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Is Mt. Vesuvius Really a Giant Building? A Spoils Pit From Ancient Mining Activity?

The channel that Jon Levi is referring to who had made the initial discovery regarding the apparent block work that the Mt. Vesuvius “volcano” is purportedly made-up of is “TheTruthSeeker69“. I had heard the theory about many of these “volcanoes” around the world actually being giant mining spoils pits from the ancient past that periodically have a volatile and explosive reaction that we confuse for “volcanic activity”. That theory was first coined by Sylvia over at “New Earth“. But this was the first I had heard that it might actually be a giant building of some kind.

Paul Cook has also recently discovered that much of the coastline along the U.K. is actually comprised of artificial block-work which had lead him to conclude that our entire realm is likely “built” and simply in varying stages of wear and is less apparent in some areas compared to others. He points out how its very interesting how official depictions of the subterranean water table illustrate the earth’s crust as being comprised of neatly stacked bricks that the water nicely filtrates and permeates through. Cleaning and then storing itself.


In this installment we question the narrative in regards to the city of Pompeii. We are told it was buried by ash in 79 AD. I propose that most of the realm was buried in this same fashion. Archeologist stopped excavating the site in the 60’s. Why? In my opinion, the buried city would go on and on and would be difficult to explain. What do you think? Thanks for watching, God bless, and I love you all!!!

I looked around for pictures of Vesuvius on my own so I could try to find clear evidence of it having been man-made. I could definitely see that there was a very even consistency to material of the structure when analyzing the face of sheer walls inside the cone of Vesuvius. You can also see many evenly spaced vertical and horizontal lines as well as the banding effect that we’ve seen in other areas from the melting brick bleeding out varying shades of red as it was cooked during the “X-Factor” event that’s talked about in the documentary “When the Buildings Cried“. I only just now realized that TheTruthSeeker69 was involved in the production of “When the Buildings Cried”.

Mt. Vesuvius

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