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FBI Hid Evidence Proving Rittenhouse Is Innocent!!!

Actual Justice Warrior was fired-up about this story. The last time we saw him was when we were reviewing Hunter Avallones crazy metamorphosis from witty level-headed independent to full blown Libtard seemingly out of nowhere.

I also went off my rocker when this footage was first released showing the cowardly acts of the libtard actor-agent-goons that day.

So you’re telling me that the same FBI who helped Gretchen Whitmer try to hoax her own kidnapping and who worked side-by-side with a foreign intelligence agent and to drum up dirt on Hillary Clinton’s political rivals are also responsive responsible for hiding evidence that would exonerate a Kyle Rittenhouse? No shit. The F.B.I. has gone rogue long ago and has been acting as nothing more than the thuggish enforcement arm of the Democrat party that has no issue rigging Presidential elections or framing innocent Americans like Kyle Rittenhouse or any of the “Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping” suspects if it aides the political aspirations of their bosses. The entire F.B.I., THE WHOLE DAMN DEPARTMENT, needs to be raided by the military and disbanded. The troops can takeover on an interim basis until they hire new agents and Prosecutors.

In this video we breakdown how the newly released FBI footage shows without any doubt that Kyle Rittenhouse unequivocally acted in self defense. In previous videos since we did not know exactly what started confrontation 1 we broke down the worst case scenario for Rittenhouse. However with this new footage the FBI was hiding from the defense we know for certain that Rosenbaum initiated the first conflict with an ambush of Kyle


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The Ambush/Attack on Kyle Ritttenhouse

11:42 PM

  • Kyle walks north from Ultimate Gas Station and tries to make his way back to CarSource 1 (the business he was helping) but he is blocked by a line of police vehicles.
  • Police order Kyle to get away thereby preventing him from leaving the area.

See the map below for additional context.

11:45 PM

  • Kyle receives a call asking him to put out a car fire at CarSource #2 (same business owner, second location)
  • Kyle picks up a fire extinguisher from Ultimate Gas Station and runs approximately three blocks south to extinguish the fire.

11:48 PM

  • Joseph Rosenbaum sprints ahead of Kyle and hides between two parked cars waiting for Kyle to pass.
  • Kyle arrives at the CarSource 2 location with a fire extinguisher in hand.
  • Bystanders begin calling for others to attack Kyle.
  • Kyle yells “friendly, friendly, friendly”

11:48 PM

(The following events took place in less than 10 seconds)

  • Kyle reaches the vehicle on fire but abruptly stops when he encounters a 6”5’ man brandishing a handgun named Joshua Ziminski.
  • Joshua Ziminski confronts Kyle and moves towards him aggressively with his handgun.
  • Kelly Ziminski, Joshua Ziminski’s wife, begins pointing at Kyle and shouts “get him”
  • Bystanders are yelling threats and carrying eight-foot steel poles.
  • Kyle looks over his shoulder and sees a man rushing towards him with his face covered – that man is Joseph Rosenbaum
  • Kyle drops the fire extinguisher and begins to flee from Ziminski and Rosenbaum’s attack.

11:48 PM


  • As Kyle is fleeing he turns around briefly when Joseph Rosenbaum threw something at him but Kyle did NOT fire. Kyle turned back around and kept fleeing.
  • For no reason at all, Joshua Ziminski fired his handgun as Kyle was fleeing from Joseph Rosenbaum.
  • Kyle thought he was being shot at so he turned around to find the masked Joseph Rosenbaum inches from him yelling “f**k you” and grabbing for his weapon.

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