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HUGE WIN FOR THE G.O.P.! – “This is a nightmare for Democrats” – Newsmax first, Fox News last to call Glenn Youngkin win in Virginia Governor Race

How was is that DemonRats were unable to steal away the Governorship in the same way they stole away Virginia’s electoral college votes from Donald Trump? I thought the software was fool-proof and allowed you to flip any vote 52%/48% either way you wanted it? I think this is just further proof that all politicians are placed into their positions of power and that the actually tally of votes has never mattered, ever. This was surprising merely for that fact that Virginia was one of the States to brazenly add hundreds of thousands of votes out of nowhere for Joe Biden, so I would have assumed that DemonRat operatives would have been given the same blank check to do whatever they needed to to get Terry McAuliffe in the door as Governor. But that’s not what happened. I’m sure the fact that McAuliffe broke the law during his campaigning didn’t help matters when Kamala Harris dropped that cringy McAuliffe promo video that was illegally played at the start of Church services in black neighborhoods in Virginia.

We saw some good indicators yesterday that McAuliffe might actually lose, but I didn’t think it would actually happen. This is a pretty devastating loss for Democrats and its awesome to watch.

REMINDER: One Year Ago on Election Night 300,000 Votes for Joe Biden Magically Appeared in Virginia to Give Biden the Win | THE GATEWAY PUNDIT


NBC News and NY Times Call Virginia Governor’s Race for Republican Glenn Youngkin, 50.9% to 48.4%

By Jim Hoft
Published November 2, 2021 at 11:46pm

The New York Times just called the Virginia race for Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Democrats did not have enough stolen votes to win this time.

This was with 95% reporting in the race — for the second time.

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