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Nathan DeGrave Claims Abuse in Solitary Confinement For Role in Hoaxed “Capitol Building Insurrection”. | Sadly, William Cooper Was One of Them(Reptilian).

Full Nathan DeGrave Twitter Thread:(and below) https://twitter.com/threadreaderapp/status/1454469613769613316?t=HP8YQmo5A55CFTax4Si6bw&s=19

I was hesitant to even post this at first, but we are supposed to listen to everyone like Bill Cooper(likely also a Reptilian) said.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/voi9cn-sadly-william-cooper-is-one-of-them.html

I was hesitant because I’m fairly certain at this point that everyone who was involved in the staged January 6th “Capitol Building Insurrection” was an actor-agent shill from one of our civilian or military intelligence agencies(or the F.B.I.). That much seemed laughably evident to me. In fact, it almost seemed like the D.I.A. and C.I.A. were in direct competition with each other that day in certain regards, while at the same time ultimately lockstep with the other on the more generalized and grandiose deceptive ruse that is our world stage. There were even 2, yes 2, Olympic athletes involved in that days clown show!

Klete Keller & John Sullivan (PICTURED BELOW)

So it looks to me like this drawn out and dramatic Twitter thread seems to be nothing but fuel for the PsyOp and a desperate attempt to keep the fires lit under the asses of the of sheeple who are still buying any of the “official” versions of the narrative. Versions that fail to mention anything about the entire event actually being a staged Actor-Agent-Goon theater production of epic proportions .

I doubt that this guy is actually locked up in solitary confinement anywhere. But I could be wrong. Maybe a few civilian stragglers got mixed up in that days covert operations and were mistakenly let into the building with the other known actor-agents from the F.B.I, C.I.A & D.I.A.(military) and have since been used as sacrificial lambs for reasons directly relating to narrative sustenance. But I honestly doubt that. I think everything that went down that day was carefully planned and controlled and no one was running around inside the Capitol Building that day posing for pictures that wasn’t supposed to be there.

WHITMER KIDNAPPING PLOT THICKENS. This is One of the Sloppiest & Poorly Executed Frame-Jobs I’ve Ever Seen the Feds Attempt Publicly.

I’ve done countless posts on the poorly scripted comedy routine that the January 6th “Insurrection” was. (BELOW) It feels extra satisfying to post the “PUBLISH” button on this post as I simultaneously listen to Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC shriek and moan-on about “Trump’s Insurrection/Coup”, defiant and incredibly, still unwilling to let go of their failed False Flag operation all these months after the fact and even with all that’s been revealed to have actually went down that day.

I covered the subject of the hoaxed “Capitol Building Insurrection” as about extensively as any other subject.


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