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The Days of Humankind Are Numbered

I was just watching the following YouTube video by a Christian prophetess, and parts of what she said definitely got my attention, because they correspond with what has also been revealed to me.

Now to be honest, I haven’t attended any sort of regular church services for half my life. I reached the point where there were too many games going on which absolutely failed to interest me; so I checked out and quietly slipped away, and have never gone back. 

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in a Prime Creator, if you will, and other, Higher Order Beings like Jesus, because I firmly do. 

Setting all that aside, when she says in the time stamp from about 3:00 to 6:00 that it has been revealed to her that: a) there will be an Earth altering earthquake; b) when the missiles come down, we will go up; and c) man’s days are numbered — well, you betcha, lady! I’ve been shown and told similar things.
I’ve inwardly seen enough missile launches (both from silos and from submarines) and nuclear detonations, that I’m clear on the concept. A nuclear conflict is programmed to occur, and if the masses of ordinary people and politicians do not change their war-like behavior and mentality, then nuclear conflict appears likely. It is exactly as the lady in the video says. If people do not repent, i.e., stop planning for war, stop preparing for war, stop going to war, stop sending their children to war, stop paying for war, stop voting for war-mongering politicians, and the like, then there will be war.

It’s just that simple. And yet the slippery slide towards major warfare continues, which means, as she makes clear, that people are not repenting. They’ve got their beer, their Netflix, their salted pretzels, their recliner, their big, wall mounted TV screens, and their superficial mentality. Most of them are oblivious. Out to lunch. Evidently many people do not care very much, if at all.
She says, “When the missiles come down, ‘we’ will go up.”

 No joke, because “we” will be dead. Millions of people will be vacating their physical bodies. They clearly will not be here anymore. If their physical bodes are vaporized by nuclear fireballs, they’ll have to move on to another realm of reality. The big Netflix in the sky, as it were. A Really Big Show, as Ed Sullivan used to say half a century ago, where God and Jesus — what a shock! — will decisively help people’s unbelief.

That’s the fact of the matter.

She also mentions the Great Earthquake that is coming. Many people have been shown this. From what I was shown, it will be so astonishingly violent that the geography of North America will be permanently changed. Florida will be gone, vanished as if it never were. The entire, southeastern and southern coastline and coastal plain, from Delaware Bay, right down and around to Del Rio, Texas will be gone. An enormous inland sea will extend upward into the Dakotas from where the northwestern coastline of the Gulf of Mexico currently is. There will also be major inroads by the sea on the western and northeastern coasts of North America. Though I live in South America, for some reason I was shown what will befall North America. The changes I was shown absolutely imply the deaths of many millions of people, and the cataclysmic fall of the so-called USSA government. Washington, DC, New York City, Norfolk, Newport News, Baltimore, Annapolis, Dover, Hampton, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Tallahassee, Orlando, Corpus Christi, Beaumont, Houston, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mobile, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Omaha, Saint Louis, Memphis, and a lot of other places are going beneath the waves.

The last two or three times that I drank ayahuasca, the visionary, South American, shamanic tea, the scenarios it was showing me were so horrific and gut wrenching that I spewed uncontrollably in response. I could feel the giant earthquake coming from way, way, way down inside the Earth. It progressively came up into the crust of the Earth. I could feel it beneath my feet, and then it came up into my feet, my ankles and legs. My whole body was shaking. The shaking and monstrous heaving of the Earth kept rising, up and up. When the upheaval reached my abdomen, I hurled like nobody’s business. Along with the Great Earthquake came a tremendous wave of Pure Evil, as if the Earth has been storing all of humanity’s evil in its geological strata, like a long play record, a vast terraqueous record or archive of all of humanity’s vile and evil deeds. Thousands and thousands of years, maybe millions of years of humanity’s Ur-alt archives of war, slaughter, slavery, torture, murder, economic exploitation, theft, lies, ecological destruction, and more, all locked into the guts of the Earth’s geological memory and soon to be played back for humanity’s greater edification, as the Earth itself vomits up all the horror and evil sin that it has had to endure at humanity’s hands for so very long.

But no more, as the Earth purges itself and releases the ugliness back to the ones with whom it originated! Many people have seen this Great Earthquake, including one of my friends, who experienced it so vividly that he had to sit down to keep from falling over. Mind you, these are just visions — the real thing will be off the Richter Scale. I first experienced a vivid forewarning of what is coming in about 2008. I no longer live in the city, or on the continent, where I received that warning.

There are a lot of people, including many supposedly high and mighty people, who will lose control of their bowels on that day. The shaking will be so intense that they will shit themselves uncontrollably. The excrement will stream down their legs and puddle in their shoes. Their terror will be extreme, because they will know deep in their bones what comes next. They will die, and have an exit interview with God and Jesus, or similar Higher Order Beings, who will make them an extraordinarily chilling, sobering, unimaginably tough love, eons-long, multi-billion year offer that some of them will nevertheless accept as being better than the alternative. As for the rest? Oh, well …. 
Between the Great Earthquake, major warfare and massive mortality due to secondary effects from the so-called v(@)xxscenes that are being/have been pushed on probably half (or more?) of the human population of the Earth, the numbers of Homo sapiens on this planet are going to precipitously decline in the coming years. The Immense Die Off has already begun and will grow much, much more severe in 2022 and 2023. Things have drastically changed all over the world in just the past year and a half, and not for the better. 

What is coming in the next two years will be even worse. The days of an awful, huge lot of humans are numbered and counting down, barring repentance on the part of the great mass of humanity. Mass, global repentance opens the door to all sorts of marvelous possibilities on this planet! But if widespread repentance by humankind is not soon forthcoming, then very grim, very harsh, really bad scenarios will play out in the near future.
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