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Annastacia Palaszczuk Says “This is your last chance to get vaccinated”. Has Quarantine Camps Ready for Unvaccinated Australians.

#AussieCosak has earned their spot as my new go-to for the latest horror show updates from Orwellian Australia.

This is it Australia. This looks to be the final hour. Let’s hope your military bails you out. That’s your only shot. But they won’t, so don’t even worry yourself. You should have already counted this as a loss and gotten up out of there.

I really hope that Q hasn’t been promising Australia liberation or something. They’ve lied to enough people already. I only say that because I saw some musings on social media that were hinting at this.

I would hope that this would be finally be the last straw for the Australian people, but they gave away their guns like idiots in that stupid buy-back program years back. What are they really going to be able to do about it? If an armed SWAT team shows up, what are most people going to be able to do about it? Some will shoot it out, some will be able to elude the authorities for a while, but then what? Australia is a big place to get lost in and you could surely go on the run for a long while. But they will still easily be able to fill those camps with enough people to horrify the few remaining hold outs to the point that they just submit in the end. Where are the people in the large urban areas supposed to go? Those are the people that are going to get picked up and put into these camps.

Australia has always been “The Canary in the Coal Mine” and place to watch as far as what to eventually expect in your neck of the woods.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vo1p85-annastacia-palaszczuk-issues-a-threat-to-the-australian-people.html

The military has said that they plan to make sure everyone gets vaccinated. 70% by Christmas he says. This is a human rights catastrophe.

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