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Proofs of Demon Spirits with Different Examples [FULL VIDEOS]

Some of the tricks that these shape-shifting Demonically possessed/assisted “Magicians” pull-off (and have the balls to do so publicly), could be considered some of the best evidence for proof of Demonic entities that you’ll find anywhere. People just assume that it’s some kind of elaborate Magick routine or trick of camera and aren’t as critical of what’s being shown as they should be. A good example would be when Chris Angel swapped the torsos of a man and woman during one of his specials. To me, we were watching 3 shape-shifters running around and making fun of how stupid we humans are to just assume that their had to be a reasonable explanation for how they pulled off such an insane trick like that.

Though there has been analysis done on this trick that seem to show this was just an elaborately staged video production and not the paranormal event I was quick to first assume it must have been. |

This post was from an old blog that has been silent since 2016. I find it so eery when blogs go silent like that. Makes me wonder what happened to them.


Proofs of Demon Spirits with Different Examples [FULL VIDEOS]

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This post is going to document, hopefully from multiple different angles, the reality of DEMON spirits working in our world. Which is nothing new if your coming from the Christian world-view and you know these things are already fundamentally true… But actually seeing how they are being used in this world is pretty amazing to witness for anybody at first!

When I say Demon spirit, I am meaning “Ghosts, phantoms, poltergeists, spirits, good spirits, bad spirits, ascended masters, alien channellers, human supposedly dead spirits etc etc”

All of those are just different titles given to the demonic spirit who is trying not to be identified as this fallen malevolent being, so will come through with a mask on pretending… they lie and deceive.

This is why were to have NOTHING to do with them as nothing good can come to our soul from these things that’s why God tells us stay away, similar to Him telling us to stay away from hard mind altering drugs or other harmful things… Loving Father does not want us to go near the bad… He wants that which is Good for us!

Demon Spirits

When I say a demon spirit, the actual origin of this “demon spirit” comes from thousands of years ago.

Back in the beginning, Genesis 6, the Fallen Angels who rebelled with Satan, saw the woman of earth… and decided to sin and come and make children with them. These children which are not fully human or fully angel, are called “Nephelim” meaning “The Fallen Ones”.

They are part human part angel.  They lived long ago before the flood, and when these beings died, their “SPIRITS” … become what we now today call “demons” … these demon spirits literally were alive as the Nephelim in earlier times… and now they are helping the satanic end time agenda, by deceiving people with all sorts of unsound doctrines, leading people away from Christ, and leading them to the false ALIEN saviour that will lead the world to worship the Antichrist.



Angels came to earth, mixed with human woman, had Nephelim offspring… the offspring eventually were killed off… their spirits now exist as demonic spirits.

There are NO good demonic spirits… there is no GOOD magick .. any type of interaction with these beings is condemned, and God condemns it because He knows that these demons only want to trick us and get us into bondage while its the Lords aim to set us free from bondage!! 

So many people will give you the idea there are good spirits and bad spirits… WRONG… their are spirits who pretend to be good to deceive, and their are spirits who reveal their evil nature openly… all demonic… all hate people all working towards the same satanic agenda.

Aliens are just Demons and Angels with a different cover story.

Demons in our Modern Worldand in History

This section should grow over time as we add more. 

But first, and I believe the most clear way to show this before your eyes .. is through the use of people doing black magick under the guise of a “Magician”.

Magicians throughout history have used these demonic spirits to put on shows that defy all physical reality.  I do not doubt for a second that there are COUNTLESS magicians out there with no contact with demonic spirits… and who just use mere illusion and trickery… However do not conflate those people with the people involved with the demons.

There is a big difference and I hope to show that with these clips.

Magicians Proving the Demon Spirit Realm [FULL DOC] 

I hope everyone interested in finding truth will watch this in full (2hr 40) because it really does give you countless examples of the demon magician in action. With Historical facts to show you the same influence is with all these “greats”. 

Pay SPECIAL attention to David Copperfield, THE biggest occult magician act in the world today. He has an occult book collection on sorcery and witchcraft estimated at around 500 million dollars, He openly admits that the spirits are the ones who does his reality defying acts.. The section of this video 9:40 to about 27:00 mins covers David Copperfield, watch if only for that.

Xendrius – Demon Magicians Exposed (ALL PARTS)

In this video all of Xendrius Demon Magician short films, have been edited together into one big (2hr 20 mins) feature length! 
This is an amazing educational tool because NOT ONLY does it document the Demon Magick acts, it documents other witches and warlocks who came away from the craft and compares testimonies in History with what we have now in front of the camera. 

Jaw dropping clips, you have to be in such strong denial to write all of these things off, but the truth stands. Christ is Lord over all of these demons and the magicians who are being deceived should be preached this message! 

 More Demon Magick shown by Xendrius

This is only about 10 mins long but so good felt itwould be a dis-service not to add! Penn tells the last guy “You used real magick, like the spiritualists used to do”.


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