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JuicyChrome Addict Alec Baldwin Along with Other Stars Told You Time & Time Again THEY ARE ALIENS | Was Halyna Hutchins Killed by the Same Pedo-Cartel That Took Out Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell & Anthony Bourdain?

KI JENN: JuicyChrome Addict Alec Baldwin Along with Other Stars Told You Time & Time Again THEY ARE ALIENS

We know that there is a good chance that Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were offed by the likes of the same Pedo-Cartel syndicate that I suspect was responsible for ordering the inside Hollywood hit job that the Halyna Hutchins slaying appears very much to be. Pervywood 8 is one of the latest documentaries done on these sickos.

She’s killed right before she’s set to make a documentary that would surely expose many of Baldwin’s friends and perhaps even Baldwin himself? There’s no way that’s just a coincidence. I think Baldwin and the rest of his Reptilian entourage have sent a clear message by now that making a documentary on this subject matter will not be tolerated.

Alec Baldwin has made no secret his personal propensity for having at the least a highly inappropriate taste towards the subject of sex acts involving children. So the fact that he of all people just happened to be the trigger man in the Hutchins killing cannot be a coincidence.

This was the guy who rushed to takeover hosting duties on Ellen right after the original Ellen was ankle-monitored and likely executed, and made his very first order of business to play a montage of photographs featuring small children touching the crotch regions of various Disney characters. Yeah, that Alec Baldwin. He wanted there to be no misinterpretation of the his message that he and his collaborators were not sorry for being the child-consuming predatory monsters that many of us know these Serpent Seeds like Baldwin and Ellen very much are.

I’m still not 100% sure the exact nature of what the Illuminati infighting and political civil strife that we seemed to witness go down during the Trump administration actually was. No one will ever know what really went down and/or why. The real reason why certain “Cabal” members and Hollywood celebrities were targeted for destruction by Trump, Kushner and the Saudi Crown Prince is likely something that’s outside the purview of a mere mortal human. But something clearly did go down and a good evidence of this was the fact that suddenly 85% of the mainstream media became so out of their minds livid with Trump and about whatever was really going on behind the scenes, that it manifested its own social phenomenon known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” that unfortunately continues on to this day.

Proof of World Leaders Obediently Submitting to Trump/the Anti-Christ Legion Spirit

Always remember that these celebrities and world elite were all actually related to Trump and he was actually taking out his own Tribe of Dan Serpent Seed family members when he(and the forces behind him) purportedly did what he did. Though a lot of these people likely never really existed in the way we thought they did and were really just characters used for the theater of the world stage. Trump I believe is one of these characters and has been played by a menagerie of lookalikes and silicone mask-wearing stand-ins ever since the original Big T died in a helicopter crash back in the 80’s.

Pervywood 8 (VIDEO)

Source: https://crazzfiles.com/chester-benningtons-friend-he-was-murdered-by-elite-pedophiles/

Chester Bennington’s Friend: ‘He was Murdered by Elite Pedophiles’

The tragic and suspiciously untimely death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has left many unanswered questions about the true nature of his passing.The mainstream media is desperately trying to push the “suicide” narrative whilst accusing anyone who questions this ruling of “spreading vile lies”, despite claims from his close friends and family that he was in no way suicidal.

His wife Talinda Ann Bentley even posted from her official Twitter account that she has evidence that he was murdered and that his death was made to look like a suicide. “he was already dead before he hung himself, I have proof..”The posts were deleted shortly after without explanation, yet the MSM was quick to declare that her account was “hacked” without a single word of confirmation. READ MORE: Chester Bennington’s Wife: ‘My Husband was Murdered and I Have Proof’Now, after living in “fear”, fellow musician Chris Keene has come forward saying he can no longer keep his “mouth shut” as he reveals that Mr. Bennington was “murdered” by an Elite “human trafficking and pedophilia ring”.

Mr. Keene admits he had been reluctant to come forward sooner due to the “backlash” he would face over the information he was exposing.In a post on his Facebook page, he reveals that the suicide ruling for both Chester Bennington and his best friend Chris Cornell was a cover up for their murder.He states that both men were killed because they had information about high-level Elites that were connected to child trafficking and pedophile networks.

Keene says that Chris Cornell had acquired evidence connecting the Clintons to human trafficking and that several journalists that had been privy to the same information had also died in suspicious circumstances. READ MORE: Chris Cornell was About to Expose Elite Pedophile Ring Before He DiedHe claims that Cornell had shared this information with his son’s Godfather Bennington and that they were killed by “the Illuminati” in a bid to silence them before they could go public.

So I’ve kept my mouth shut on this for a while due to fear of backlash but f*ck that. I’m letting it all out. Chris and Chester were murdered. I’m not buying this suicide shit for 1 minute. Anyone who knows about Chris and Chester knows they were best friends. Chester was even Chris’ sons Godfather. The 2 of them worked together in the Chris and Vickey Cornell foundation who helped prevent the sexual exploitation of vulnerable children. Chris also worked with the Clinton administration on a cpp services out of Haiti that was later found out to be a human trafficking ring.

Several journalists who tried to break that story died suddenly. Rumor has it that these men had aquired a list of people in the mainstream media, the government and the acting world who were involved in this human trafficking and pedophilia ring. Chris apparantly was about to blow the lid on this. Coincidentally shortly after he’s found dead. Fast forward to yesterday. In almost the exact same fashion his best friend, Chester Bennington is found dead. The exact same way as Chris was.

Something is not adding up here, people. If Chris hung himself then why does his autopsy report show that he had head trauma and 9 cracked ribs. Anyone who knows anything about singing knows that with 9 cracked ribs it would be impossible to perform. Thus making it impossible to have performed the night of his death. These are the signs of a man fighting for his life. The illuminati is real people. Don’t let them fool you.The coroner’s office said that a half empty bottle of alcohol was found in the room of his home north west of Los Angeles, but that no drug or suicide note was recovered.A full postmortem examination has yet to be scheduled. As fans of the band around the world have paid tribute to Bennington, the band has canceled a tour that was scheduled to start this week.

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