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THE FALLACY OF CREDENTIALS – “The institutions that we have traditionally placed on the top of our cultural pedestal – the ones that award all those coveted credentials – are now the most corrupt. “

Speaking of Rhodes Scholar clowns, did anyone see what Mayor Pete said recently?

CLOWN SHOW: Pete Buttigieg claims REAL reason for supply chain disruption is b/c of how AWESOME Biden is doing and HELL000 backfire

The Rhodes Scholarship recipients should be renamed as “George Floyd Scholars”. Being a staunch Social Justice Warrior seems to be one of the prerequisites for qualifying.

To be fair to Jakey-boy, if he had been afforded any level of autonomy in his decision-making on foreign policy, then maybe there would have been some less disastrous outcomes. But we know that these kinds of officials are pure bred puppets and nothing but proxies for the hivemind intelligence that runs the show from behind the curtain, in the shadows. If there ever was a human soul residing inside Jake Sullivan, it surely spends most of its time relegated to “the sunken place” as his meat suit is commandeered and used to do the bidding of parasites.

This kind of stuff reminds me of my favorite piece of research, which was a study that was conducted by M.I.T. which found that far too many people(mostly leftists) were hopelessly reliant on the advice that was being supplied by Bureaucratic institutions and had become incapable of thinking for themselves. These Ivy League credentials that everyone pines over might not be as valuable as most had assumed. | MIT Study: Vaccine Hesitancy Is ‘Highly Informed, Scientifically Literate,’ And ‘Sophisticated’

MIT researchers ‘infiltrated’ a Covid skeptics community a few months ago and found that skeptics place a high premium on data analysis and empiricism.  | DOWNLOAD PDF:


The Fallacy of Credentials

 For your consideration, I give you Jake Sullivan.

Sullivan, as a reminder, is Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor. He is a mere forty-four years old. But what a resume!

  • Sullivan went to Yale, where he was an editor of the Yale Daily News, graduated summa cum laude, was Phi Beta Kappa, and was awarded the Snow Prize as the single best scholar in his class.
  • Upon graduation, he was offered both Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships. He went with the Rhodes.
  • From Oxford, it was off to Yale Law School, where he was an editor on the Yale Law Review.
  • From there, Sullivan clerked for Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court.

I’m even leaving out some stuff. Credentially speaking, Jake Sullivan sits at the very pinnacle of the American establishment. Resumes don’t get much better.

And you know what? None of that means a damn thing, because Jake Sullivan is an idiot. 

Oh, I don’t deny that Sullivan is book smart, and likely has a capacity for hard work. Once, a generation or two ago, you would have said, “Wow, this is a crazy-smart guy.” But now all his resume says is, “I have marinated my entire life in the progressive establishment, and am now a card-carrying member of America’s liberal elite.” 

It hardly merits mentioning that this has left Sullivan without the capacity for common sense. He has presided, in various capacities, over the following foreign policy disasters:

Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Iran, Myanmar, and now, of course, maybe the biggest foreign policy catastrophe in collective memory, Afghanistan.

Jake Sullivan is not alone. I’m picking on him because, well, he’s just such low hanging fruit. Our nation’s elite institutions are turning out scores of Jake Sullivan’s. (England, too – check out the Rhodes winners. 100% social justice warriors.)


But when a tenured Cornell professor calls black holes “racist,” when Harvard holds a separate graduation for blacks, when Yale bans calling anyone a “master” of something, seriously, what do you expect? Kids with street smarts or basic common sense?

The institutions that we have traditionally placed on the top of our cultural pedestal – the ones that award all those coveted credentials – are now the most corrupt. They have become radical left-wing echo chambers where ideological adherence is rewarded and dissent swiftly punished. Social justice has replaced the search for truth as the over-arching guiding principle. Debate and free inquiry have all but vanished, because both imply there’s more than one acceptable viewpoint. Students rising through this system are never truly taught how to think, merely what to think (to quote my friend, Andrew Gutmann). 

Such inflexible minds are destined to fail when let loose in the messiness of the real world, where solutions require mental agility, reason, and common sense. They require one to think through different options and to consider the perspective of others. It was almost deliciously revealing that the very week Afghanistan fell, our embassy there was flying a gay pride flag (as encouraged by another credentialed idiot, that Princeton grad with a chest full of meaningless ribbons, Mark Milley).

One wonders if Jake Sullivan realizes just how useless all his credentials are. Just kidding, because there’s no way he does. That was rhetorical musing on my part. Jake Sullivan will continue to burnish his resume. Our finest universities will heap honorary degrees upon him and ask him to speak at graduations. The media will exalt him. High paying sinecures and book deals await him when he leaves government service. Perhaps he’ll even win an Emmy like Andrew Cuomo.

Guys like Jake Sullivan fail in only one direction – up.

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