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The Left is Trying to Destroy ALL of Society, Not Just “Western” Society. | Piers Morgan Debate on Men Being “Mothers” | Reaction to Trans MMA Fighter | Liberals CRACK as Dave Chappelle Annihilates Liberal Gender Insanity

I am not trying to contribute to the “transanity” frenzy, but its important that everyone sees just how insane the post-modern ultra-progressive left has become and the clear and present danger they pose to the sanctity of societal decency.

The destruction of women’s sports is just one of the many perversions that have been thrust upon the general public in the name of “equality”. It’s straight-up Baphometic perversion via Satan worship that’s behind all this shit and its actually mostly ritualistic in nature, with the destruction of societal decency standards being a welcomed ancillary side effect.

They want to let boys in the women’s locker room, let biological men compete against biological women in all sporting arenas, cram dangerous hormones into the bodies of toddlers to invert their gender, make it a crime to “misgender” someone through “compelled speech” legislation, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a great example:

Trudeau had mentioned in an interview that lowering the age of consent for anal sex was “something he was really looking forward to moving forward on“. I’m not joking.

These are the priorities of lefty politicians in North America these days. Those are the kinds of policies that will pushed for and expanded on if we keep electing these ass clowns. Or if we keep letting them cheat their way into power.

Piers Morgan seems to have been tasked with being the novelty “alt-right” antithesis of the lefts insane gender ideology and is apparently obsessed with taking on this subject matter. Whether he’s doing this because he’s just as enraged as the rest of us, or because it gets good ratings, I’m not quite sure. Likely a combination of both. I put more Piers Morgan clips below of him taking on Libtards over these assinine positions on “gender equality”.

I thought the debate they were having about “mothers and fathers” and the technical use of the term “mother” was a bit frivolous and came off as contrived.

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