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Remember Fred Pye? This is his story after 3 months of living hell – Horrific Vaccine Injuries. Was told by paramedics not to mention the vaccine if he wanted to receive care for HIS VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS!

The physical side effects that this guy has to deal with were shocking enough on their own, but to hear him explain how when the paramedics arrived at house following one of his worst flare-ups of side effect symptoms, they actually told him not to mention anything about the vaccine when he got to the hospital if he wanted to get treated. I had to rewind and play that part of the video back a few times just to make sure that I understood him properly when he said that. Unreal. So they had to tell him not to talk about the vaccine as he was receiving treatment for the side effects that the damn thing caused.

Those of you who are still unable to see the cover-up that’s been going on here are so hopelessly lost that I don’t suggest you ever leave your house again without a responsible adult chaperone at your side at all times to make sure you don’t do something that might put yourself or others in danger.

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