the idea of developing the game after discussing with his friend, Dave Martin who was a freelance cover artist for his company. He said he began researching which he claimed was hard because there was much conflicting information about the Illuminati.

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