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The Whitney Houston Hoax. Bobby Porter Plays Both Whitney Houston & Gayle King | Orlando Brown Responds to ConciousX

This kid Concious X has been doing a great job exposing these silicone mask wearing “character” rappers that have seem to become the standard operating procedure for most big label music acts these days. These labels will apparently recruit a core group of performers and song writers that they then expect to take on the persona of multiple different acts. I think that this practice has been in place for much longer than we realize. Like Mariah Carey for example, who is played by some random thugged-out looking Hispanic dude(VIDEO BELOW) but the label would also make “Mariah Carey” appearances utilizing a one of those disposable Robotoids with the extra high metabolisms that are known to overheat. Which is exactly what happened on her famous TRL appearance where Carson Daily can be seen pleading with the crew to turn up the A/C in order to cool the robot back down to a normal operating temperature, all as she continued to malfunction to everyone’s horror.

This kid even thinks that Britney Spears is actually played by the original Marilyn Monroe actress.

What’s likely happening here is that they are using a combination of silicone mask-wearing performers(Orlando Brown would be one of these performers) who are the ones that are leaned-on when actual “talent” is required, in combination with a lineup of synthetic Robotoid stand-ins that can be used for throwaway appearances and then literally turned off and stored away like you would a doll. Taylor Swift even “bragged” about how she gets carted around inside a giant suitcase. I’m not kidding.

I just recently saw a video from a separate channel about how Whitney Houston is played by the flamboyant drag “performer” Bobby Porter.

The Whitney Houston Hoax: https://youtu.be/mQnV477j-NQ (Backed-up to Rumble below)

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vnzh5l-the-whitney-houston-hoax.-bobby-porter-is-whitney-houston.html

There must be some sort of ritualistic angle as well, since most of these actors and actresses are also gender inverts. Deception across the board is the name of the game. Baphometic deception. As if the more categories they are able to check off as inverted, the more esoteric power they accumulate.

We know that they are doing the exact same thing with TV and film stars and starlets. We even see some play roles across different genres and formats. Like Kristen Bell playing the part of Avril Lavigne.

Our entire reality has always been scripted and it’s been played out on the world stage by a much smaller cast of characters than we could have ever imagined.

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