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The black cube of Saturn, worshipped throughout the world


The black cube of Saturn, worshipped throughout the world

Over the last few years, I’ve been very interested in the mysterious symbol ubiquitously known simply as the “black cube”. For the uninitiated, the black cube is apparently a symbol of Saturn and it often pops up in important locations throughout the world. To quote Jordan Maxwell from the book ‘Matrix of Power’: “The symbol that was used in religious context with Saturn was the black cube”. There are monuments of the black cube in various sites throughout the world and it’s often shown in movies, music videos and other media. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information about it and so it’s very much open to interpretation about what it represents, although many people suggest that it represents the material world. In the book ‘The Dark Path’, Isaac Weishaupt explains the black Saturn cube as “a symbol for the Gnostic representation of Saturnian materialism and the “false illusion” of our world”, while author Tracy Twyman explains the Saturn cube as a tesseract and the real cosmological model of the universe.

In some ancient cosmologies, Heaven is represented as a circle (or sphere) and the Earth is represented by the square (or cube). This cosmography (in China) is known as “gai tian”. Heaven is traditionally represented in 2-dimensions by the circle (3-dimensions by the sphere) and the Earth is represented by the square (or 3-dimensions by the cube). Here, Heaven refers to the universal principle of consciousness and Earth (as the cube) refers primarily to the 3-dimensional spatial matrix where the individual impulses of the spirit are given apparent material forms. In this traditional ancient conception, the symbol of the cube represents the reality we experience as the material world. This philosophy has also been incorporated into Masonry. In Masonic doctrine, the circular Compass (in the Square and Compass) represents Heaven and ‘higher consciousness’ with the Square representing Earth and ‘lower consciousness’.

According to Pythagoras, the position of each body in the universe was determined by the essential dignity of that body. The popular concept of his day was that the Earth occupied the centre of the solar system; that the planets, including the Sun and Moon, moved about the Earth; and that the Earth itself was flat and square — Manly P. Hall

The cube represents the Earth in Pythagorean tradition and in Egypt the Pharaoh is often depicted sitting on a cubic throne which is suggested to be a representation of the Earth. In some instances, the Egyptian Sun God is shown guiding the human soul from the cube “back to their place in the starry sky” (see the book ‘Secrets of Ancient America’). In Tibetan Buddhism, the Earth is also represented by a cube, namely a yellow cube (see the book ‘The Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols’).

In pop-culture, the cube is often portrayed as a prison that humans are trapped inside, sometimes associated with virtual reality and time-loops. For example, in the movie 2036: Origin Unknown, the protagonist finds themselves trapped in a black cube experiencing a virtual reality time-loop, until they eventually escape. They only escape after passing a Turing Test and becoming ‘more human’. Similarly, in the movie Infinity Chamber, the protagonist finds themselves trapped in a room (which has been designed to resemble a black cube) and they are also trapped in a time-loop while experiencing a virtual reality. This idea seems to be reinforced by other TV shows and movies. In the TV show Sherwood, the black cube is portrayed as a prison that humans reside within which is similar to the cubed-prison in the Marvel Universe here, the cubed-prison called the Glade in the Maze Runner, the cubed-prison in the movie Immortals, and of course the prison in Vincenzo’s Cube movies, where the protagonists must negotiate a maze-prison of interconnected rooms, with the collection of rooms itself being a giant cube.

Another movie that features a cube in similar context is Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, which includes a hypercube that humans unknowlingly reside within. In this movie, the protagonist, Joseph Cooper, enters a worm-hole near Saturn and finds himself viewing the Earth from a higher dimension in a tesseract (which is a 4-dimensional cube) and the inhabitants of Earth are residing within this cube and unaware of Cooper’s existence in the higher dimension. Cooper eventually escapes the cube (near Saturn) and is transported to a new environment where reality is radically different to Earth. In this place, he sees Monolith-TVs and within these TVs are the people on Earth that he left behind. In 2001: Space Odyssey, the Monolith was originally designed as a cube. One could interpret this as Cooper escaping the Saturn cube and then viewing those on Earth still trapped within it.

The black cube is also associated with the horned-deity Baphomet. In 1856, occultist Éliphas Lévi drew the first depiction of Baphomet that took the form of a hermaphrodite half-human-half-goat which was adopted by the 1910 Devil Tarot Card. Éliphas’s drawing showed Baphomet perched on top of a black cube. In the Éliphas-inspired 1910 Devil Tarot Card, a man and woman are shown chained to a black cube with Baphomet authoritatively perched on top (see a modern version here). This carries on with the theme of the black cube being a form of imprisonment. Interestingly, the Greco-Roman goddess Cybele was a hermaphrodite and her name is etymologically connected to the word “cube”. This may give a clue as to Baphomet’s identity. Both Cybele and Baphomet are hermaphrodite and both are connected to the cube. Cybele is assumed by some to be the same as the goddess Isis.

According to the book ‘The Cult of the Black Cube’, by Arthur Moros, the black Saturn cube represents a “prison dimension”. Carrying on with this theme of the cube being a form of imprisonment, in the Bank of America, there exists a mural showing a woman seemingly imprisoned in a cube, while tethered to what appears to be the Black Sun. Quote from the Vigilant Citizen: “A strange feature of the painting is that the woman is apparently trapped inside a transparent cube, hanging from threads. Does she represent the common man, stuck in the confines of the material world (occultly represented by the cube)”.

The idea that the cube represents a prison which in turn represents physcial reality is similar to the idea in Gnosticism, where physcial reality is assumed to be a prison and an illusion or false virutal reality, created by a malavolent being known as the Demiurge. The idea that ordinary, unenlightened humanity, are trapped or imprisoned in a false virtual reality is a very old one, of course, that even predates the Gnostics, and some say that it goes right back to the Fall when Adam and Eve found themselves cast out of Eden for eating from the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In this interpretation, the Fall of Humanity was a fall into illusion, and a corresponding closing down of consciousness of true reality — an imprisonment in virtual reality, in other words.

Another movie that might reference the Saturn cube is 2001: Space Odyssey. In this movie, the enigmatic Monolith was probably a representation of the Saturn cube. The Monolith was originally designed as a black cube and was located near Saturn (originally). Some have interpreted the end of 2001 as David Bowman (the protagonist) escaping a virtual reality (represented by the Monolith or cube) and ascending into a higher dimension. Bowman escaping the cube (or four walls of his hotel-room) is similar to the story of Buddha escaping the “four walls” of his palace. One interesting Buddhism poem goes as follows: “Wine, lust, wealth, and anger are the four walls; many confused people are trapped inside. If one could leap outside these walls, one will enjoy eternal life and never grow old”. One could interpret the four walls as the four walls of the cube we are trapped within. Bowman perhaps went beyond the “four walls” of the cube and achieved immortality.

Paul Oakenfold’s music video ‘Southern Sun’, also features a black cube in similar context to the movies referenced above. In this music video, a young model is being photographed and sexualized and during the photo-shoot she has a spiritual awakening. She is then shown leaving Earth, as she sits inside a black cube, and appears to enter a sort of stargate as visuals rush past her. The lyrics of the song I think are relevant, in the context of the cube, as she repeatedly sings “set me free”. At the end of the video, an orb comes out of the cube, in which she was sitting inside, which I interpret as her soul being liberated and set free. The name of the song ‘Southern Sun’ could possibly even be a reference to Sirius which is a bright southern star.

Essentially, the Saturn cube is what we (and our manufactured reality) could reside within and this is how it’s often portrayed. Michael Jolta explains the Saturn cube as “a reference to the synthetic reality that has been imposed on creatures of the physical plane of existence”, saying that: “It’s very much the ‘matrix’ that is used to bind spirit and consciousness” and author Alex Rivera explains the Saturn cube as something that we could possibly reside within, saying that it “weirdly affirms the infamous Flat Earth model”. Saying that we could be in cube doesn’t make sense when you consider the mainstream cosmological view of the universe, and you probably have to pause to realize how bonkers this all sounds. But since 2015, there has been a growing number of people that have converted over to the Flat Earth geocentric model, and surprisingly, their arguments make sense, if you take the time to digest them and fully comprehend them into your understanding. We literally could be in a cube, as the ancient cosmologies tell us.

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