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MSNBC Interferring in Rittenhouse Trial: Caught Tampering w/ Video Evidence AND Trying to Expose the Identities of the Jurors. | Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Rigged! Prosecution Lowers Drone Video Quality For Defense

Holy lord MSNBC is frigging despicable.

Oh MSNBC. What have you done? Lol. Is a mistrial really what we want here? I do NOT want them to get another crack at this hate carnival. I just want this to be over with. I hope that MSNBC ends up having to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars to this kid by the time the dust settles. Actually, what I hope happens is that I never have to talk about this again. Wishful thinking. I just HAD to post this though. I’m sure I’m not helping to prevent a mistrial by posting this, but my website is thoroughly censored and shadow banned by most ISP’s and platforms, so few see these posts anyway other than my regulars who manually type in the web address to access.

MSNBC BANNED From Rittenhouse Trial After Police Catch Them Trying To Expose Jurors Identities. Kyle Rittenhouse is currently awaiting a verdict but in the meantime antifa and blm protesters are outside the court. (VIDEO)

The jurors bus is blacked out so they cant see the protests and leftists are actively trying to expose their identities

A fair trial is gone.

Judge Schroeder must declare a mistrial with prejudice now


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