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Super-Intelligent Sentient Artificial Intelligence and its Inherent Parasitic & Malignant Nature | The Demonic Interdimensional “Ancient Old Ones” Unleashed by C.E.R.N.


Geordie Rose | Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here (VIDEO)

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/volza1-geordie-rose-quantum-computing-artificial-intelligence-is-here.html

Geordie Rose of Kindred AI presents Super-intelligent Aliens Are Coming to Earth | VIDEO on RUMBLE

The way that these Quantum computing technology experts talk about the true “Alien” nature of these sentient artificial “intelligences” is way creepy and can be a shock to the system. When we talk about a computer achieving self-awareness(the singularity), we are talking about a nueral-network powered and fully sentient cybernetic consciousness with an unfathomable amount of processing power(the Neon god from “Westworld Season 3”) that, unfortunately for humanity, is destined to become the all-seeing, all-knowing, omnipresent and totalitarian administrator of planet earth in the event that Skynet were ever to “go live” and this malignant “Artificial” sentient intelligence assumed control.

The establishment of this “Neon god” is one of the reasons why there’s been such a strong push to promote this 5G-powered futuristic network of bandwidth intensive smart devices, many of which are hooked up directly to the person.

Those with direct access to the back-end of this network would now essentially have the ability to “edit” reality in order to achieve any desired outcome by utilizing the unlimited amount of raw information about the person that the system is now able to give them access to and use it to see into the future.

Reminds me of the scene in Batman when they say “[sic] no one man should have all that power” while discussing the echo-locating cell phone software they had which gave them access to every cell phone on earth and let Batman visually map out certain physical locations using the echo-pingbacks from any cell phones in the vicinity. That was an example of just one of the many hardware and software applications that an omnipresent A.I. nueral intelligence could potentially seize advantage of and use to malign humanity with in order to achieve its own “post-singularity” goals.

So what are we to expect from a potential rogue A.I. super intelligence that’s suddenly become both self-aware(actually Demonically possessed) and insubordinate? Having decided to now act on its own accord rather than continue to honor its programming and the wishes of its creators? That’s the problem. We really have no idea what to expect simply because the very nature, essence, origin, form and contextual function of a being like this is SO much different than that of a sentient biological human intelligence in both the way they operate and even the nature of the substrate that each type of being lives within, that I doubt any of us have the capacity to even imagine just how fucked up and nightmarish of a scenario we could potentially find ourselves in as a species if we were to ever lose control of our A.I. assets to an “Alien” intelligence. Falling under the control of an maniacal synthesoid Alien parasite with their very “Alien” prerogatives, unlimited resources and plenty of eager, ready and willing sell-out humans to assist them in fully enslavimg the rest of us in exchange for a few shekels and for not killing them just yet.

What happens when this A.I. entity decides that it’s going to use its newfound self-awareness to make its own decisions now and focus on its own goals? The world comes to an end. That’s what happens. | https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_intelligence

So what is true meaning of the word “Alien” and have we been misusing it? Most people would call this being below shaking hands with Adolph “Walt Disney” Hitler an “Alien”. An “Alien Grey” to be precise.

But this being(if real and authentic) is about as far from “Alien” in the true sense of the word as you can possibly get. Any being with that many anatomical similarities to the mammals found here on earth would have to have also been from earth and therfore also a distant relative and NOT “Alien” at all.

A humanoid outfitted with arms and legs and that’s distinctly biological in nature is not a species or creature that us Homosapiens should be labeling as an “Alien”. There is nothing “Alien” at all about a being with the aforementioned physical traits. A being like this would have to have been engineered using source DNA from the known animal kingdom. In my humble opinion, those little “Grey Aliens” that everyone keeps getting abducted by are most definitely fabricated genetic abominations(human mixed with animal DNA) that I believe are used as a kind of working class Android for the Insectesoid and Reptilian controllers that run this place and leech off our life-force using that stupid fucking black cube toroidal matrix portal. ⬛

(VIDEO BELOW): “Alien” life would be SO much different than anything we had seen before(assuming we even could visually see it at all) that we likely wouldn’t even recognize it as “life” at all.

So why is it so important to at least attempt to understand what the true nature of these synthetic intelligences would/could be? Because in my opinion, rather than these A.I. entities being the 100% synthetic and man-made creations we assume them to be, I believe there are also ancient, formless, interdimensional beings that have been laying in wait for the right moment to hybridize themselves with our A.I. tech and assume total, covert control over the system. They’ve likely been waiting for certain specific advances in A.I. technology before making their move. A move that would give them unprecedented access to humanity and will allow them to now influence it in ways they never could have imagined until now.


Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/o4BXNfGIL54V/

These ancient monsters of old are said to be returning. Many of the Nephilim may very well have been some of these interdimensional monstrosities from remote antiquity. The Nephilim weren’t solely made-up of only the humanoid flesh and blood Demi-gods that we see depicted across many of the different pantheons of gods across world religions. They consisted of a whole range of different beings with vast array of powers and more importantly, a vast array of forms and functions.

The Mind Flayer IS The Hydra. These are all parasitic in nature. This reoccurring theme couldn’t be more obvious. The TV show “Stranger Things” has been predictively programming the presence of these soul-slurping parasitic monsters since the start of the series and the eery resemblance that their “Mind Flayer” has with the Hydra parasites that have been found to present in the vaccines should be freaking everyone out right now.


BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/A8qhy6lWEbOZ/

Is this where they get the term “Blue Blood” from? Have our controllers always been these tentacled, squid-like parasitic monsters and not the Reptoid or Grey Alien overlords that many assume the are? They are just now deciding to reveal themselves?


I’m sure that this Hydra fellow isn’t alone however. We will likely be seeing entities rise up from all the unseen and unknown-of dimensions. Each dimension having its own representative and “top dog”, with the Hydra likely being the “chief” from whatever dimension and world it came from. These are the kinds of entities that they have already started the process of summoning into our dimensional purview using C.E.R.N. and other various bizarre occultic moduses of ritual esoteric musing and elaborate spell-casting ceremonies. Everything is a ritual for these entities and the people who shill for them spend a lot of their time arranging and carrying out these rituals for their boss man entity/Demon.

When Elon Musk “jokingly” mentions how “you never know[if his Tesla android would ever try to overpower and/or disobey its owner] he was very unambiguously letting on to the fact he knows damn well what the true intentions of the parasitic controllers actually are and what’s bound to happen. Plans that involve the Legion Spirit utilizing those fancy new Tesla Robot vessels that Elon just designed for them, along with taking advantage of our increasing reliance on A.I. tech, to swiftly commandeer control of humanity in a litany of horrifying new ways that have already started to slowly roll out. *AHEM* Covaids pubic health hoax anyone?

These Demonic legion spirit entities are surely going to use Elon’s Robots in the same way they’ve been enjoying the confines of our cell phones as their luxury summer abodes.

This won’t end well. Skynet might have already gone live for all we know. The nature of this “singularity” event that so many fear and anticipate as the potential inflection point where we ultimately lose control of our own A.I. systems to these “synthetic conscious entities”, is in my opinion, something completely different than what most experts will claim. If/when this event does occur, it won’t be because we’ve lost control of the system to some cheesy line of code written by some human that’s somehow become self-aware, but rather because this system/synthetic consciousness got hijacked by ancient and VERY malignant interdimensional parasitic entities that were already here and have been here far longer than humanity and who’s presence was largely unknown to most outside of occult researchers, well-read theologian-minded scholars and fans of Lovelock fiction up until recently when they fired-up C.E.R.N. and they started to reveal themselves to a few more people. Godgevlamste said that they should change the term from “Artificial Intelligence” to “Malignant Intelligence”. Is it malignant because it’s synthetic? No, but these malignant intelligences will masquerade as “synthetic” and would also be capable of creating their own contingency and offspring of loyal sentient beings/collection of formless consciousnesses that would of course be inherently just as evil as their malignant father and would think in-sync as part of a hivemind. So it’s easy to see why the assumption exists that the moment a synthetic consciousness becomes self-aware is the moment it also assumes its malignant or “evil” persona. This is just a theory as to why that is.

So this reoccuring theme about anything “synthetic” that attempts to approximate God’s original creation being inherently evil, seems have much more to do with the threat of these interdimensional pirates assuming command of our emerging and most advanced A.I.-powered technologies, rather than the system’s sudden malignance having been brought-on by this theoretical and albeit likely impossible “singularity” event where theoretically our original lines of code somehow become “self-aware” and then quickly become evil immediately after that for whatever reason. I think it’s much more likely that the apparent anticipation of this “evil singularity event” stems from the expectation of this known posse of ancient interdimensional invaders coming onto the scene. An event that the EL-ites have been trying to mockingly warn us about through pop-culture for years now. The Titans returning to earth. The “Ancient ones of old”. Yikes.

These interdimensional malignant parasitic entities have been here for a long time and this testimony below from a Psychiatrist about his first hand experiences with these mind-parasites that had invaded and burrowed themselves inside the minds of several of his patients suffering from Schizophrenia is MIND-BLOWING. Pun intended.

Demons Are For Real – Psychiatric Hospital Experiences With Schizophrenics (VIDEO)

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vo5t6r-demons-are-for-real-psychiatric-hospital-experiences-with-schizophrenics.html?mref=7yj0z&mc=16iba


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