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WATCH: Bernie Sanders Suffers EXTREME MELTDOWN After Elon Musk ROASTED Him On Twitter!! | Is Liberal Hivemind a Gatekeeper?

This was entertaining to watch. Though please… please do not listen to Liberal Hivemind when he starts going off about how awesome Elon’s fake rockets and fake “race to space” is. The guy does a good job at articulating the fallacies of logic in leftist ideology and I’ve featured many of his videos, but this guy has Gatekeeper written all over him. The best Gatekeepers will never outright lie to you, they will just conveniently leave things out. I don’t play that shit. I’m all or nothing. I don’t care how crazy that makes me look to normies. I hate normies and I simply do not know how to compromise. To a fault. Which is why I could never have a successful YouTube channel like this guy.

Plus, he uses that ominous image of darkened figure wearing a hoodie, which anyone familiar with such symbology would know that it represents the parasitic intelligence that looms over and infiltrates the minds of humans. They used this same imagery in Donnie Darko. Everything comes back to Donnie Darko. Lol.

This is the same reason why the Pharoahs were depicted with large animals hovering over them, in some cases encapsulating the individual. The entomology of the word Serpent actually breaks down to mean “to enclose” or “to contain within”. Starting to make some sense?

This video by What the Flock TV breaks down the famous depiction of what Ancient Alien theorists will tell you is a light bulb, but is actually some kind of fertility clinic for this parasite. Do you see how these Gatekeepers operate?

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