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La Palma Vent / Wall Collapse / Path of Destruction. “Most Destructive Volcano in History? | Faces from the Abyss in the Molten Lava? | UFO Activity Near Volcanoes Around the World.

This volcanic activity in the Canary Islands has been wild to watch. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The sheer volume of magma/lava is insane. (Magma is what you’d call the lava before it reaches the surface).

I don’t know about you, but I got some serious waves of pareidolia when watching the first 15 seconds of the above clip. With faces of gasping ghouls and elongated “Dune-worms” manifesting themselves before my eyes within the slurry of molten lava. I can almost make out what looks to be an elephant with its trunk hanging over the edge of the cliff that the lava is falling into. If you zoom out your perspective slightly, you can make out what looks to be one of those sand worms from the movie “Dune”. If you pan over to the right, you can make out several gasping ghoulish looking faces with their mouths stuck open.

It’s probably just my over active imagination. Though, we have seen some similar examples in the past of demonic faces from the Abyss manifesting themselves during a volcanic eruption.

Not to mention all the UFO activity that is usually rampant in the areas immediately surrounding these volcanically active zones. (I put a few examples of these “volcanic UFO’s” at the very bottom of the post)

The footage on the left was filmed around a volcano in Calima Mexico.(VIDEO)

Who knows what that heck is coming out of there. Divergent has put forth the theory that lava is some kind of heated waste-mixture that is periodically ejected up out from the inner earth by a hidden advanced Subterranean civilization.

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