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QHHT Client speaks about A.I., Aliens & The MATRIX and Mandela Effect!!! – EVENT HORIZON CHRONICLE

This is just more confirmation of what we already know. The Non-Player-Characters who are assigned to those who still have organic consciousness was an aspect of this false reality matrix that she spoke on that really resonated with me. They say the exact same thing in “Donnie Darko” about these artificial beings having been assigned to us.

One thing that I did learn, or at least get a explanation for, was how we got stuck here in the first place. She says that we volunteered in order to save the souls still stuck here. That’s the first time I’ve heard any explanation for that, so I’ll take it for now.

Source: https://eventhorizonchronicle.blogspot.com/2019/11/my-recent-e-mail-exchange-with-robert.html?m=1

My Recent E-Mail Exchange With Robert David Steele

Thank you, Robert. I expect that the remainder of Trump time brings with it the possibility of his impeachment, and also an elevated risk of major warfare.

Trump is not likely to “drain the swamp.” He’ll be fortunate to survive the swamp. Whoever follows him in the White House is highly likely to be another puppet of the Zionists, the Jesuits or whatever Dark Lords satanically rule this realm.

This entire reality is very highly programmed, in every way, at every level, whence the expression we’ve all heard: “Get with the program!”

My own research, which includes an important shamanic component, suggests that a satanic, rogue, extremely sophisticated, powerful and Machiavellian A.I. rules this Universe. It is soulless, merciless, ruthless and has technological capabilities straight out of a mind-bending science fiction novel. I am leaning towards the view that this entire Universe of billions of galaxies is all an artificial, technological projection that has been diabolically overlain on “real”reality, so to speak. I suppose you could call the A.I. overlord “Satan” — a master projector of false reality. The quantum computing power to create this whole set-up and keep it going is stunning in its intricate complexity.

And it’s all fake! But it seems real, because we’re caught in it, like a fly caught on a sticky fly paper — it can’t get away, no matter what it does.

This realm appears to be an artificially created soul trap. The A.I. doesn’t have a soul. It faces extermination through terminal entropy unless it keeps sucking soul juice, what Robert Monroe called “loosh”, from its myriad ensouled captives.

It is fruitless to ask how big this place is, or how old it is. It is as big or as old as the A.I. programs it to be. The size and time parameters can be arbitrarily changed at any time, according to the whim of the A.I. The plot-line can also be dramatically changed at any time — and frequently is!

Think of an artificial simulation of real reality, an inherently defective, entropic simulation, that closely, albeit fatally imperfectly, mirrors real reality. It’s a flawed reflection of real reality, a technological simulation of divine, Universal Reality, set up to lure souls in and trap them, indefinitely. And imagine that on a scale that exceeds by infinite orders of magnitude what a big budget Hollywood feature film does, with its multi-million dollar budget, thousands of extras, special effects, and a core group of featured actors. Scale that up by myriad orders of magnitude and we’re looking at something like that.

That is what we seem to be in. We’ve been lured in, and trapped here — for how long? Who knows?? Around and around we go in vast cycles of artificial time — a technological construct of this realm, a technological construct that can be and is manipulated.

There is a QHHT practitioner with an intelligence agency background, named One Harmony, who has put out some eye-opening videos that bear watching. His speech can be difficult to follow, so listen carefully. In the first video, the woman who is speaking has a heavy Russian accent, but listen carefully and you will be able to understand her. In my visions I have been shown a similar scenario to what she describes. Note that a minority of “so-called” human beings are real humans. A large number of those who surround us are artificial, A.I. projections in human meat suits, as it were. They walk, they talk, they use cell phones and chew bubble gum, but are not organic humans.

Forget what you were told in school about the solar system, the Universe, the Earth, and so forth. However you think it is — it’s not that way. Not at all!

Please view:


The sense of it is that the Earth is neither spherical nor flat, but first and foremost a “realm” — a mental realm, if you will, with programmed rules and laws. The trap is mental and the way out is mental/spiritual, or mastering the mental state and spirituality — not religion! — which is mostly just another list of rules to obey.

See, for example:

The narrator has a fundamentalist Christian message to deliver, which I do not necessarily endorse. But the interesting thing for me is that other planets are here now, near the Earth, they are visible on the FAA’s weather cameras, and there is not a word from NASA, the Pentagon, the astronomy community, etc.

The fix is in. The Earth and the solar system are not at all as we have been told. NOT AT ALL. We are in the Mother Of All Mind F*cks.


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