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DIY Hydrogen Fuel Cells | Lost Old World Hydrogen & Atmospheric Power Generating Technologies

You can supposedly literally throw together a working Hydrogen fuel cell for $55 according to the below video. You can also purchase much fancier modern adaptations of the same technology. This is free energy. What am I missing here?

They basically admit in the above video that they use ever abundant Hydrogen as a fuel source that they specifically and solely reserve for converting crude oil into refined gasoline(RBOB). So they wastefully use Hydrogen to manufacture inefficient and profit-oriented market commodities like the refined fossil fuels are(Heating Oil, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Natural Gas). Natural Gas is less a product and more of a byproduct of the RBOB manufacturing process and nice excess resource that’s been commonly utilized for municipal projects or other pubic utilities like schools and churches that happened to be located next to fuel refineries that were willing to run free Natural Gas pipelines to certain public works in the area as part of their arrangement with the town or city. I’m sure they sold the gas as well.

I just don’t understand why we can’t pull Hydrogen out of the air OR from water and burn it as a fuel?

I’m pretty sure that many of those very ornate and Antiquitech-looking lamp posts that see in many of the famous Mudflood photos from cities around the world in the mid 1800’s were Hydrogen-burning mini-stoves of sorts that worked by accumulating the Hydrogen from the H20 suspended in the atmosphere via some kind of simple and efficient internal chemical conversion mechanism and then burned that HH0 as a fuel source to provide light. Simple concept. It could have been outfitted with some kind of perpetually powered dynamo cell of sorts that would charge-up and supplement the power source. It would have also likely had some kind as storage cell as well to act as a queue or cache for the charge needed to light the lamp fuel cell at maximum power. I remember Jon Levi talking about lost Dynamo technology from the Old World that they don’t want us to know about. Dynamo technology and Hydrogen fuel cell technology. Why can’t we start utilizing both of these lost technologies for our modern power consumption needs?

I’d love to be able to back-engineer some “Atmospheric energy generating” technology from the Old World but I was unable to find very much on this at all when I briefly searched for more information on it. There is footage of that Old World building in Cambodia that was still in operation and capable of building up a huge charge from its atmospheric antenna and “Tesla-tower” configured design. But who knows if the Monks that run that temple these days are actually harnessing and converting that energy build-up for actual use on any modern power grid or if it just puts on that spectacular display we see as an after-effect of what is functioning, but only partially-functioning lost Old World power generating technology. I’d love to get a look inside that temple.

Carbon Arc Lamps: https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo/carbon-arc-lamp.html

Engraving depicting a carbon arc lamp with Chance Bros optics and powered by a Gramme dynamo, used to light the beacon at the top of the Victoria Clock Tower. Dated 19th century
Dynamo machine, model by Pacinotti, 1860, 1898

PDF Build a H2 Fuel Cell-1 – University of Northern Iowa

PDF Manual Book HHO GENERATOR Fuel-efficient and …

Power Trekk is the first product from SiGNa Chemistry and is a hydrogen-fuel celled generator with several interchangable heads. Darren shows off this new economic device and gets the lowdown on exactly how it works. PowerTrekk: – COMPANY/MAKER: SiGNa Chemistry – RELEASE DATE: Spring 2012 in Europe – PRICE: $200
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