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Pfizer CEO Vanessa Gelman “Power-Waddles” Her Way to Safety When Approached by Veritas Reporter About Her Cover-up of the Existence of Fetal Tissue in the Waxxine

Baaahahaha. Has this woman been put on suicide watch? That might have been the most embarrassing thing yet that I’ve seen any feckless sell-out bureaucrat have the lack of social awareness to do in response to being confronted for their acts of malfeasance towards the best interests of the public.

What on earth was she thinking? That it would be a good look? Is that was her board told her to do if she was ever approached by any member of the press? Who knows? But you can be damn sure that we are going to sit back, point and laugh at this stumbling genocidal reject. Couldn’t have happened to a more honorable and stand-up lady.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vnshlh-big-pharma-ceo-vanessa-gelman-sprintswaddled-away-from-veritas-reporter.html

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