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Mad Maxine Pulls a Super-Dummy Move & Tweets That Her Twitter Account Had Been Hacked & Erased. Let that sentence sink in… | Maxine Waters FAILS to Understand Twitter With This Crazy Reaction

Baaahaha. 🤣😂😅. What a dumb bitch.

She goes on social media to cry about her Twitter account being “hacked and erased“, but forgets that she’s tweeting that false claim FROM THAT VERY SAME ACCOUNT.

Mr. Mad Quackcine has put on displays of hair raising lunacy and shocking intellectual ineptitude many times in the past, but this latest gaffe makes Sen. Mazie Hirono look like a Rhodes Scholar and likely led to her handlers having to put in a “Robotoid Disposal & Replacement Order” for this current build of the despicable Congresswoman from California. This one is clearly malfunctioning.

Hahaha. Maxine, stop lying bro. You just can’t help yourself huh? Speaking of “helping one’s self”, she’d do herself a big favor by hiring someone to make her a weave that doesn’t make her look like a mix between Jerry Lewis, James Brown and a sewer rat.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vnrh3v-maxine-waters-fails-to-understand-twitter-with-this-crazy-reaction.html

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I think my favorite InfoWars-produced video of all time is there short “documentary” on the rise of “Mad Maxine”:

Some more of Maxines past insanity. She can be entertaining to watch at times. She’s like a cartoon character.

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