Crater Earth, Crater Earth & Holographic Universe, Q is a psyop

The Gitmo Channel. Get More Truth. Q & Crater Earth Theory.

This was an old “Q” related channel run by this very smart kid who was convinced(for reasons he substantiates with great evidence) that Q was secretly encoding “Crater Earth” hints in their Q-drops and was subliminally making much grander disclosures than most in the Q community realized.

This channel was taken down quickly and I only recently realized that I had these videos backed up. There is some good research in here despite the fact that at the time these videos were made he was a big fan of Q, but not for the same reasons most were fans of Q.

The famous(around here at least) Godgevlamste was the pioneer of the “Crater Earth” theory in my book, but this kid claims to have independently discovered this groundbreaking paradigm without having ever been aware of Godgevlamste’s work and solely by using information embedded within the Q-drops.

I had 20 of his videos backed up on a WordPress account I recently rediscovered. I have a Sixth Sense when it comes to predicting which channels are at greatest risk of being censored by YouTube and I will quickly act to backup videos that I think are important and/or contain good research. I’m thankful to have done so in this case. I’m not trying to glorify Q, I’m just pointing out some good research that shouldn’t be overshadowed by Q’s underlying malevolence.

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