Ancient Mysteries, Mud Flood, Tartary

Mysterious Ancient Pyramid in Medium | Meltology & the Ripple Effect | The Timeline Manipulation

So this spell-checker that I recently installed as an add-on to WordPress seems to think that the proper spelling is “archeology” not “archaeology”, so it’s settled. That’s the spelling I’ll use moving forward. I see it spelled both ways still though.

Trying to play catch-up with all the archeologically-related content that I consume a steady diet of. Or at least catch-up in sharing what I’ve been watching. I wish I could somehow easily share any YouTube video that I watch. I also wish I could get away from being forced to use that piece of shit platform, but that’s where everyone is at at the moment.

We have 2 equally valid theories in the “ancient giant tree stump” and “melted building” communities. I think BOTH are correct, as well as some of the Mudfossil theories. Nothing is “natural” persay. Our whole realm has been grown or constructed at some point.

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