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CRAZY! | “The Real” CRIES About Kyle Rittenhouse – Actual Justice Warrior

These “The Real” anchors give the hosts on “The View” a run for their money as far as their intellectual ineptitude and raging uselessness as shrieking dummy ladies for the left. They make Joy Reid look like a Rhodes Scholar.

I mean, what the fuck is Rob Kardashians ex-GF and ex “Cheetah Girl” Adrienne Bailon doing up there with a slot on a show like that? Did she simply extort her way onto that show via all the dirt she had on the Kardashians? Who knows? But she’s a super-dummy of EPIC proportions and their coverage of the Rittenhouse saga is easily the most shocking and despicable I’ve seen yet. And that’s saying A LOT.

BTW, I’m pretty sure that “The Cheetah Girls” were/are nothing more than high-end hookers who are passed around Hollywood circles until someone is stupid enough to start dating one of them, like in Adrienne’s case when she landed Rob Kardashian. But that’s not really saying much because even the A-list Hollywood stars and starlets are passed around when they 1st get to Hollywood. Just about all A-list actresses started off as high end escorts. I’m sure the men are not spared either.

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