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Mom Charged With Felony for Questioning School’s Curriculum

Source: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/11/no_author/mom-charged-with-felony-for-questioning-schools-curriculum/

Mom Charged With Felony for Questioning School’s Curriculum

By Daren A. Wiseley | November 29, 2021 | LewRockwell.com

First off I want you to know you’re a hero of mine. Your column has helped me so much make it thorough all the COVID propaganda. I really am thankful for that and share it with as many as possible.

I thought this story may interest you. I try not to get too long winded, there’s a lot more, however.

I also have my own law practice here in Hillsdale, MI, priding myself on defending individual rights and taking on the state. This is so even when it’s a “hard” case/ one others won’t touch because it doesn’t seem lucrative, if I believe in the individual or cause behind it, I will take it. For instance, I am one of the few attorneys in Michigan willing to take on the totalitarian COVID regime, currently in a suit in federal court against the health dept.

That is why I am contacting you. One of my clients, Erin Chaskey, is an incredible mother, and without going through the whole story (which I’m happy to do if you are interested), she had heard rumors that her son’s high school had been teaching CRT, insanely biased curriculum including praising Che and saying “voting for trump is like voting for Hitler”, and even this same teacher making fun of an autistic student and bullying him in front of the class for going on a conservative radio show. Ms. Chaskey was disgusted by the long chain of abuses and sought answers, but was stonewalled by the school, even though they were in violationof their own policies.They went on to violate FOIA law after she started going through that avenue, and her speaking up at school board meetings provided no answers either.

It’s a long story(which Im happy to detail), but she was eventually set up for a FELONY eavesdropping charge when she stumbled into the office and heard them talking abouther,as well as admitting to many of the things they had blatantly lied to her about for over a year.

The next day her phone was confiscated pursuant to a laughably unlawful search warrant. She was later banned from school property – which really devastated her, and to this day devastates her more than anything else, because she can’t see her son’s sporting events or be involved like she was before as a mother.

That’s when she made the hike 5 hours all the way down to Hillsdale to seek help from yours truly. We filed a civil action to get her phone back, get her back on the property, alleging foia violations, defamation, among other things. Well low and behold – the day AFTER we filed the suit, criminal charges were filed. A mother who had never had so much as a speeding ticket now facing a felony – Clearly in retaliation, and an effort to shut her up. I believe in her so much I’m not charging a dime, just using a Christian version of gofundme to cover expenses, because what they’ve done to her is so wrong.

I think you get the point; I will attach some documents if you want to look more into it, including the Free Press article (that she wasn’t too fond of). Her name has been nastily run through the mud, which I suppose will end up helping in the defamation suit in the long run. But, overall she really is one of the most amazing people I’ve met and I know how hurt she is even though on the outside she is so strong and I would like to see some recourse for her. If her story interests you I know she’d be more than happy to chat and it’d be great to get it out there and let her know she has support. Sorry for the long-winded message.




School Abuses Legal Process, Harasses, Defames Mom for Opposing Marxist Agenda, Child Abuse.

Original Link: https://www.defendyourrights.law/post/school-abuses-legal-process-harasses-defames-mom-for-opposing-marxist-agenda-child-abuse

Erin Jo Chaskey is a loving mother, wife, business owner, woman of faith, and courageous patriot. For those very reasons, she has been the target of cruel, insidious, and defamatory actions by Onaway School District’s Marxist agenda, corrupt administration, and spineless enablers.

Daren was interviewed on Your Defending Fathers with Trucker Randy on November 10, 2021. Listen below and hear about the egregious activity and complete violation of Ms. Chaskey’s rights, Listen Here. (starts @ 9:30)

Contribute to the #FreeErin Legal Defense Fund here!

Michigan mom charged with eavesdropping
Erin Chaskey of Onaway has been charged with felony eavesdropping amid a dispute over high school curriculum.
Provided by Daren Wiseley | Provided by Daren Wiseley, Detroit Free Press

Source: https://www.thealpenanews.com/news/local-news/2021/11/woman-charged-with-eavesdropping-on-onaway-school-officials/

Woman charged with eavesdropping on Onaway school officials

LOCAL NEWS | NOV 24, 2021

Onaway resident Erin Chaskey faces a felony charge of eavesdropping after allegedly using her phone to record Onaway Area Community School District officials discussing their response to her conservative activism, the Detroit Free Press reported on Tuesday.

Chaskey was arraigned in Rogers City’s 89th district court on Tuesday and a preliminary hearing is set for Dec. 7, the Free Press reported.

The suit alleges that Chaskey stood outside then-superintendent Rod Fullerton’s door in October and began recording a conversation he was having with a school board member. Later that month, Chaskey was banned from school property.

The charge comes amid a dispute over the curriculum at Onaway High School. Last summer, Chaskey started asking questions about the school’s curriculum and civics teacher Kymberli Wregglesworth, who Chaskey believed was indoctrinating students with leftist views, the Free Press reported, and expressed concern about some of the material being used in Wregglesworth’s class.

Chaskey’s attorney, Hillsdale-based Daren Wiseley, told the Free Press that the charge is retaliation for Chaskey’s curriculum concerns and in response to a civil suit Chaskey filed against both the school district and the Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Department after it used a search warrant to seize Chaskey’s phone.

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