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Flat Earth Focker Mak Parhar & Rob Skiba EXPOSED!

Jake seems to always say exactly what I’m thinking.

Once I saw that dudes like Robert David Steele and Rob Skiba started going down with “Covaids”, I knew something was up, but I wasn’t as versed in the Flat Earth community as these guys and had no idea how Occultic that crew really was. But when I heard them whining about “Rob’s death could have been avoided if he had only been waxxinated”, I should have known that the whole damn syndicate of “Flat Earth Focker” was down with the Baphomet.

By the way, they are RIGHT ON about the BEST inside information coming straight from the Gatekeepers themselves. Hence why I feature Tamara Magdalene so often, despite my incessant warnings that she is a Gatekeeping shill and to only ingest the RAW information and not any of their anecdotal footnotes.

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