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Is the monster in the vax the Immortal Hydra?

Thanks to my good friend G.L. from Italy for sending me this article! I’ve been meaning to finish writing you a long response to you last emails.

(Translated from Italian) | Source: https://www.maurizioblondet.it/il-mostro-nel-vax-e-la-immortale-hydra/

Is the monster in the vax the Immortal Hydra?

By. Blondet maurizio  25 Ottobre 2021 

An’hypothesis not to be discarded

Dr. Madej, the discovery of the little monster in the vax, believes that the tentacular entity she found in the Modern serums has a connection with Hydra vulgaris lorganism, a 30-millimeter hydrozoa cnidaria esserino living in the sweet lacqua. It is one of the model organisms that transhumanists love to study and observe. They feel that this is an extraordinary organism for humanity, Madej said, partly because it is immortal in the laboratory and constantly produces its own stem cells.

He never stops. You can cut it into pieces, put it in a Petri capsule and it forms over and over again, he continued. They’re thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we could put it inside the genome of a human body? If your hand had been cut off by trauma, you could grow a new hand.

The other reason why transhumanists are interested in the flood, Madej said, is that it has its own neural network, which looks like a human nerve, and when [collected together] they can form a knitted network, they can actually communicate between lunstlar, almost like you have your intranet inside your body. He noticed that then “something external could affect it, like an impulse, a frequency, something from 5G, a light, a magnet. What if anything had influenced that communication network?

It has testicles, ovaries, nerves and is immortal – it affects transhumanists

On October 21, healthy writer Karen Kingston stressed in Stew Peters’s talk that the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which owns a 50% stake in the mRNA-1273 vaccine of Modern and has helped develop under the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID ) led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, and has been able to develop under the National Institute of Allergy.

In fact, the NIH has an entire section of its website dedicated to the Hydra 2.0 genome project. Kingston also indicated a study that found that’Hydra has about the same number of genes as humans, sharing many of them and also found in the genes of the Hydra linked to Huntington’s disease and the formation of plates observed in Alzheimer’s disease. He compared the symptoms associated with these diseases with those experienced by some who received COVID injections, such as body tremors, in those who have lost control of their own neurological system.

He believes that people are injected through COVID shots with transgenic “hydration, which he describes as an organism with the DNA of another organism embedded into it.

microbiota (living?) ) seen in other vaccines
The monster seen at the microscope. Photo below, a Hydra in nature

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