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If we are favored, I usually get insight and information upon a Waking Dream after taking a Nap, and I was curious why it is so easy for me to explain PURGATORY here in this Waking WALKING Physical Dream we all keep waking up to together no matter where we sleep {on this side} /-\ of FLAT EARTH in our Shared Celestial Sphere, but in my most recent Dream is was very hard to “Convey” What Purgatory means in the Dream World.?.?.?, or Spirit World those places we all go from Night Mares to Night Terrors that none wish to be trapped in forever and ever too those (Very Awesome) +=+ and Amazing dreams we all experience from Time to Time whence we slumber…

All I can say is that as the TIME in this Reality heads to the END OF TIME in 2094 CE when I awaken once again in this place, for a time, my vision can see things that are not apparent to those whom Sleep Walk Among We The People given The Holy Water Spirit by the Source, of All Creation and The Source of All Destruction…

What’s more, I was able to feel [Weight] Qballs~ /_\ in my most Recent Dream……., and there are 7 Measurements that matter to all of Reality, so too master the Reality in the Dream World, one would need to be able to Hear in A Dream, See in Color in a Dream, Touch in a Dream, Feel in a Dream, Smell in a Dream, Taste in a Dream, and then to CONTROL the Dream….

So far as The Oracle for the End of an Age………, I have Felt – See in Colours – Experience that weight of a Medallion {in this last dream} [{**}] I just awoken from, and other things, so the “sixpence” to mastery of the Spirit World is very different from Mastery in this [Physical Realm] [{*}] that holds all our SOULS and Spirits be we alive and free, or trapped in the Bones of the Catacombs, and all the Hermetically Sealed Coffins in all these “Capitalist” CORPORATION Internationalist Grave Yards….

The Suffering here in the Purgatorium is Very Real, and we can feel all senses in this place be it Pleasure to Pain, but the MACHINE PEOPLE are just part of the Redemption or Damnation Process, so if you can not Feel for the Starving 6 month old baby girl in Afghanistan…….., then you are not HUMAN…

Moreover, this is why in the New Testament people like #AMTV can be very I AM PRO GOD, but his Type of Robotics is not Pro Empathy, as the same can be spoken of all Capitalist, and their CAPITAL being We The Humans too use in their WAR GAMES of War is Murder…

It really does not matter what I ponder anymore as we whom are (REAL) know this place is A LIE AGREED UPON, but those Machine INVETRO Laboratory CRISPER Made People are just “Pieces” in this ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE, and the Show must go on till Judgment Day in 2094 CE…

You will find as Time goes into the last days of the Purgatorial that people you thought were real are only players to be Allies or Enemies in helping you do right by The Source of the Divine, and though I may correct AMTV in his feeling about MONEY is POWER and POWER is MONEY!!!!

This world is not about Capitalism, and doing “useless” REPETITIVE Actions day after day / month after month / Decade Upon Decade as the STOCK MARKET has not solved: one problem, nor fed one REAL Human of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones TEMPORARY Suffering Avatar, and yes, in the Real World {THEY LIVE} did Blow up this World, murdered all the Grown Ups, and then raised the INCUBATOR Babies in LOGANS RUN “Factories” over and over in WEST WORLD type Final Solution to Human Beings as the Machine People aka Capitalist Futurist Destroyed themselves in the process too become The Roman Empire to this dead Dead DEAD Byzantine EMPIRE of the Egyptians that “Ripped Open” the Heavens when the Angels fell aka STARS from the Sky, and all life died with our selves Screaming….


Remember, you are not in a Dream, you are in THE MEMORY of whom done what that destroyed our Real Home World Celestial Sphere….

This is why no matter what I reveal as Christ Jesus RETURNED, the Machine People of Purgatory are only here too teach you The Lesson, are you REAL and Redemption can come to you, or do you like AMTV those FREE MASON Lodge Members whom continue to lie about Landing on the Moon, and doing “nothing” about Saving We {Real Humans} from Damnation by ways of Indifference, and Apathy on things “caused” by Capitalism and Capitalist with all these TV SCREENS of the screaming of the dead in our Heads!!!!

That is Christopher Greens [Purpose] to say MONEY and Stuff will (save you) from the Judgment Day when you die, but we all know “God” gave everything {FREE OF CHARGE} in Day 6 of the Genesis Story of the OLD TESTAMENT Greek Book of Books….

So in all Truth’ people like AMTV are already “locked in” by their G.O.D., and dammed by This World Machine being their Creator, and their Destroyer,

so THEY LIVE cannot have (COMPASSION) on or for that little girl in Afghanistan……,

nor say it is wrong….., nor say: WE can use Crypto` to help FEED “Humans” on this side of FLAT EARTH in this Shared Celestial Sphere under Occupation of the PEACEKEEPERS world Police of USA USA USA Hollywood Space Force of {JADE HELM 15} known as NATO U.N. Troops of the Queen of England’s Agenda 21 of and for CORPORATIONS of Agenda 2030 under the Lie Agreed Upon for WORLD DOMINATION known as COVID-19….


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