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Megalithic Persepolis | Lingams From Ancient India in Iran? | Mudflooded & Melted Persepolis Ruins.

Megalithic Persepolis. Megalithic Cyclopean stone blocks, elements of polygonal masonry, and knobs. A very large stone platform, huge stone arches, niches and doorways of literally huge sizes

Another nice and long and enjoyable compilation of photos from another obviously “Mud’Flooded/X-Factored” site from Vlad9vt. A site that has clearly sustained damage from a cataclysmic event of some kind in the remote past and also has the trademark “mountainous” landscape behind it as a backdrop. Mountains that we now know were once giant buildings in remote Antediluvian antiquity and have since been rendered unrecognizable and are mistakenly labeled as “geological” from the intense melting and petrification the structure has endured. Many of these sites sat underneath the ocean for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years before water levels dropped again and much of the original material has since undergone an extreme metamorphosis in terms of what it’s now made-of and resembles compared to its original state.

And look at the size of the platform that these ruins were built upon! Reminds of the Acropolis in Alatri Italy and the platform at Baalbek.

Persepolis, Iranian Plateau
Alatri, Italy
Baalbek, Lebanon

You can see the mangled melted mega-blocks at the base of the platform just like at Machu Picchu in the area where it looks like it sustained a blast impact of some kind. Vlad shows this in his recent video on Machu Picchu.

I also noticed these energy-generating/frequency-resonating Antiquitech-looking nobs that I’ve seen all over ancient sites in India and Cambodia from Praveen Mohan videos. Those are “Lingams” as he would say. He’s easily the “Lingam” expert of the world.

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