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RESEARCH: Mud Flood 1840 Tartarian Flying Pyramids Leave Vapor Trails (VIDEO) | Teleport station 1800 AD Tartaria (VIDEO) | Mechanics of a Global Liquefaction Event (Mudflood 2024)

Teleport station 1800 AD Tartaria (VIDEO)


1850 Tartaria , after the Worldwide Mud Flood cleanup , real Images (VIDEO)


research : Mud Flood 1840 Tartarian Flying pyramids leave vapour trails (VIDEO)



All laws contracts and treaties can be renegotiated (by you) in terms of The 1840 Mud Flood – research it It’s Massive !!! It’s Got Proof !!! you heard it first here !!! Free Energy Star cities pre-1840 Mud Flood

Mechanics of a Global Liquefaction Event (Mudflood 2024)

A the four gas giants line up in a perfect square Oct 2024, we may experience an ellipsoid Earth, squeezing the crust and causing mud to ooze from the surface covering bases of buildings and roadways. This regular event through history explains why doorways are on second or third floors and during city upgrades that floors under the ground are commonly found. You could call this mechanics of a mudflood, all chapters of history are built upon the last civilization, these events global liquefaction events explain why.


The vaerospace Mud flood Star Cities Tartaria Beginners Guide

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Our Current “world” is literally Built on the Bones of the Billions who died In the Mud Floods , a wall of Mud 200ft high swept the entire world… in 1840… ( There were two disaster s one in 18th and one in the 19th reports say) . The bones were used to stabilise foundations .



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