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Two Female Cops Fired After This Despicable Act. Kristee Wilson & Courtney Brown FIRED After Retaliating Against Woman Who Was Much Prettier Than Them.

This is a perfect illustration of the type of mental illness that most police officers suffer from. Who did these chickenhead piglets think they were? That’s not how you treat other human beings and now they are unemployed and humiliated because of their lack of proper childhood socialization and the resulting social ineptitude that followed them into their professional lives.

These two look like the types of girls in High School who would annoyingly act as though they were the ultra attractive girls that they most certainly are not and would talk mad shit about the pretty girls as a result. This looks to be yet another case of of some ugly ducks picking on a more attractive rival. Though I did like the glasses look on Courtney. But that’s besides the point.

I’m such a creep. I’m the guy who can’t help himself from hitting-on Lindsay Shepherd after she emailed me to say she liked the website. 🤭🤗 So of course I can’t help myself from somehow finding an excuse to bring sexual innuendo into the equation. Anyhoo…that was a bad bad thing you two girls did.

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