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Anomalous Tartarian “AMPOLLE” Electrical Lights in 1881 in Milan

Thanks to Gian Luca for this find. Translated from Italian.

I attach this link on the Bologna Carnival of 1881, the interesting thing is the electric lamps. I have never found other photographed so vidino and well, not even in Russian sites, they call them “AMPOLLE” (given the amount of artifacts that still have, are the most ‘forward in the research of Tartary). Consider that the photos are from 1881, although the first power plant made in Italy, in Milan to be precise, was inaugurated in 1883….strange, isn’t it? And ‘all a carnecal. There are also many other interesting old photos to see. In the hope of having done you something pleasant, I send you a warm greeting.

Like Maramaldo, the 1914-18 conflict killed a dead thing: the carnival. The last century had already left some of its favorite sons, the circus, the opera buffa and the carnival itself, whose splendor in Italy had been particularly glorious for several centuries. Bologna, even though it could not compete with the famous masked parades of Venice, Milan and Rome, did some excellent things.

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