Classic Conspiracy, Your Watching a Movie

WWE Predicts 9/11 Attack in 1989

I can’t believe I had never seen this before. I think most people haven’t seen this clip. This is really really bad and nothing but the blatant in-your-face mocking of humanity. Predictive Programming is rarely meant to be as literal as it ended up being in this case. Wow.

I’m not sure if Jake the Asshole was the one who discovered this footage, but if he did, he deserves to go viral for this. I doubt very much that will happen on YouTube, but you never know. Stuff slips through their A.I. censorship algorithm all the time.

This must be the biggest and most inappropriate coincidence of all time. Can you believe the complete and utter cosmic luck that occurred for this coincidence to become a reality. Ohhhh Yeahhhh!!! DONATE & SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL DIRECTLY HERE: SUB TO MY BACKUP CHANNEL:… SUBSCRIBE TO MY BITCHUTE CHANNEL TO SEE UNCENSORED CONTENT:…


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