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Doctor Says Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals MURDERING Patients (UPDATED)

I want to be clear: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AS COVID-19. Which is one of the reasons why you will NEVER see me post any stories about how Hydroxychloriquine or Ivermetcin are these miraculous “Covid-curing” drugs because I’m not going to get sidetracked reporting about some useless diversionary narrative that they want me to talk about instead of the more important deceptive aspects of the Covaids hoax. I might have pointed out how audaciously the media lied about HCQ or Ivermetcin, like with CNN’s recent insane reporting about Joe Rogan and Ivermetcin. That’s certainly newsworthy. But I will make sure to point out that I believe Rogan was lying and was never sick at all, especially not with Covid, because Covid doesn’t fucking exist. He’s just playing his Gatekeeper role.

Are they hiding life saving medicines from the people? You betcha. Are HCQ and Ivermetcin 2 of these drugs? Maybe. But focusing on how some pharmaceutical product cures this fictional virus only ends up distracting from the bigger and more important hidden truth, which is that Covaids is not a tangible viral ailment, but rather the name of a population reduction agenda. Get it? If you happen to be one of those truly truly unintelligent people who whole heartedly believe that COVID-19 is real, then I encourage you do exactly what the CDC tells you to and to get as many jabs as you are able to because it would be much better for the rest of us if you weren’t around anymore.

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SHARE!!! Dr Larry Palevsky thinks that so many people die in the hospital because they are ’’sedated, intubated and given Remdesivir.’’

Source: The Expose U.K.

Remdesivir Causes Renal Failure, Hospital Protocols Are Killing People


In February 2020 Reuters reported: “A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine last week reported a coronavirus patient in the United States was found to show an improvement after taking remdesivir, which is also used to treat infectious diseases such as Ebola.”  This is a lie. 

“The Safety Board pulled remdesivir from the [Ebola] study because it killed more people than any of the other three drugs,” Dr Bryan Ardis said, “remdesivir killed 54% of all the people that got the drug.”  And, note that Reuters quoted a study which reported “a” – one – patient with coronavirus who had shown improvement after taking remdesivir.

Dr. Ardis is a chiropractor, nutritionist and acupuncturist who is prepared to bring the truth to his audiences when it comes to health.  Below is Dr. Ardis’s eighteen-minute presentation at the ‘ReAwaken America Tour’.https://videopress.com/embed/bR53ZNzY?preloadContent=metadata&hd=1Dr. Bryan Ardis: Health Freedom Conference (Episode #4)’ held on 19-21 August in Grand Rapids, Michigan

According to Dr. Ardis, multiple-organ-dysfunction syndrome is the number one cause of death in all ICUs in the United States of America (“USA”).

In June 2020 a trial was published of 61 patients with Covid-19 who were given a 10-day course of remdesivir. The results of that trial noted “12 patients (23%) had serious adverse events. The most common serious adverse events — multiple-organ-dysfunction syndrome, septic shock, acute kidney injury, and hypotension … Four patients (8%) discontinued remdesivir treatment prematurely: one because of worsening of pre-existing renal failure, one because of multiple organ failure, and two because of elevated aminotransferases, including one patient with a maculopapular rash.”

Based on this trial remdesivir was used in protocols to treat Covid in the USA. 

People did not die of Covid-19, Dr. Ardis said, they died from remdesivir.  Remdesivir has been proven to cause kidney failure which leads to pulmonary edema.  Officials are calling this secondary pneumonia from Covid, said Dr. Ardis, “no it wasn’t, they are shutting down everybody’s kidneys with remdesivir, causing their lungs to fill with fluid, and they are drowning them to death.”

“They are using remdesivir the same way that they used gas chambers to destroy people in Germany. This is how they’re doing it, and perpetuating those deaths, using a drug in hospitals,” said Dr. Ardis

Regarding the Covid injections, Dr. Ardis highlighted a slide from a FDA presentation which lists potential associated risks.  This presentation is dated 22 October 2020 before Covid injections were rolled out to the public. The information leaflet for drugs should show all known, or possible, risks associated with that drug so people are able to give informed consent.  None of these potential risks have been publicised or included on patient information leaflets. On the FDA slide, shown below, the second to last risk, on the bottom right, is MIS-C or “Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children” – not adults, not teenagers but – specifically in children.

Slide 16, CBER Plans for Monitoring COVID-19 Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness, dd 22 October 2020.

Since mid-May 2020 4,404 children have been diagnosed with MIS-C in USA and 37 have died.  Knowing MIS-C is a risk of the Covid injections authorities are proposing injecting many millions of children with the Covid “vaccine.”

“I have a huge problem with these health agencies lying to you,” said Dr. Ardis, “my job is to prevent them from being able to kill your loved ones.”

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